Jampa Ling Centre The ingredients to Jampa Ling are simple: a house in the country, a genuine welcome from staff and residents, cheap comfortable accommodation, 3 square meals per day and optional participation in the 3 daily meditations. Jampa Ling welcomes people to Owendoon, a restored 19th century building, surrounded by woods, gardens and lakes. As a symbol of how much Ireland and the world has changed since Paddy Kavanagh wrote those lines about neighbouring Monaghan, Bawnboy Co.
Jampa Ling (meaning ?place of loving kindness?) was set up as a charitable trust in 1992, under the spiritual direction of Panchen Otrul Rimpoche. Although traditionally very uninvolved in the outside world, the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959, and the colonisation of Tibet and the destruction of Tibet?s monasteries, has led to Tibetan Buddhism establishing itself in exile around the world.
I have met people who at this point in their lives have either abandoned all serious questioning and principles and embraced materialism, just gave up, or actually regressed to a fundamentalist belief system, like 6-Day Creationism etc. My own spiritual transmitter has always remained on, though it?s rarely been pointed consistently in any particular direction.
In the last 2 months, I have again begun to re-focus?.part of my renewed strength and focus has been a fervent faith in the sense of life, in the sense of striving, in the sense of developing oneself, in the sense of contributing to the world, in the sense of doing ones best. Part of the political part seemed to suggest opting out of one?s own spiritual development. NOW, I feel that spiritual practice is an integral part of taking responsibility for who your are.
In the past I?ve experienced a certain self-defeatism at the heart of many left-wing beliefs, for many it serves as a cop-out of personal responsibility, ?it?s the system that?s to blame, not people, or their actions?. I don?t pretend to be giving answers here, just raising some questions, that I will tackle in future articles. Subjectively speaking, this weekend I have re-affirmed my commitment to social justice, but also my commitment to spiritual advancement. I have realised that, for myself, without the daily commitment to spiritual development, and deep dedication to consciousness and awareness in all my actions, it won?t work out.

I go back into the world, with renewed strength and vigour, to elevate myself, my own actions, thoughts and behaviour, to build a life that reflects this, and to work with compassion for the elevation of all living beings.
To encourage conservation of the earth?s natural resources and to develop an awareness of the oneness and interdependence of existence. My belief in it is absolutely unshakeable, and an infinity of negativity wouldn't make one jot of a difference to me. However, i wonder, say people coming online here for the first time, to publish something near to their heart, encountering such know-it all armchair intellectual posturing, would they be really put off by it?
The link to Michael Parenti is probably interesting, and i'll probably check it out, when i have more time or if i should ever feel like engaging mr. No one's attacking your right to go all mystical just be careful with the baggage that goes with it. 3.5x2 inches - convenient wallet size - full color printing on super thick card stock with high gloss coating front and back. Wish you could get high quality, yet inexpensive, customized holy cards personalized with your special prayer or image? I?d been thinking about going there for over a year, having heard a very favourable account about the place from a friend. The only rules, I was told, are no killing, no stealing, no argumentative talk, no drugs, and no sexual misdemeanours.
My own experience and thinking led me to abandon Catholicism as based mostly on arbitrary dogmas and unquestioned authority. I have experienced the personal disintegration that persistent doubt and question can bring, accompanied by a lack of spiritual practice.
Recognizing how some people seem to use spiritual beliefs to cop out of thought and analysis, it has, nonetheless, always been clear to me that life IS a spiritual experience. Length of stay varies from days to weeks, and visitors are free to establish their own daily programme or join in the daily meditations.

You can input the URL's from these links into a rss reader and you will be informed whenever somebody posts a new comment. Buddhism is a nice individual experience but is very much a middle class pursuit and is inclined to idealise societies that were not the least bit ideal. I have done that, and this article now cannot be unpublished, despite the negative knee jerk know it all ness. At best it's an opinion, but actually it's more accurately described as an advertisement for a particular buddhist centre.
Mura bhforaileann an t-udar a mhalairt, ta gach uile inneachar saor chun athusaid, athchlo agus athchraolu neamhthrachtala a bhaint as, ar an idirlin agus in aon ait eile.
Then, due to start out on a new job, I finally decided to make the time and go, to think and meditate, to re-organise my brain and my heart, to re-evaluate my priorities in life. I based my own behaviour on non-religious principles of justice and ethics, and out of this was also very politically motivated.
I have questioned my motivations, values and actions until I doubted anything that I might do, which has led to intense loneliness and depression.
Is le rannphairtithe na tuairimi ata ar an suiomh seo agus ni ga go ndroimscriobhann Comharchumann Saormhean na hEireann iad. Yet after a while, these seemed to provide an ever unsteadier guide for my personal morality.

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