A Very Rare and Highly Effective Method to Calm the Mind and Develop Tremendous Internal Energy This unique package includes training instructions for proper use. You can look forward to really feeling the Chi and experiencing new dimensions of deep calm with the Tai Chi Ruler Qigong practice by ordering this rare and unique Chi development system online now! The Tai Chi Ruler practice is a very rare system of Taoist Yoga, or Chi Kung utilizing a specially designed wooden dowel or ruler that was derived from the shape of the ancient Chinese sword handle. The Tai Chi Ruler is a unique method of cultivating the internal energy because it uses an external object to aid in your development.
The fame of Huashan derives from its natural beauty, which takes the form of huge granite peaks towering over the plains of the Shanxi province. The Tai Chi Ruler practice involves a series of circular movements with the ruler held between the hands as the body weight shifts from foot to foot. Most people who practice qigong or meditation exercises will tell you that calming the mind is not an easy task. Ruler training is flexible, in the sense that you can practice the movements for as little as a few minutes or much longer if you prefer. All of our courses are pdf downloads with some having audio and video files that go along with them. There are no medical claims pertaining to the healing capabilities of these items or exercises. Learn about how the Shaolin masters develop mystical powers and abilities by training in Chi Kung. If you are a martial artist and you want to learn how the ancient monks developed chi energy keep reading. For those that are not familiar with internal Kung Fu or Chi kung practice lets get you up to speed. Qigong or “Internal Practice” was a highly guarded secret of ancient martial arts training. The purpose of this home study course is to combine the various methods of Qigong systems (Open, Closed, Static, Dynamic, Thinking, No Thinking) to provide you the greatest benefit in the shortest period of time without incurring negative side effects. In this course you will learn abilities that are fantasized about in comic books and science fiction movies. In this course you will be given chi kung exercises that will help you master several skills. Daily Physical exercise for the Skin and Nerves: This exercise is important because it trains your nerve fibers as well as your entire central nervous system to handle progressively larger workloads or energy currents.
Teaching the 3 basic phases of qigong: Which include accumulating, circulating, storing, and transmitting chi.
Phase II of our Synergistic Qigong Method: These energy practices will promote vitality, enhance the functions of the respiratory system and circulatory system. Understanding proper breathing: Proper Breath Rhythm- Accumulation of Chi or “vital life force energy” has always been associated with the act of deep diaphragm breathing by all of the ancient schools of initiation. Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan: This will allow you to accumulate outer chi or universal life force and also emit your own chi.
Yin Lying Down Meditation: This method will balance and keep your energy cool as well as develop your third eye, which is associated with Spiritual insight or psychic powers. Understanding Chi Cycles: We explain how the chi grows and how it affects you and your abilities based on the seasonal times of the year and the lunar cycle. Toaist Microscomic breathing: Which increase the flow and quality of the chi along with increasing the power of the chakras. Body Breathing: This chi gong breathing teaches you how to increase the vitality of your organs and endocrine system as well as giving you the ability to aid in the healing of others as well.
However there are others that get involve with these practices to heal from pain and disease. This course really contains authentic teachings…it catches the spiritual component of shaolin practice.
We Are Coming Back to Life!After a seriously flawed software update took us out, we are coming back to life. Detachment, or nonattachment, can easily be seen in a negative light as indifference, and yet when understood in a certain way is absolutely fundamental to spiritual practice. You may have noticed we have been down for the last week due to a serious botched software upgrade.
PODCAST The practice of tonglen is to take on the suffering and pain of others, and give them your happiness, well-being and peace of mind. PODCAST Emotional shutdown triggers are excellent teachers on the path to emotional freedom. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This is the complete Power of Self Responsibility Program: podcast article, short, medium, and extended length affirmations, and soothing music.
This Audio program is intended to support you in reclaiming your personal power through owning responsibility for your mind, body, and emotions. This audio program is intended to support you in reclaiming your personal power through owning responsibility for your mind, body, and emotions.
This audio program will help relieve your stress and get you meditating in only 1 minute, no previous experience with meditation is necessary, just download the 1 Minute audio file and follow the instructions.
You are licensed to download and burn 1 copy to CD and install 1 copy on your computer or portable device. This CD is best listened to with professional quality headphones or stereophonic equipment. You are licensed to download 1 copy on your computer and 1 copy for a portable device only. If you wish to learn Yoga Nidra, a highly efficient means to manifest Intent, first use this CD for at least 30 days to learn to deeply relax without falling asleep, prior to beginning Yoga Nidra training. How to use this CD The CD is designed to give you short meditations of varying length to reduce stress at work and home. These meditations are best done while lying down, but can also be performed at work or home while sitting in a relaxed position with your eyes closed. Recorded on the coast of beautiful Assateague Island, this audio program contains ambient ocean wave sounds and wind on the beach.
Track 2 Ocean Surf with Theta Entrainment 32:30 This track uses Theta Brainwave Entrainment to slow your brainwaves to the Theta threshold, allowing you to experience deep relaxation and the ability to meditate like a Zen monk, even if you are a beginner. Available on CD ($15 + $3 shipping) Payment can be made with PayPal, Check, or Money Order. This audio program contains meditations to activate Cosmic Consciousness & personal power, soothing music, & a Theta Brainwave Entrainment track. This version includes instructions for relaxing the body, expanding consciousness, & affirmations for awakening empowerment.
This version is focused on achieving a deep meditative state with the aid of a Theta Brainwave track.
Download and unzip the file, then click on "kalachakra_setup.exe" and follow the prompts to install. For centuries the spices of the Orient have been one of the most valuable commodities on earth. It is obvious that the taijiquan that Cui practiced contained training methods that produced intense dan tian development. A new controversy emerged with the rise of the Former Han era, a peaceful and orderly time following the chaotic Warring States period. But though the number of Confucian recluses dropped, and not all Confucians agreed with the new interpretation, Taoists uniformly persisted in refusing to serve or to engage the bureaucracy in any way.
Pursing a craft or skill, studying the classics, partaking of a life of conviviality within a community of like-minded — this was reclusion in the city. Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov is a Buddhist Lama considered to have reached Nirvana, due to the lifelike state of his corpse, which is not subject to macroscopic decay.
Jesse Glover, progenitor of Non-Classical Gung Fu, an extremely practical, direct and effective martial art. The Tai Chi Ruler is an exercise done in continuous repetition with deep, slow breathing with the ruler held between the palms on the Lao Gong point.

Originally, this training method was kept very secretive and passed on to only a select few. Training with the Ruler is a form of qigong used to nourish and strengthen the body’s Chi (internal energy). Consistency in your ruler training is the most important element as Qigong is a cumulative practice. But We are not trying to make a lot of money off our visitors.We will constantly give you the best in Chi gong practices because we believe that we should help all that are trying to climb this mountain to enlightenment.
If you are looking to increase power, ability to heal, and wield massive amounts of qi energy like the ancient shaolin monks this is the course you have been looking for. As your read this material you will find yourself becoming more and more excited about the awesome potential in this course. Much research has been compiled from a variety of energy systems (Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Korean, Indonesian, Indian) to put this synergistic Qigong method together in addition to filling in information gaps that have occurred through the passage of time. Lets put it like this, we have the secrets for becoming what some may consider to be a real Jedi. This group of exercises will develop you into a powerful chi master that can use his or her chi for what ever purpose you want.
The synergistic method also increase the power in the hands arms chest, highs, back and more. The first thing to understand is that proper breath rhythm is something unique to each individual just like a fingerprint. These exercises will dramatically improve your health which can cause the effect of having diseases spontaneously enter remission. Some of these powers include Out of Body experience and distant viewing abilities, mind to mind communication and astral-projection. For thousands of years chi masters have been treating diseases such as cancers and healing the body of other problems as well.
The program will last one year for all students, but for those of you that are serious and practice diligently we try our best to offer assistance as often as they need it.
It is divided in three parts: exercises for accumulating qi, for balancing qi, and standing and lying down meditation.
The Primal Sea--Meditation on Unity Consciousness 18:12 Soothing meditation with ocean sounds train the mind in Unity Consciousness. Use the voice on the CD as your "lifeline" to consciousness, relax the body, breathe, stay focused.
1 Minute Relaxation 1:06 This track gives you a quick script for relaxing the body, where tension and stress end up being stored.
1 Minute Stress manager 1:00 The Stress Manager is an efficient meditation for addressing the mental and emotional components of stress. 5 Minute Relaxation 5:00 This is a longer, more relaxed version of the first track and includes soothing music, good for a 5 minute break. At the Beach 9:48 This track is a short trip to your own private beach, complete with ocean sounds that will revitalize, empower, and fortify you.
Progressive Relaxation 13:02 A 13 minute relaxation with soft music that allows you a little more time to relax deeply. At the Beach 9:22 Similar to the previous "At the Beach" track except that it runs directly into the Ocean Waves track. Theta states can help you attain deep sleep, meditate, induce hypnosis, reduce stress, improve ESP and intuition, and facilitate learning, creativity, and higher states of consciousness. Keith Hall has taught T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, Tantra, and meditation for 30 years & has published many articles on the Eastern arts.
It is a full screen Prayer Mill with 3 Prayer Wheels that you can spin with a digital hand. The daytime version includes instructions for relaxing the body, expanding consciousness, & affirmations for awakening empowerment. It is not intended to relax you to the point of sleep; the empowerment affirmations are somewhat strident to motivate you to accept your empowerment.
This technology uses low frequency sound waves that encourage your brain to slow down to the Theta Threshold, a deeply relaxed state achieved by advanced meditators. Double blind, placebo controlled research has demonstrated that human pheromones remarkably increase one's attractiveness and the romantic attention received.
Herbals from China, India, and the Near East have been shown to have potent stimulating, hypnotic, and aphrodisiac qualities. Woodsy with hints of incense & exotic spice, Shiva elevates your male essence to Divine Omnipotence! Based on an ancient Tantric aromatherapy recipe for love & seduction combined with modern synthesized human pheromones. Nice embossed brass appearance, spins nicely, looks like the version I have on my back deck! Confucians, long suppressed by the authoritarian Legalists now defeated, reemerged with a new angle to the issue of reclusion. Reclusion to a farm or village affirmed the Taoist principles of simplicity and naturalness while providing greater anonymity than in a city and a more favorable setting for reflection and solitude. He taught out of his living room and my teacher laughingly tells of multiple people fighting, having to dodge a coffee table, chairs, a couch all in this tiny room. My teacher talks of leaving his classes with bruises raising his skin by inches all over his body. However after you purchase this course you will be given a link to a site were you can get the tai chi ruler at a very cheap price. Each exercise cooridinates breath, mental and visual concentration with a basic tai chi movements and physical pattern that shifts the body’s weight between both legs.
From master Chen Tuan, the Tai Chi Ruler skills were selectively passed down ONLY through oral tradition to other masters for generations to protect its secrecy, written notes were not allowed.
This practice is quite rare today because people are not aware of this particular cultivation method, even though it provides the necessary foundation for advancing to higher levels in qi gong. From master Chen Tuan, the Tai Chi Ruler skills were selectively passed down to other masters for generations. During the Song Dynasty, the fate of Huashan was determined over a game of chess between Chen Tuan and Emperor Zhao Kuang Yi. This unique practice in turn allows us to realize our special Inborn Physical Endowment, the primordial kundalini energy, which we all possess at birth but lies dormant at the base of the spine. Many masters have said: Chi comes very quickly with the Ruler practice”, meaning that the practitioner feels the Chi quite easily when holding the Ruler in both palms. The ruler training method is a complete Taoist Yoga or Qigong and gives you a good energetic grounding, which enables you to reach much higher levels in qigong.
SO WE provide you with the course and them we give you the link so that you can purchase the tai chi ruler from another site that offers them for super cheap.
Here, instead, you deal with microcosmic orbit: the goal is to open the front and back channels, who nourish all the pathways. It appears to me that you have a stretch potential, and with meditation you achieve the ability to stretch further, not actually add length on to your physical body. Most of these courses assume you have some rudimentary knowledge of chi except the Qigong 101 course.
For centuries the secrets of internal martial arts have been guarded and usually only given in bits and pieces to keep the authentic power techniques hidden from those that would misuse them. Even though these courses contain so much information you will be surprised at how quickly and easily you will pick up these powerful concepts.
Popular belief and opinion tie the arrival of the great Indian sage Bodhidharma (The Buddha) to the Shaolin monastery at Hunan province and the Royal martial arts practice of vajramukti “Clasped Hand of the Thunderbolt.” In addition, he is credited with teaching the Shaolin monks two sets of exercises known as Yijin Ching (sinew-changing scripture) and Xisui Ching (bone-marrow-washing scripture). By continued practice and skill, you will be able to emit your Chi into others to examine and aid in their healing of illness or diseases.
They see the demonstration of the chi master pushing opponents through the air without touching them, or they have watched in awe how a master can knock an opponent unconscious from several feet or even yards away. When you purchase this course, study and do the exercises you will be able to heal yourself and also aid in the healing of others for all sorts of problems in a very short time. This is very useful and we encourage all of our clients to take advantage of this mentoring opportunity.

There is also a mode of standing meditation which includes taoist elements, with positive emotions, very nice.
For downloads: after your purchase is complete, we will send you a link to download the file(s). You can also play this audio program while doing a short form Qigong, looking in the mirror, shaving, etc. Learn to meditate, reduce your stress, calm your emotions, and increase your energy within seconds. Enjoy a session of deep breathing, full body relaxation & a journey to a relaxing ocean environment.
It can be used as a stress break, to reinvigorate yourself, an extended meditation, or a non-drug alternative to insomnia.
Set this track to repeat if you want an extended meditation, also good as a stress break and for insomnia.
It can be used as a stress break, to reinvigorate yourself, a meditation, or a non-drug alternative to insomnia. In 1 minute you will reconnect with your vitality, strength, composure, stability, and confidence.
It allows you to escape for a few minutes, yet also return alert, refreshed, and invigorated.
Thank you.This CD is best listened to with professional quality headphones or stereophonic equipment. The evening version is similar, but is focused more on achieving a deep meditative state with the aid of a Theta Brainwave track.
You may hear a slight pulsing sound in the background, you might want to adjust the volume so you hear this. In contrast, scientific studies have shown commercial perfumes, after-shaves, colognes, and deodorants have mainly a repellent effect in blind tests.
To me, it felt as if there was a rubber ball in his belly which could move around to follow your hand.
No need for reclusion now, they argued, as they resumed their stations in the imperial court and ministries.
During the Han era, Zuang Zun, for example, would close his modest divination shop at midday in order to quietly teach Taoism in a back room of his shop.
The recluse venturing to the land often worked side by side with simple folk of modest interests. Much revered by the ordinary populace, the hermits were often apotheosized by Taoist religion as those who had achieved immortality.
Topics Discussed: China, Development, Western Money, Alchemy, The Big Dipper, The North Star, 7 Stages of Alchemical Process, Chinese Zodiac, Ladder of Seven Stars, Ezekiel, Merkabah, Daoism, Taoism, Liuzhou, Religion, Watching the Stars, Falun Gong, Tibet, Libraries, Books, Nazism, Language, Cantonese, Mandarin, Could the Arm of the Occult Forces be reaching to Tibet though to China, Chinese Communism Revolution, Philosophy of Communism, George Soros comment on China and much more. The method is based entirely on natural principles, Tai Chi Ruler imparts both holistic fitness and integral strength training and is a complete system of Taoist style Yoga – just as Hatha, Kundalini, Raja and Shakti are complete systems – that integrates mind and body to purify the human spirit.
Many consider it to be the ultimate tool in Orbital Qigong practice for a gentle Kundalini awakening, which is known as the Greater Kan and Li in China.
Example, try to touch your toes, and however far you reach, then relax, breathe and meditate on reaching further. Imagine the possibilities, what if you could have the same power as the Shaolin monks and sages of old.
The beauty of this shaolin qi gong training is this; the more you train the more powerful you become. You must use the same computer to download as you used to place the order.  When you click to download you must SAVE THE FILE.
This technology uses low frequency pulsed sound waves that encourage your brainwaves to slow down to the Theta Threshold, a deeply relaxed state achieved by advanced meditators.
With Theta Entrainment, you can achieve deep meditation equivalent to years of meditation training. Our scents have been designed with only the best quality organic and wildcrafted oils and herbals, with no chemical additives.
They restored standardized state examinations for aspiring bureaucrats and established Confucian rituals and occultism as the state religion. Thus the intellectual Song Sheng-zhai quit the city to become a shepherd, take up the zither, become adept at calligraphy, and live in obscurity while practicing his virtue. Tai Chi ruler practice imparts holistic fitness, integral strength, and substantial Chi accumulation and circulation into a single practice and is an excellent foundation for Tai Chi Chuan, Bahuazhang, Xing Yi Chuan, or any martial art, meditation or health & fitness practice. It is a synthesis of all the ingredients, which are necessary for Chi development at higher levels. They are simple circular exercises that can be done with a ruler, but which have an effect!!
It’s a cumulative practice that allows you to be more powerful with the chi at 80 or 90 than you are now. The link to download the file can only be used once.  Contact us if you have any difficulty.
Tracks 2, 3, and 4 are a series of affirmations of varying lengths for you to meditate upon. Track 1 simply contains the natural sounds of the dynamic Atlantic Ocean breakers and ocean wind combing the island shore.
Hand crafted in small batches, these scents are highly attractive to others while also balancing and supporting the endocrine and chakra systems of the wearer.
The school of Tillers and Farmers early mentioned also contributed to Taoist thought by developing philosophical support for this form of reclusion. The Tai Chi Ruler aligns, stimulates and empowers the 7 major energy reservoirs, Chakras or dan tiens”,and energy pathways or meridians of the body. Although the Emperor was famous for his expertise at chess, Chen was skilled in the art of divination, i.e.
The movements are very easy to do, gentle, soothing and relaxing, generating continuous circular rhythms within the body. And, of course, with the smooth circulation of blood flow and enhanced Chi accumulation within, good health can be quite literally in the palms of your hands! Sifu Ferrera gives also some other exercises inside the course: mainly for gathering and storing qi in lower dan tien and in the heart. How do you think the founder of Aikido, Sensei Ueshiba was able to throw around 20 year olds like rag dolls when he was a feeble old man? To take advantage of the Theta Brainwave Entrainment on this audio program, you must use stereo headphones. Different movements stimulate the energy in different organs of the body, guiding the Chi in specific directions.
With the sensation and awareness of Chi, your attention will be further drawn into the energetic pathways as well as the practice itself. The Chess Game Pavilion is a monument to the contest and still stands today on top of the central peak of Huashan.
You will find your mind naturally quiet and calm, fully absorbed in the sensation of the training. When he was finished, he would once again return to his seemingly helpless and fragile state and would be carried off the floor the same way he arrived.
You will experience deep relaxation by being fully present in the current moment and you will feel very refreshed and vitalized after the practice.
If you start training today with our synergistic Qigong, just think how powerful will you be when you reach an old age. You will actually develop a significant amount of chi skill early in the training, but we want to emphasize the fact that unlike muscles, which grow weaker with age, chi will continue to grow stronger and stronger throughout your entire life if you practice the art.

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