If The Diary of Anne Frank touched the lives of readers all over the world, this further peek into this young writer’s life, will be certainly make many breathless. Anne was only thirteen years old when her family was hidden from the Nazis in the Secret Annexe of her father’s office building.
Anne dreamed of becoming a famous author, and while her dream was certainly realized, it was so sadly posthumous. It's a wonderful thing, then that this second book - filled with stories, fables, personal reminiscences and an unfinished novel - has been re-issued after being out of print for many years. Tales from the Secret Annexe is a must-read for Anne fans and anyone fascinated by the human condition. Kingsman: The Secret Service took me by surprise from the start because you would expect after seeing so many trailers of the movie that they already showed you all the good parts, but I was wrong. Now as in any organization if one shall fall one will be replaced with an eligible candidate. If I had to choose a favorite in the movie it would have to be Mark Strong who played Merlin. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. With the months and months of teaser images, spin-off announcements, and everything else in between, it seems like Marvel’s Secret Wars has been a thing for so long that I forgot it was actually a comic, and one that just now happens to be coming out. Most of the major players of the Marvel universe are here, including the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, hopefully silencing those rumors that are saying that Marvel is downplaying those characters because of film rights issues with Fox. Amidst all the chaos and reality-ending destruction, Jonathan Hickman provides real human moments for all the characters. Now to address the elephant in the room: How does this compare to DC’s Convergence, their very, very similar event, going on at the same time?
Like The Diary of Anne Frank, this book once again leaves us with an aching question: what kind of woman would Anne Frank have become and what incredible achievements would she have achieved in this world? There was a lot of surprise with a decent amount of action, comedy and sentiment all rolled into one film that should have been a summer blockbuster. He has a plan of controlled genocide to help the earth heal itself, because with less people we might have a chance of changing things around.
I thought it was going to be an all-boys club, but they had two female recruits taking the test and I was pleased with that.
The kicker was that the film status went from third person to first person views which made me believe that the director wanted a gamer feel to it. Merlin is a super version of Q by not supplying the Kingsmen with the latest gear; he also trains them into being better suited for their role.

I’m not going to lie, because of all the hype going into it, I was sick of Secret Wars long before it ever came out. If Secret Wars is as huge and game-changing to the Marvel Universe as Marvel keeps saying that it will be, then Ribic is definitely giving this book the love and attention that it deserves, and it shows. The first issue of that seminal book featured a world already in the process of being destroyed, and we see the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 try to fight a wave of entropy as it engulfs their world, ultimately losing, watching as their reality get destroyed. I’m a DC fanboy, so it kills me to say this, but based on their first issues, Secret Wars slaps Convergence around and leaves it crying for mommy on the playground.
The Kingsman are the world’s leading protection agency gathered by the finest of gentlemen and ladies to take down the world’s deadliest of adversaries. Now the movie starts off with your typical cliche of a young man down on his luck given a chance to be something more. Now the kicker is in the free unlimited cell phone service that he offers the world that has a program that turns on your primal aggressive urges that will force you to hurt anyone near you cause a self-humanity destruct sequence. I definitely felt as if I was playing some high speed fps shooter with a mirrors edge style. Colin Forth as Galahad puts a nice spark into being a mentor to Eggsy and definitely sold the mentor roll, but I felt his character building would have been better. The minimum cliches of monologues and the hero escaping after getting caught went out the window of a traditional spy movie. Well, this proves that I’m a very silly person, because Secret Wars #1 just knocked it out of the park. It also has a great moment that showcases how awesome and powerful the Invisible Woman is, on top of everything else.
The entire first issue of Secret Wars is very much like that classic first issue of Crisis (even the Alex Ross cover is very similar to George Perez’s cover for that book) as the heroes of both the classic Earth-616 Marvel universe and the Ultimate universe try their hardest to keep their worlds from colliding and ultimately destroying each other. While the first issue of Convergence had decent art, the writing was sloppy and filled with clunky  exposition.
Her musing and revelations, are of course, now famous, as is the tragedy of her death in a German concentration camp.
Your majesties secret service you will have been a long generation of aristocrats that decided to use their riches for something good. In that he is granted the opportunity of a lifetime to do what others only could imagine, but there will be some opposition to pass that test to be a gentlemen knight. The kicker is that with this program grants everyone the ability to know martial arts and what seems to be super strength. Our hero Eggsy actually is well versed in many skills, but the key factor that will get him through any of these trials is his street smarts and honor.

Since the studio associated is MARV who did the Kick-ass movies, I was not surprised by the cinematic style of the scenes. Sam Jackson as Valentine was a delight and this man shows his talent by playing this eccentric role very well. Some are already saying that a sequel is not needed, but I say differently it makes for a good date movie or just one for your inner spy enthusiast, but in the end it was a great time to be had.
Just because you were born with a silver spoon up your a** does not mean you can’t be a decent person. Now the cliche takes a great turn into a surprise by introducing Valentine played by Samuel L. The trials were more of a test of your valor where betrayal is a big factor in any squad, because how can you trust someone that might drop information on you to save their own life? Strange, and Molecule Man are bearing witness to the end, and Doom even seems to have a religious moment during all of it. Sure, these characters will all be back, but Hickman and Ribic truly produced this issue as if it were the last stand of the Marvel heroes, and they all were going out doing what they do best: fighting the good fight and trying to save innocent lives. It takes more than high class to have the stomach to be a Kingsmen and right now there is a new generation of villain that needs a new generation of knights.
Honestly the theory is sound, but they are forgetting the factor of who will help rebuild afterwards if you got a bunch of celebrities and politicians safe. Eggsy was a bigger surprise because he didn’t whine or cry about the training, he understood and went with it. The only thing that could of made it better was an appearance by hit-girl just making a cameo during the chaos *Laughs*. Please go check out Kingsman: The Secret Service which is out now in Theaters and please leave a comment below letting us know what was your favorite part or who was your favorite character in the movie. The opening issue is really a chronicle of the final moments of these worlds, as the two Earths came crashing into each other. It gets better being a villain that can’t kill or stomach violence, I mean he throws up in the sight of blood or feels bad when someone is killed by his hand. Sophia Boutella’s performance as Gazelle who was the right hand to Valentine made a great villain that you were rooting for. While the question remains if the rest of the series can live up to the first installment, based on this issue they’re off to a great start.

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