Combining the highest levels of luxury and sustainable development with beautiful locations, Natural Retreats offer a chance to explore beautiful national parks, bask in luxury, and feel confident that your holiday has a low environmental impact.
The green building technology and sustainable design practices included in the residences are extensive. Matt Spence, the Director of Natural Retreats says, “I wanted to challenge the way people saw and experienced the countryside. In addition to being built green, the residences are stylish and contemporary, with solid wood floors, extensive glass wall frontages, and simple design. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
Disconnect to Reconnect®We create a space and experience that gives individuals the freedom and permission they need to truly unplug and decompress. Participants gain insight into personal lifestyle techniques and practices that keep them grounded and connected even in the most stressed, overwhelming and technologically driven times. In turn, they reemerge from the experience with new found inspiration and tools to create more mindful, meaningful and balanced lives, both online and off. An Integrated Approach:Connection vs DisconnectionBy providing a truly integrated experience that nourishes both mind and body, while deepening one’s sense of self without the digital distractions of everyday life, we are able to focus on the tenants of connection, rather than disconnection.
As we disconnect from our devices, we reconnect with ourself, our community, nature and the world at large. Together we’ll explore the physical, psychological and social implications of our constant tech connectivity, and deepen a dialogue to increase balance, connection and health. YOGA + MEDITATION + MOVEMENTStart the mornings off with Yoga and Meditation led by our experienced instructors. As retreats are small in number, we are able to truly encourage each student to listen to their own unique body; we believe that with the right guidance, the students are really their own best teachers. After just a few days, you will be comfortable with a basic yoga routine to incorporate into your daily life. Analog Art + WritingWithout the ability to “Command Z” undo, analog art gives participants the ability to create spontaneously; what we do can not be deleted or erased.
WorkshopsThere’s something special about making something delicious with our own two hands. Return home with a surprise for your family and friends, a new recipe to share or some homemade bread to bake. This is a Retreat, Not a Networking EventOur retreats are designed to be personal growth and getaway retreats for individuals.
These are not networking events, conferences where people exchange business cards, or meet-ups where we create opportunities to make contacts that further our careers.
Expect a balance of structured and free time with as much opportunity for as much introspection as group reflection. Are you feeling burned out, tired, addicted to your social media, or simply need a new perspective on life?
Do you need space to reassess an important business move, give your mind time to rest, or just want a break from the tethered life?
Is your personal health declining or interpersonal relationships suffering from the imbalance in attention you give to your screens or work? Testimonialswhat people have said about their experience with us…Digital detox is a transformational experience that everyone should do. An internet and media fast allowed me to completely disconnect from the endless pings, beeps and vibrations that my screens attack me with and, in a very positive way, it allowed me to realize that the tiny slice of the online world I cared so much about would absolutely survive without me. Went into Digital Detox to re-evaluate the footprint technology has made on my day-to-day life.
This was the best experience I have had for restoration that did not require me to leave the country. Levi, Brooke, and The Team provide a beautiful, safe and loving space for relaxation and reflection.
The Digital Detox retreat was a wonderful way to “disappear” from my busy life and allow other parts of myself to reappear — and to reconnect with the simple pleasures of redwood trees, good food and laughter, and the vital needs of reflection, nature, and the healing power of water. Phenomenal experience, powerful weekend, and the hands-down best run retreat (or event) I have ever attended. Highly recommended to anyone who has a computer and absolutely critical for any entrepreneur or employee of a fast-paced company.
Retreating to a natural hot spring tucked away in a valley with no computers is high tech, and the 12 of us who attended this long weekend are lucky early adopters. No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials. One can go hiking, surfing and take an eco-tour while enjoying the hidden values of easing the mind in body and soul. Not only these main fasting programs, we also add them up with all needed supportive activities to be perfect various Detox Retreat Packages. The Anti-Candida Cleanse, is specifically designed to help people who are suffering from a Candida imbalance. Many of our guests comment about the "spiritual awakening" and clarity of thought they feel while in the Yellowstone backcountry. A backcountry retreat to Yellowstone National Park can provide a perfect getaway to create breakthrough improvement in your relationship. To schedule a couples retreat, choose any of our backcountry trips or contact us to develop a custom trip. A family retreat in the Yellowstone backcountry provides an opportunity to explore your family dynamics, build better relationships, and improve family functioning.

To schedule a family retreat, choose any backcountry trip or contact us to develop a custom trip. There is no better place on earth to work through personal issues than Yellowstone National Park. To schedule an individual retreat, choose any backcountry trip or contact us to develop a custom trip.
Based upon information you provide about your organization, we will develop a custom program designed to help you develop your strategic plan development. To schedule a strategic planning retreat, choose any backcountry trip or contact us to develop a custom trip.
Our team building retreats provide an effective way to strengthen communication, rapport, and teamwork.
To schedule a team building retreat, choose a backcountry trip or contact us to develop a custom trip.
Every company needs time out of the office to revitalize it's people, it's goals and objectives.
Moon River Ranch creates the perfect backdrop for your Corporate retreats, strategic planning seminars and special events.
Moon River Ranch can comfortably accommodate up to 75 people for overnight stays in luxury accommodations and up to 200 people for day activities. Built with sustainability in mind, these eco-getaways can be found within four of the UK national parks, with plans to acquire sites in, or alongside, ten more. The lodges all incorporate sustainably-harvested timber, recycled glass insulation, green roofs, raised platform foundations and organic paints. I wanted to show them there was more to the breathtaking and varied landscapes we have in this amazing country. The inviting spaces are light, open and uncluttered providing the perfect eco-friendly shelter to complement the beauty of the surrounding nature. Enter your name and email address for instant access:Retreats There are currently no Retreats scheduled for 2010.Know someone who would love this article? Participants put aside their digital arm to recharge, gain perspective, and reevaluate their relationship with digital technology. As we develop mindful relationships with our screens, we help ourselves create a sustainable foundation for our careers, personal wellness, relationships and individual happiness.
We will focus on vital breathing, conscious movement, increased balance and the liberation of the spine and mind.
Our instructors teach for all levels and abilities, with the goal to develop the individual and one’s sense of well-being.
We explore how writing or creating can impact your life (and your mind), and simply enjoy the nostalgia of hands-on-crafts as interesting way to bring out the child in you.
There will be no cocktail hour or welcoming reception for anyone to explain what they do, play the “we know the same people” game, or try and figure out how they can connect again after they return to the workplace. With a range of community activities, from yoga to cooking and hiking to group discussion, it is inevitable that we will all make deep connections with one another.
I spend my day and nights caring and working for and with other people, only to realize that I ignored… myself.
The things I feared going in, such as being unaware of the time or being unavailable, became the things I embraced and grew fond of.
Being away from technology was relaxing, but I think the real juice is in rebooting what it means to be human. The people running it have utter integrity and are genuinely called to do it for the right reasons, so you can put yourself in their hands with confidence.
Looked into their eyes and saw them as the unique individuals that they are instead of the utility they could provide to me. Panacea de la Montana offers a yoga holiday with meditation in Costa Rica panoramic of mountains, sand and sea on the Guanacaste Peninsula. The Afro-Caribbean people first settled the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the mid 19th Century and lived in small farming and fishing coastal villages.
Wilderness Pack Trips offers custom retreats integrated with our existing backcountry pack trips. Holding these retreats in the backcountry offers unique advantages to family therapy in an office setting. We will develop a program that utilizes the peace and spirituality of Yellowstone National Park with private counseling to help you make deep and long-lasting change.
In the "human world", opportunities to isolate and focus these leaders can be difficult to find.
Fees for strategic planning retreats depend upon the length of the trip and the facilitation required. Whether you are looking to create a new team, resolve team conflicts, or reward a high performing team, we will develop a custom program to meet your needs. Fees for team building retreats depend upon the length of the trip and the facilitation required. With 15 rooms added to the already beautiful Grand Lodge, Boathouse, and Cottages, Moon River Ranch is able to accommodate the most discriminating guest. At current, green-minded travelers can escape to Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia, Lake District, and North York Moors – all beautiful landscapes and perfect settings for an eco-friendly nature retreat. Mechanical systems boost energy efficiency through energy saving bulbs, super efficient, dual rate gas boilers and solar glazing. But more than anything, I wanted to do it in way that had never been seen in the UK before.

We’ve hosted over 15+ retreats and led over 1,000 participants through our Digital Detox programming. Using the tools of Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyassa Flow Yoga, Pranayama Breathing, and Asana practice, we will tap into our body’s true potential and explore the vibrant healthy energy in our lives.
We will use a mix of both familiar asanas as well as introduce more challenging poses, with variation and specific focus given to each student and their ability. Our Workshops are a fun and exciting way to make something that you can bring home to family and friends; from watercolor to print making, solar carving to sun art, or simple Modge Podge and personal friendship bracelets.
Instead, we create an atmosphere for personal development, creative thinking, liberation from technology, and a space from the working world where we can all once again be… human. However these connections won’t be based on our career choices or media, or on a Facebook post we liked or tweeted, but on a shared experience with incredible impact. Now that I reconnected I realize I am a better manager, friend, lover, daughter and sister. It was a rejuvenating time that has recharged my batteries and reminded me of the truly important things in life…connection and presence. Levi and Brooke are beautiful human beings and this weekend shifted something in all of us.
I discovered that I have a propencty for sitting still and by the end of the weekend I could touch my toes. My stress levels have fallen dramatically in part because at the retreat I was able to remove myself from crisis mode that I was previously operating in.
I wish I could put into words what the experience is truly like but it’s really something to have to try to totally understand.
Gary specializes in working with couples who face financial, sexual, or communication difficulties. When doing an individual retreat, we seek to integrate the enjoyment of a great outdoor adventure with the satisfaction of gaining personal awareness that facilitates growth.
Clients like Coca Cola, Wells Fargo, KPMG, and Interstate Battery all have held events at Moon River Ranch. All electricity needs are met by 100% renewable sources through Good Energy, and landscaping has minimal impact on surrounding ecosystems by use of native species.
The creation of truly luxurious residences that blend in with the immediate environment and local communities to create a harmonious, unique experience.
We give our minds the time to think deeply, our bodies the chance to relax, and our natural surrounding the opportunity to engulf us. Majestic trees, magic waters, starry nights and fellow tech weary travelers arrived as strangers and left as life long friends. Before the detox I had told my friend about the retreat and he said he had gone on a similar retreat years ago.
I’ve realized that if I want to be my best self at work I need to devote energy into finding my center. When on a couples retreat, you will participate in the activities associated with one of our backcountry pack trips.
When on a family retreat, you will participate in the activities associated with one of our backcountry pack trips.
In the "natural world" of the Yellowstone backcountry, interruptions and distractions do not exist. Recycling and composting stations are conveniently located within each residence to encourage earth-friendly behavior from guests. He explained how he considers the time before and the time after two separate chapters in his life. The Digital Detox coincided with a transformational moment in my life and I’m grateful that I was able to participate.
In addition, you will receive therapeutic support during activities and private therapy sessions each day, as needed. We are continually amazed at how well the Yellowstone backcountry facilitates consensus-building, negotiation, and problem solving. I didn’t believe that I would feel that way about the Digital Detox but it turns out he was exactly right.
Our group has continued to encourage one another through the Internet and mini reunions, to create a web of support I’d never anticipated. I encourage any woman who wants to take time for thoughts to marinate, is willing to connect to self and others, and desires wisdom through words, interaction, nature, and music to try one of Christine’s retreats. She shows up, so real and present and creates a sacred space that is somehow safe enough to touch the deepest places in ourselves and connect there with others. Through exercises, talking and quiet, we all discovered hidden things within ourselves and within the circle.
Christine provided beautiful and sacred space that allowed me time to center and recharge, to get out of my intellect and into my heart. I did not leave with complete clarity but I did come away with the ability to trust my heart and soul and move forward again.” First time here?What does success look like in your business?Are You Stealing Content?

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