QRemote Client Driver: Allows 64 Bit Applications to connect to QRemote Server and sends the Request to QRemote Server for Processing. QRemote Server Main screen, shows the IP address and Port it allows the QRemote Client to connect to. Please enter the text you see in the image into the textbox below (we use this to prevent automated submissions). QuickBooks is an accounting program which must produce trusted numbers that accountants can rely on.
Leaving your QuickBooks company file open, click on "Start" and "Programs" and locate QODBC Driver for QuickBooks program group. From the Data Source list, select "QuickBooks Data QRemote" or the DSN you had configured that points to SERVER QRemote Server's IP Address. When the driver starts, QuickBooks will ask permission for the driver to access your QuickBooks data.
This will allow applications to integrate with QuickBooks data when QuickBooks is running on the desktop. Now that you have successfully established a connection to your QuickBooks data, it's time to type in your desired SQL query, for example your can use the default "SELECT * FROM CUSTOMER" or type in another table like stock by entering "SELECT * FROM ITEMINVENTORY".

If you get an error, please search our FAQ Knowledgebase or post a support ticket to resolve the issue Click Here.
Since a 64bit application cannot talk to a 32-bit driver, we have to do a bit of magic to get the worlds to connect, we call it QRemote. QRemote Server: Processes requested instruction from QRemote Client to QuickBooks using QODBC DSN Driver. To allow 64 Bit Application(s) to talk to QuickBooks via QODBC, Start the QRemote Server and configure the QRemote Client DSN entry.
How to get the Q Demo DotNET (BETA) to test connection, and where did I get the date file Customer.
If you don't have a serial port, we sell a USB to Serial Adaptor for $25 in our PARTS area. For this reason they have created an interface to the QuickBooks application which follows all of the business rules.
Answer "Yes, Always" to this and the QODBC driver is added to the Integrated Application list. There may be instances in which you want an integrated application designed to share data with QuickBooks to access QuickBooks files automatically, without user intervention.

If not, congratulations - you have created your first report from QuickBooks data and are ready to talk to your own company data.
Please do make sure Version on QRemote on the Client machine is the same QRemote on Server Machine. QuickBooks is a 32-bit application, so in order to communicate with it, a 32 bit ODBC driver is required. This might permit, for example, a particular application to run during the night when there is no other activity on the company file. QRemote makes it possible for 64 bit Web Servers and 64 Bit applications to talk to QuickBooks live for the first time via the QODBC Driver.
Also QuickBooks need not be running on the desktop for ODBC compliant applications to access the data files while set in this mode.

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