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Most of the class might be considered economically disadvantaged, but still many would celebrate the holiday with turkey and other traditional goodies of the season. When the children had gone on to other assignments, she paused at Douglas’ desk, bent down, and asked him whose hand it was.

She recalled the times she had taken his hand and walked with him here or there, as she had the other students. The first grade teacher gave her class a fun assignment — to draw a picture of something for which they were thankful. Whose hand could it be One child guessed it was the hand of a farmer, because farmers raise turkeys.
It says something about teachers teaching and parents parenting and friends showing friendship, and how much it means to the Douglases of the world.

The most important lessons of his life are something all of us can learn a great deal from.
And so the discussion went — until the teacher almost forgot the young artist himself.

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