It can be caused by any of a number of factors but the bottom line is that you need your sleep.
Chronic insomnia is a symptom of a deeper problem that must be addressed; occasional insomnia, however, may need just a break in a pattern to allow yourself to rest enough to fall—and stay—asleep. Some foods are a bad idea to eat soon before going to bed: anything spicy or containing caffeine, for example. There are other things you can do to help yourself to relax and focus on sleep (sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true), some while you lay there wishing yourself to sleep. There are devices you can use to track your sleep cycle by monitoring your heart and skin temperature so you can see how you sleep.
Guided imagery can be very effective in shifting your focus to allow your body and mind to relax as your imagination leads you through a scenario that mimics your own tense state and releases it.

Another technique you can try is Progressive Muscle Relaxation in which you alternately tense and release series of muscle groups throughout your body. There are foods that can actually help you to sleep, like cherries, dairy products, legumes, and nuts—not to mention Thanksgiving turkey—due to their levels of tryptophan. Objectively analyzing the results can provide psychological insurance that, although you may not feel it, you are getting more sleep than you realize. If you are lying in bed and are having trouble falling asleep, begin slowly counting backward from 100. One image you can use is a small ball of yarn: close your eyes and “see” yourself as the ball of yarn, all wound up. Picture yourself in the most relaxing place and situation you can: on a beach, on a boat, at a spa.

Regular exercise contributes to good sleep and certain teas are soothing, such as chamomile.
Watch as it slowly unwinds from the ball, curling and gently coming to rest on the floor, the strand becoming longer as the ball rolls and becomes smaller. Let go of the day’s pressures and allow your mind to be where it is at peace—your body will follow.

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