The Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue recently rescued a sad, frightened dog that was not warming up to its rescuers. On his way to work, Raul Marin Ceja saw something peculiar: a little blanket bundle that looked like it had something in it.
Tinder has somehow managed to avoid all the stigma that comes with online dating, but it is what it is.
Chinese tourists at an airport in Vietnam were livid after allegedly being asked for money by customs officers. And a woman in China was seen flipping over a baby stroller while fighting with the child's parents. Soul Pancake never fails to bring on the feels with their heartwarming videos dealing with love and family. In honor of Mother’s Day being just around the corner (it’s Sunday, by the way), Allure asked three adorable kids to create perfumes inspired by their moms’ scent and it’s seriously heartwarming.
Kristen Bell gets very candid with The Off Camera Show, as she discusses dealing with anxiety and depression for most of her life. Janet Jackson released a new music video this week that has sparked rumors that she and husband Wissam Al Mana are indeed expecting a child. What's better than Prince leading an all-star jam session following the 40th anniversary special of Saturday Night Live? An avid fisherman and drone business operator Jaiden Maclean has started using a drone to help locate fish while he and his friend Byron Leal are beach fishing for longtail tuna in Australia.
6-year-old Sophia wrote a report for her class about wanting to save endangered animals like rhinoceroses. Veterinarians noticed that Lucha, one of the elephants at the Zoological Society of London, had lost a noticeable amount of weight.
Yesterday, one delighted young lady shared that Microsoft founder Bill Gates was her Reddit Secret Santa.
The gift-giver said in an accompanying note that they had shared the request with colleagues at EA and partners at PlayStation, who helped pull together the generous bundle — which also includes EA swag, and three pairs of Army of Two sunglasses. Gossip Bucket aggregates and streams the latest gossip news and headlines from the top sources in one place. Si eres de los que durante las Navidades organiza un amigo invisible para intercambiar regalos entre amigos, companeros de trabajo o familiares quizas deberias apuntarte al Secret Santa de Reddit, el amigo invisible mas grande de todo el mundo en el que participaron mas de 200.000 personas de todo el mundo el ano pasado, Bill Gates incluido.?Te gustaria participar en un amigo invisible junto a Bill Gates, Shaquille O'Neal, Les Gold o Arnold Schwarzenegger? Email * Archer season 6, like other seasons, is no stranger to leaving fans easter eggs throughout the episodes.
Whether or not these videos from eBaum's World are real or fake, one thing is for sure: they're worth a watch. One person claimed the agents were threatening to seize passports if they were not given a 10 yuan tip.

The fight started because one of the baby's parents allegedly knocked the aggressor's iPad while on the escalator.
In this hilarious video from XVP Comedy, twentysomething sons and daughters get honest about Mother's Day. They were asked to look into the camera and proclaim, "I am beautiful." That proved to be difficult for some, so Julia Price and Zach Puchtel got a very special group to come in and remind them just how special each and every one of them is. His adorable and oh so fitting tribute to mothers everywhere for Mother's Day (human and canine) does not disappoint. The actress holds nothing back as she talks about the stigma surrounding mental illness and how she doesn't let that keep her from living her best life.
In honor of Mother’s Day, Jimmy Kimmel convinced strangers on the street to confess their biggest lies to their dear ol’ moms.
Does this new technique give him an unfair edge, or is he just taking advantage of modern technology to make his "fishing" life easier?
The eagles were on the edge of a lake and had become entangled with each other during the fight. So the Head Veterinarian Nick Masters took a look at Lucha and determined she needed a tooth removed.
That’s pretty difficult to top, but Reddit user Sinister-meow might just have after landing an EA staffer, who gifted 29 PS3 games (some of which are pictured to the right). Just Jared 358Coco Can't Find the Words to Express Her Very First Mother's Day With Baby Chanel E!
The festival will take place at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California over the course of two weekends, Oct.
Last year, Reddit won the world record for largest gift exchange, with more than 30,000 participants in over 150 countries!
The challenge has attracted both amateur and professional skateboarders alike, and California police have said that those caught participating in this dangerous stunt will face serious consequences. After hearing about the little girl, the Sierra Leone embassy in Russia invited her to help celebrate the 55th anniversary of their independence.
And as if we needed more reasons to appreciate them, these moms reveal why your mom deserves a few more hugs this Mother's Day.
Watch as people of all ages tell us what they would tell their mothers at their age and why. The video covers a lot of very special "mommy moments" that we may sometimes take for granted. It’s actually pretty amazing how blunt people get — despite mother herself standing by their side. Check out the Purple One performing a funky version of "Let's Go Crazy" with some help from his band, the girls from Haim, Chris Rock, Martin Short, Maya Rudolph and Jimmy Fallon amongst lots of others.

You can't buy cat toys for these 350-pound kitties at your local pet store, so she has to invent her own toys. After putting out the flames they discovered a litter of furry victims living in a woodpile. Reddit organiza desde 2009 el amigo invisible mas grande del mundo, que el ano pasado entro incluso en el Libro Guinness de los records.La idea es muy sencilla.
Next, watch this little boy lose it when his father tells him all jobs will be automated by the time he is a grown up.
Online 305Kate Middeton Is Now Officially the Sportiest Royal The Cut 296Justin Timberlake Shares New Photo of Son Silas, Calls Jessica Biel a 'MILF' on Mother's Day! Just Jared 273Ariel Winter Thanks Her Sister for Being the "Most Amazing Mother I've Ever Known" E! There's still no word on when to expect the restaurant game pack and 'The Sims' forums are heating up. La base de datos de usuarios es independiente a Reddit, por lo que no es necesario inscribirte en ambos sitios a la vez, aunque si ya eres usuario de Reddit luego podras conectar las cuentas.Durante el proceso de registro deberas rellenar un formulario con tus datos personales, aficiones, gustos e incluso alergias. Piensa por favor en la persona a la que vas a hacer un regalo y la enorme sonrisa que tendra cuando vea lo que le has mandado", resume la propia pagina. Existe la posibilidad de participar en el amigo invisible a nivel nacional, aunque eso evitara por ejemplo que te pueda regalar Bill Gates. Tu decides.?A quien tengo que regalar?El proceso de registro concluira el 23 de noviembre de 2015.
A partir de esa fecha podras consultar a traves de este enlace con que persona has quedado emparejado en el apartado 'Retrieve Match'.Podras ver que ha respondido esa persona a las preguntas del formulario de entrada y consultar su direccion postal para enviarle un regalo.
Ademas, puedes mandarle un mensaje anonimo para saber un poco mas sobre sus gustos.La persona a la que tu regalaras no sera la misma que te envie a ti un regalo, otro de los aspectos clave de este amigo invisible. Desde el 23 de noviembre podras consultar si tu Secret Santa ha entrado a mirar tu ficha personal o si ha marcado como enviado tu regalo.?Que compro? Una es la tradicional, comprando o elaborando un regalo en Espana y enviandolo a traves de Correos o una empresa de paqueteria. Al recibir tu regalo debes entrar en RedditGifts para contarle al resto del mundo que es lo que has recibido, con una pequena descripcion y un par de fotos que pueden votar otros usuarios.?Y si no recibo nada? Por eso, los usuarios mas generosos se dan de alta como 'Rematchers', que envian un segundo regalo a una persona que no haya recibido nada sin esperar nada a cambio.Tambien puedes participar en el Secret Santa de Reddit como elfo.
Se trata de un tipo de usuario que paga una cuota -trimestral, mensual o anual- para poder acceder a diversas funciones extra, la mas importante que siempre son emparejados con otros elfos, lo que suele garantizar recibir un regalo en casa.P. Vuestra web favorita de tecnologia participara en el Secret Santa de Reddit 2015, ?que regalaremos?

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