Booker’s Bourbon Noe Secret is the 6th and final roundtable bourbon in this year’s limited releases. Expressive and full, the aroma alone is intoxicating with heavy notes of caramel corn, dark fruit, wood, vanilla, cinnamon heavy spice, brown sugar, molasses cookies and pie crust. Obviously I haven’t had every batch of Booker’s released between 2008 and now, (I still want to try The Center Cut & 25th), but I’ve had a fair share of batches between friends and bars and until now I haven’t had one that made me sit up and take notice. About Latest Posts ConnectJosh PetersI read about, think about, write about, and drink whisk(e)y. Hahaha I’m sorry, but also not because that means you’re drinking good whiskey! I’m not a fan of Beam products at all, but I did pick up a bottle of the 25th Anniversary a while back. I have the center cut Booker’s but after this review i ran out and got this version as well. It has been a busy day indeed and I have here yet another Summer 2014 set review from the LEGO Movie line, last of the big ones for now!
Join me for an in-depth look at this massive new playset to find out if it’s worth picking up!

Fantastic review dude, like I said on Youtube I think this is your best review yet – really detailed and you look like you really had fun with this. The best review ever Dan, you really had fun, and me too, truly, i stand up, and says, Cowabungaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! In a word of oversaturated pop females, the thirst for a male pop artist is strong by many. If Austin keeps on this stride, then he should have no problem breaking through with his debut album, out later this year. That yeastiness I tend to find in Jim Beam glides through so lightly it could just be my imagination.
The previous release of Booker’s I reviewed was from a bottle I picked up while living in Utah and sat on my shelf as a backup for a couple years before being boxed up and brought to CA with me in 2010. All original material, videos, articles, and photos on the site are owned by and copyright Daniel Eardley. Doesn’t sound like too bad of an afternoon and maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to be invited to one of those roundtables. I’m not saying it’s a 1:1 comparison, but there’s an essence to this that’s familiar and that’s what comes swimming up from the back of my mind.

I opened it up in early 2014 and it’s been my yardstick for comparing other Booker’s releases ever since since. This is a fantastic play set but for the price it should have come with a figure or two included.
Actually, I’m sure if you combined all those songs together, this would be the product of it.
Which, to be honest, none of the Booker’s I’ve had between then and now have matched up… till now. I love barrel proof bourbons as it is and this is exceptional and runs about what other barrel proofs run. All other character likenesses, logos, toy designs and associated art on this and associated sites are property of their respective owners and used for informational and educational purposes only.

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