11 Mar 2015 Pilates Apparatus Workout on the Mat with Gym Toys! Pilates Apparatus Workout on the Mat!: How to utilize equipment (gym toys) on the mat to simulate Cadillac and Reformer apparatus exercises.
Get the benefits of expensive apparatus work in a mat class using fit balls, yoga balls, bands, weights, blocks and sliding pads. Use of equipment not only adds more challenge to your workout, it also assists to make certain moves more accessible. 16 Apr 2014 Pilates Apparatus Workout on the Mat! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In this workshop series, both systems of mindful movement will greatly enhance each other: The Feldenkrais® Method works with the human structure, the system and the bones in particular to enhance our functioning on all levels, and Qigong works with electromagnetic energy, meridians and organs. In Chinese medicine the heart is related to summer: happiness, joy, love, honor and compassion.
Dr Feldenkrais once said that ‘if the lungs move smoothly and do not stick you will have no neck trouble!’ We can enhance joy and courage with these easy-to-do Qigong meditations and Feldenkrais® moves, as well as the health of your entire spine!
In all Qigong forms, the area just below the belly button (called the lower dan tien or hara) is an important center in the human body. Click image to enlarge CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO SEE A SHORT VIDEO Click here to read the Sequence of Movements Master Instructor Lee Holden teaches the art of movement through meditation in this 34 minute Qi Gong program. Our style of Qigong has been passed down through the Zi Ran Men martial arts system, refined by Masters of our lineage over many generations. There are a wide variety of purposes for seated meditation - stilling the mind, regulating the flow of energy, relaxing the body's habitual tensions and balancing the emotions.
As well as the specific standing postures that go with each of the internal martial arts, there are a series of universal postures which strengthen the energy flows within the body, build stamina and develop good physical posture and relaxation. With Chinese roots dating back more than 4,000 years, qigong is a broad practice defined as the integration of physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intentions(translated, “qi” is energy, breath or spirit. 148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ventures that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc.
As in all good Pilates classes, you will access your core muscle groups with breathwork, and initiate every action by utilizing your core. People who have not been able to do roll-ups and roll-downs unassisted, often find success with proper use of the equipment acting as a counterweight. She explains the mechanics of each exercise, the part of the body benefited, and how the exercise on the mat simulates work on the apparatus.

This Feldenkrais – Qigong practice will increase your longevity and health, develop your coordination, mobility and resilient nervous system.
In this class you will focus on moving the entire body, deepening your breath and clearing your mind. Both techniques are potent in their gentleness, practicing mindfulness for health and wellbeing. The heart is the Emperor or Empress in the body, the one that regulates with its rhythm hundreds of functions in the body. Combining exercise, stretch, flowing movements, and mindfulness, this ancient form of exercise is poetry through movement.  What if you could combine the benefits of exercise with mind calming power of meditation?
Our Master, Master Liu Deming (pictured), is a Qigong devotee and brings traditional Shaolin Qigong sets as well as many new elements to the current system being taught at Zest East West and in other Zi Ran Men Academies in Australia. Move out to your upper body: rhomboids, trapesius, deltoids, triceps, forearms, wrists and hands. The Feldenkrais method will help you to find a more grounded, balanced stance and an elongated, open spine, which allows the qigong energy to flow more easily and more potently. There are extensive benefits of this practice including more energy, focused mind, positive attitude and lightheartedness which all lead to holistic health. In Eva Geueke’s observation with hundreds of clients poor posture compromises the kidneys. In Hawaiian, the word for this center, na’auao, also means Instinct, Intuition and a well-balanced person.
Everyone knows that exercise delivers amazing health and longevity benefits, but fewer people are aware of the power of meditation. Five Element Qigong was created by Master Liu De Ming, and works to balance and purify these elements within the body and to nourish the organs. The Qigong master Mantak Chia conducted experiments in which he was hooked up to electrodes and asked questions.
In 1987 Eva completed her 4-year Professional Feldenkrais Training, which changed her understanding of brain, body and movement forever.
Research suggests that meditation slows down the aging process and contributes to overall health and well-being, while also cultivating creativity and mental clarity. Moshe Feldenkrais brought the East and West together to assist in his own healing and development: he was a western physicist who studied the brain and was a Black Belt of Judo. Backache often stems from weakness or contraction in the part of the back that is the kidney area. Think of meditation as a mini-vacation from the fast-paced, intense, emotionally draining world we live in.

Yet the lungs can only be filled by our motor in the middle of the body, the diaphragm and the intercostal musculature.
In this workshop, the Feldenkrais® Method will help us create space around the kidneys, learn about better posture and better grounding! It is an inner journey where you will discover peace, tranquility and a state of deep relaxation.
In the Feldenkrais® portion of the workshop, you will gently yet profoundly enhances the functioning of your whole breathing apparatus, diaphragm and chest. We will include the pelvic floor as it holds the bladder as part of the kidney system, strengthening your mid-back and improving your posture.
When our breath functions effectively, it not only massages the heart and moves the intestines, but will also help to elongate the spine! The Feldenkrais® Method gently yet powerfully enhances the function of your whole breathing apparatus, diaphragm and chest.
In this workshop you will learn qigong movements and meditations that strengthen and awaken the lower dan tien.
In this program, host Lee Holden teaches a form of meditation using focused movement to center the mind and body.
In the qigong part of the workshop, you will learn movements for the optimal working of the lungs and heart. In the qigong part of the workshop, you will learn how to enhance your kidney energy with sound and meditation! Effective breathing not only massages the heart and moves the intestines, but also helps to elongate the spine!
Using slow, continuous Qi Gong flows, Holden trains viewers to integrate body, mind, and breath. Use this DVD any time you want to steady yourself in the present moment and unwind back to a place of being centered and balanced. The strength of our center requires the proper distribution of muscle tonus between the extensors and the flexors in the front and the back and the harmonious cooperation of all the flexors. The Feldenkrais® Method will help us to find this front-back muscular balance and a stable center. 22 min (Includes Seated and Standing) NOT SOLD IN STORES!

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