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Description of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - In The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy speaks about the immense untapped potential of one's subconscious mind - a powerful, life-changing force.
Despite visible results, people have trouble believing in the transformational capacity of the subconscious mind.
Once the mind is trained to desire and visualize positive results, a strong, seemingly magical force is unleashed. Joseph Murphy was a minister ordained in Divine Science and Religious Science, and an author.
He has written several books, including The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, Your Infinite Power To Be Rich, Prayer Is The Answer, Peace Within Yourself, The Miracle Of Mind Dynamics, Secrets Of The I Ching, Great Bible Truths For Human Problems, and Telephysics: The Magic Power Of Perfect Living.

He was a believer of the New Thought philosophy, which promoted the idea of an omnipresent 'God'.
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It sets off a chain reaction- obstacles are surmounted, creative thinking is stimulated, and goals are confidently achieved. He wrote about personal power, healing, the law of attraction, positive thinking, and other beliefs that were part of the New Thought movement.
According to the author, it is this lack of faith that keeps an individual from taking advantage of the subconscious mind in achieving his or her life goals.

He started writing after he gained a PhD in psychology, which was from the University of Southern California. The author discusses several techniques to use the subconscious mind to increase the flow of health, wealth, power, and happiness in one's life.

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