A Brilliant Attitude Student Self Leadership Day is ideally suited to a wide range of students from years 9, 10, 11, and 12, especially VCAL and VET groups as it targets many of the challenges they face every day not only at school but also in their personal lives. Find out more about a Brilliant Attitude Student Self Leadership Program for your School Students.
Most information and teaching is taught to to the conscious mind but if we want to change how we feel about ourselves and our results then we need to influence our unconscious mind.
Would you like more information about our Brilliant Attitude Self Leadership Program for School Students? Both group courses as well as individual courses are available depending on the needs and requirements of the individuals.
Register now MindfulnessMindfulness ( not to be confused with mind-full ) is the state of being present with full attention and intention in the present. Wisdom Garden Skills Development and Training is a KHDA-approved institute which offers a host of educational programmes for students of all ages. Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman are experts in unlocking human potential and teaching human potential development.
We also believe that personal development entails understanding the nature of being human and individual purpose. NXIVM provides the basis and conditions for all people to explore and actualize their potential so that they can come to live purposeful lives. NXIVMs will offer members different ways of pursuing a journey of personal discovery and development. Wholistic Woman Retreats provides creative options for busy women to discover, reflect, and grow their whole self: body, heart, mind, and spirit. Each retreat is designed by the Wholistic Coaching Coalition, a dynamic group of certified coaches trained in personal and professional development. The Wholistic Woman Community provides fun, enriching, and supportive experiences to encourage your growth as you explore and integrate each aspect of yourself.

I had always believed that setting goals was instrumental in staying on track and getting things done. Having health and well-being is more than eating healthy and getting exercise, it is a mind-set that brings every thought and activity into alignment for your best self. At this evening retreat you will experience a visualization practice coupled with empowering affirmations that will allow you to focus on what you really want in your life…and bring those things into realization. How should Coaching be used to accelerate the Development of leadership talent?How do we support Development? How do we evaluate our Leadership Talent - for what Strategic Competencies?What is the Development Plan?
What are implications for succession planning?Do we acquire or develop the leaders we need? The SLR monthly newsletter is chock-full of relevant, useful and thought-provoking ideas, tools and practices to help you, your group and organization grow and thrive! Jane Firth (Firth Leadership Partners) and Andrea Zintz (Strategic Leadership Resources) have combined their considerable expertise to develop proprietary concepts, frameworks, tools and programs for breakthroughs in leadership excellence. We support enterprise-wide initiatives for leadership development or organization-wide sustained success. We partner with our clients to accelerate the development of senior and high potential leaders and leadership teams. We partner with Human Resources with respect to leadership strategy, succession, and development options. We develop a long-term relationship with our clients, committed to the constant changes to strategy and implications for leadership. The self development program delivers instant, measurable long lasting improvements to their attitudes and communication skills in just one day.
It is an experience that inspires students and teachers to take action to be the best they can be using stories, interactive exercises,A  music, demonstrations and magic.

Please fill in the registration form for further details and our representative will contact you presently.
Kids can enrol on courses to help improve their maths, reading, computer and photography skills, or join a summer camp and spend their days learning and playing.
Together they have perfected their businesses Executive Success Programs and NXIVM, which teach the importance of unlocking human potential.
Through evening retreats, one-on-one retreats, and our premier overnight retreat we provide enriching opportunities for personal and professional development in an atmosphere that is relaxing, fun, and supportive.
The purpose of each event is to encourage and reconnect women with their own inner wisdom within a supportive community. Our business is developing current and future leaders and leadership teams to build the capability for fulfilling the strategic vision of their enterprise. Taking best practices expertise from the field; we customize proven tools and processes that support a team’s potential.
We use Inquiring Leadership™ as a core set of concepts and tools to access the best thinking of self and others. Contact us for innovative and proven approaches for executive and high potential talent management, succession planning and accelerated leadership development.
The journey to self actualization begins with maximizing ones potential. Our programs help you identify the skills you need to attain your life goals.
In addition, we implement individual and executive team coaching that includes diagnostic assessments and interviews, creating a shared process for attaining business results and exceeding expectations. In addition, we implement individual and executive team coaching that includes diagnostic assessments and interviewing, creating a shared process for attaining business results and exceeding expectations.

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