The white sunlight that illuminates the Earth is the reason we are able to see colours.  The visible light energy of the sunlight contains all the possible color variations and each has a certain wave length.
ORANGE: Orange colour inspires spirituality as it represents transcendence and an otherworldly aspect of life. BROWN, GREY, DARK LUE, BLACK : It is best to avoid colours like brown, dark blue, black and grey in a study room and rooms were we want to be active because these colours make us lazy and may cause frustration and depression.
BLUE: Blue, the colour of the sky and water, is associated with nature and so naturally creates calm, tranquility and peace in the mind of the beholder. Here I have explained the specific colours to be used in each room of the house in order to enhance the atmosphere of the specific room and make it useful in our daily life for bringing prosperity.
Green colour should be used in Children’s rooms and study as it encourages concentration. KITCHEN: For the kitchen, white is the best colour, it show off the colours of food, as if it were a blank canvas upon which the cook creates a meal of red tomatoes, green peppers, yellow squash.
It is advisable to use the recommended colours for different directions to enhance good luck, health and wealth. This post was about the Vastu Colours for the Interiors of a house – the different rooms and directions. I purchased a house, infact 50% of the construction does not comply with vastu, how can we rectify the vastu dosha, without hampering the structure.? Colour is perceived by us because of the reflection of the particular colour component of the sunlight to our eyes where, the photo receptors in the retina of our eye (known as cones), translate this energy into colour.  Thus, when sunlight falls on an apple, it reflects the red light into our eyes while all the other colours of the sunlight are absorbed into the apple, giving us the perception of red colour.
It displays warmth and enlightens our mood the moment we look at it. It ignites passion and desire and creates excitement and enthusiasm for life. This colour is recommended for bedroom, meditation room or for a room designed for relaxing or sleeping.

People respond to the energy of colours around them, either positively or negatively. Preferablly, colours in our built surroundings should be subtle and pleasant. Subtle and deep shades of blue, violet, green, yellow or sandal will encourage deep concentration and inspire intellectual clarity. Avoid black or white or a mixture of black and white as these colours are less conducive to enjoying eating.
This is because each direction is goverened by a planet which is in turn represented by a specific colour.
Each colour is associated with a particular part of our body and will affect us differently emotionally, physically, and mentally. Yellow also gives patience and wisdom. Hence it is recommended for all rooms where brainpower is used such as study room, office etc. However, if used indiscriminately, it can produce strong feelings of melancholia and uneasiness and can be quite depressing. We can wear clothes with colours of our preference; we can drink solarised water in coloured glasses. The Reasoning- The Pooja room is used for prayer and meditation and hence the setting should be soothing, subdued and not distracting. The Reasoning - When used in abundance in a bedroom, red can be overpowering and stressful for people who are anxious by nature. The Reasoning - As it is the place to entertain guests, it should be lively and conducive for pleasant conversations.
The Reasoning - The dining room, where the family eats together and entertains, should have colours that stimulate appetite and conversation.
Scientifically this can be explained by the fact that, we perceive colour only because of sunlight and the intensity of sunlight is different in different directions.

The Reasoning – Normally the Library or Study room is located here since it gets engulfed with the morning sun. The Reasoning - This corner is reserved for the Kitchen, for which white is preferred colour. The Reasoning - The Master Bedroom is located in this corner and so a soothing colour like blue is preferred. The Reasoning – The North is reserved for the Living room and here, Green is suitable.
The Reasoning - The North-East corner is ideal for a pooja room or meditation room and so, yellow is the best colour. It has been scientifically confirmed that colours affect us, though we may not be aware of it.
This colour is however not recommended for rooms where sunlight enters directly to the room.
Our mood, health, happiness are all affected by the colours around us. For example, at times we like wearing bright colours, while sometimes we prefer to wear dull ones.
Moreover, light shades and white help to brighten up the kitchen and enable us to see better while cutting and cooking.
For example, a Pooja room is meant for prayer and meditation and hence should have a sober and subdued colour which will not be distracting but encourage quiet thinking. But dark blue should be avoided. The Reasoning - Yellow is a soothing colour while dark colours can be gloomy especially for elderly people who spend a lot of time in the Bedroom.

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