It’s 11pm, Saturday night and I’m sitting up waiting to go pick up my soon-to-be sixteen year-old son at a party. It seems silly and obvious, but yesterday, it struck me that the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is all about love.
I grew up with the notion that the father is the head of the family and the mother is the heart. Although now that I am father I see that what makes me a good dad is not much my head, but more my heart. And I’m not entirely sure where I am going with this, except that I like the idea that Jesus is not only head or only heart. In listening to a program dedicated to fathers yesterday on Focus on the Family, I was amazed to hear that most people, when speaking about their dads, no matter how old they are now, tend to get emotional. Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation would like to send you emails about our programs, publications, special offers, and Foundation updates.

His mother had to work today and is working late, so I took his thirteen year-old brother for dinner, a movie and then ice cream.
I did not grow up with a big devotion to the Sacred Heart, although I was familiar with the image of Jesus looking straight at you, pointing at his heart, which can be visible on the outside of his body. And I want my sons to grow up to be men (and husbands and dads, if that is what they are being called to) who have heart.
Keith Langstaff told me that in the times of Jesus, the ideas of “head” and “heart” were completely the opposite of what we have today.
And maybe it’s no coincidence that this great feast is now celebrated so close to Father’s Day.
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I like the idea that if Jesus has a Sacred Heart, that means that God, the Father, also has a Sacred Heart.
That’s after a full day at a soccer tournament, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, paying bills and grocery shopping. With a love that pours itself out completely, totally and eternally, unselfishly, unconditionally and without restraint. The Jewish notion 2000 years ago, was that one thought with the heart and one felt with the head.

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