Hope Davis and Campbell Scott play married dentists in this insightful dramatic comedy from director Alan Rudolph (AFTERGLOW, DOROTHY PARKER AND THE VICIOUS CIRCLE).
Based on the novel THE AGE OF GRIEF by Jane Smiley, the story begins with husband David's suspicion that his wife (and mother of their three adorable daughters) is having an affair. East Germany is planning a cultural festival, and invites rock-and-roll singer Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) (but only after Leonard Bernstein can't make it).
The details of their family life and David's mounting suspicion are brilliantly evoked via overlapping dialogue, great editing, and masterful camerawork. After her dad’s death, Beth Easton and her mother, Kate, move to the house left to the family by a deceased aunt. The festival, however is a mere distraction so that the Germans can launch a secret attack on a submarine fleet without being detected. David's jealous mind soars onto some hilarious flights of fancy and eventually caustic comedian Denis Leary turns up as his cigar-smoking alter-ego, expressing all the independent and antisocial traits David has tried so long to repress for the sake of his family.
Nick soon finds himself involved with the French resistance, encountering slapstick gags and film parodies every time he turns around.

All of this culminates in a hilarious yet harrowing week when the family is hit by a flu virus. SECRET LIVES' performances are very strong, with Scott proving himself an actor of great restraint and subtlety. Slowly, however, she makes friends, despite the lack of a nearby mall or anything else to do.
The young actresses who play the daughters are uniformly talented, as is Robin Tunney (THE CRAFT) as a dental assistant. The lion's share of credit is due to director Rudolph, who is in top form with this film, displaying his mastery of the ensemble cast, camera, and audio tricks; Rudolph and his mentor, Robert Altman, are of the few directors capable of working with such perceptive, funny, and warmly human results.
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I wasalso trying to do something else at the time, but it was so good that Icould only continue what I was doing during commercialbreaks.The next day, I just had to go out and find it on video to add it to my ownvideo library and then I watched it again later that night and one moretimethe next night.
This is real good movie to watch over and over again,though, seeing it the 1st time is the best.To sum all this up in a few words, this movie has surely become one of myfavorites and will most probably be a heavily played video, too! I think that if you are looking for a movie to sit down and watchand not want it to be over then you have found the right movie GoldDiggers can make you laugh, cry, and wonder what’s going to happen nextall at the same time! This is a wonderful movie, I enjoyed it a lot.Christina Ricci and Anna Chlumsky were great.

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