Discovering and connecting to the core of your intuition, which I refer to as Your Inner Knower. This benefits you in making better decisions. How to learn about and use EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique- to diminish or remove misguided emotional traits. How to identify and correct a personal psychological reversal which causes making wrong choices and decisions repeatedly.
Note: This material and training comes from Nirup’s 2 day and 3 day workshops that cost between $750.
For over 22 years I have worked with thousands of clients from all over the world, in person, over the phone and internet.
It is from these many years of experience of working with corporations, individuals, giving workshops and trainings, as well as what I have  distilled from my studies that I can make available this training course, Awakening The Other You. I am excited and happy to present this training for those that want to learn about their intuition and higher senses. Awakening The Other You – our own inner navigation guide,  become the Master of your life!

In this training, Awakening The Other You – Discovering, Developing and Using Your Inner Hidden Resources, we will cover the same topics as in our Florida workshop. The benefits of tapping into our intuition – better decision making, choosing the right career path, picking the right partner in life. Along with teaching about intuition I teach about meditation, self empowerment and our spiritual path, as it is all connected.
We will use powerful techniques that I have developed to be able to consciously ask questions of our higher self and intuition to get the answers we need to everyday questions as well as life altering decisions we need to make.
Each step of the training has been created in a way that builds upon itself, so that with ease, relaxation, and enjoyment everyone is able to connect to and awaken their higher selves.
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You will develop your spiritual connection, and your higher senses, also known as ESP, High Sense Perception and the Psychic Senses. Most people do not use their intuition and this has caused them to make wrong decisions in many areas of their life, from buying a home that was not right for them, getting into a relationship that they should have avoided, knowing that they need to leave a bad relationship but do not, or choosing a career that is not best suited for them. Every day I am helping those people find the answers they need, as well as teaching them to go inward to connect to their inner voice and inner wisdom.
Awakening and developing intuition can lead people to make better choices and decisions in their lives.
I have never come across a person who has been unable to access their intuition while working with me. You will learn to make right decisions, find solutions, clear obstacles, problems and difficulties, and gain clarity and inner guidance to know your right path.

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