A couple united by a love of the koru, Sousou and Maher Cissoko, from Sweden and Senegal, brought a welcome new injection of African music to Indonesia. Traveling for the first time to Bali, with their 6 week old baby, they invited Senegalese musician Vieux Aliou, from the local band Afronesia to join them on the drums.
Sousou and Maher balance perfectly together, the masculine and feminine, internal and external. As each night of music keeps raising the bar, Sousou and Meher had had the staged warmed up for them by the ever impressive student band, Nasi Campur, and the Cudamani Kecak experience.

Chilean Patricio Labarca, from the newly reformed Garden Underground, joined them on bass guitar, while his daughter Antara and friend Avani, wooed the crowd as they danced beside him. Singing songs of rebellion, peace, hope and heroines, their music is uplifting, rhythmic and otherworldly. Not that Cudamani kept to the stage – they split into four groups and gathered into a circle from four directions. Kecak is inexplicable and fascinating – the movements, sounds, clicks, claps and rhythms.

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