Apparently I have a dry sense of humour, whatever that means, I wouldn't want a wet one.
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The emphasis is more on getting to know and love ourselves and each other as unique celebrations of life, rather than on dating. If you don't post pictures on the web, would you be willing to send one to other members on request?

Our members are "up for" and "down with" almost anything that's fun and easy to access, at places that welcome 2 or 200. You can pay through the site or via check (Note: If sending a check, email Sybil, the Organizer, for specific directions). Dues help to cover our organization's dues to the national Meetup-dot-com organization, maintain our PO box, and contribute a bit to a general event fund.
We generally DON'T CHARGE for our events, unless there's a special requirement from the venue.

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