Girls can plug the pet’s house into an MP3 player and watch it dance to the beat of the music! Girls can control what their Jammin’ Hamster does by pushing the buttons on their house.
There are different levels of play, so the more a girl plays the more surprises she will unveil.
Each of the buttons is dual-sided so girls can perform different functions depending on what mode they are in.

The pet’s secret life is revealed when girls turn their Pixel Pets house upside down and watch the pet transform into the ultimate rock star!
There's a radio with lots of fun tunes, sound effects like a horn and lots of places you can go.
You can even roll down the virtual window on the car and see your Pixel Chix gal's hair blowin' in the breeze. The car can be hooked directly into the house so you can watch your Pixel Chix pal leave the house and reemerge in the car, or can function on its own for stand alone play.

There are three fabulous colors - pink, purple and blue, plus a special metallic purple car that you may have to hunt for.

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