Nine years after his death and burial in France, the remains of poet-laureate William Butler Yeats are transported home to Ireland for a state funeral and burial. THE KID WHO WOULD BE POPE is an original musical comedy about a ten year old boy who falls in love with his drama teacher, a young Catholic nun. SEA CHANGE is a contemporary musical drama about a young fisherman attempting to provide for his family as the fishing industry collapses and the old relationship to the sea is transformed. SURVIVING OPHELIA is a musical comedy about a teenage girl group named “Ophelia”, and their quest to find their true voice in spite of the crushing conformity and exploitation of the record industry.
In A TOWN CALLED CIVILITY a  high school girl writes an original story which she then has to defend against censorship. Throughout Eartha€™s history sea level has constantly changed and, indeed, it is these very changes that generate most of the geological record! Geology has left us many clues to how the environment has changed over time and whether the sea was higher or lower than it is today. Sea level, or a€?mean sea levela€™ as it is sometimes known, is the average height of the oceana€™s surface between high and low tide. Scientists refer to it as the equipotential surface of the worlda€™s oceans, which means that its level is affected by the strength of gravity (or, more technically, a€?gravitational accelerationa€™) around the Earth. Variations in the gravitational acceleration are themselves caused by variations in the internal density of the Earth.
Changes in tides and wave conditions over time are averaged out to determine a a€?still water levela€™ that can be used to identify whether the sea level has changed and also the height of the land above sea level. In the UK, height above sea level is measured from the a€?Ordnance Datuma€™, which is the mean sea level at the tide gauge bolt Newlyn Pier, Cornwall.
Because the surface of the land also moves up and down over long periods of time, sea level changes may be described as a€?relativea€™ or a€?absolutea€™. Relative changes may be observed even though the absolute height of the oceans remains the same. It is important to realise that when earth scientists talk about a rise in mean global sea level (what we call a€?eustatica€™ sea level), local changes may be quite different.
During the last ice age, lots of sea water was stored in ice sheets and glaciers and sea level was, on average, more than 130 metres lower than it is today.
But these sea level changes, related to the growth and melting of ice sheets, happen relatively quickly, taking tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years. We would have very little if any of our sedimentary rocks were it not for the fact that sea levels rise and fall!
Sea level rises may be caused by ice on land melting and running into the sea, adding to the total amount of water in the sea.
Note that there is no direct effect on sea level when sea-based ice melts, because sea-ice is already part of the ocean system.
There is, however, a significant indirect effect of Arctic ice melting, which is that the albedo changes.
Albedo is the ability of a surface to reflect sunlight, and ice and snow are very good at reflecting the warming rays of the sun. As the Arctic ice melts, polar regions will warm even more quickly because the Arctic ocean will now absorb the incoming energy. A eustatic sea level change occurs when there is a global change in the amount of water stored in the oceans, or a change in the geometry of the ocean basins which alters the volume of water they can hold. When the sea level changes in response to the amount of water stored in ice caps this is called glacial-eustasy. If the two main ice caps a€” Greenland and Antarctica a€” melted, then it is calculated that the oceans would rise by 66 metres. A change in the temperature of sea water also contributes to a change in sea level because sea water expands at higher temperatures. As the atmosphere becomes warmer, the oceans will absorb some of the heat and increase in volume, which in turn leads to higher sea levels. The most famous of these is the collision of the Indian and Eurasian plates that formed the Himalaya Mountains.
One relevant consequence of the collision is that a lot of continental crust was inserted under Tibet, leaving a larger ocean basin and therefore lower global sea-levels.

During cold periods some of the oceana€™s water is evaporated and stored in ice caps or mountain glaciers, meaning a lower sea level.
During warmer periods sea levels rise as the ice melts and once again is added to the volume of the oceans. Over the past 100 years the Eartha€™s climate has warmed a little less than 1A°C, and as temperatures rise thermal expansion of water will add to sea level rise.
The Global Status Report: A synthesis of current scientific understanding of anthropogenic climate change impacts on global bird species now, and projected future effects. Surrounded by a relentless sea, Fair Isle is an island of strong traditions and fierce beauty.
In 2014, Sea Change artists Andy Crabb, Deirdre Nelson and Jennifer Wilcox, with filmmaker Peter Cutts, returned to Fair Isle with Inge Thomson and her band to record the premiere of Inge’s song cycle, Da Fishing Hands. Congratulations to Julie Fowlis and her band, who have won best group of the year at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2014. Due to a rather atmospheric blanket of fog I arrived into Fair Isle two days and 1 hour late. Grounded is an exhibition of photographic prints, audiovisual, sound and prose, resulting from residencies with Gaelic speaking communities of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and with Wangkangurru, Arrarnta and Arrernte people of the Central Australian Desert. In August 2013, Sea Change set sail with two crews of artists and scientists from Orkney to Shetland via Fair Isle.
Things Unspoken Things Unseen by Anne Bevan and Andrea Roe 2 volume artist book Things Unspoken Things Unseen, by Anne Bevan and Andrea Roe, was launched with Cape Farewell’s 2013 Swan expedition at the Pier Arts Centre in August 2013.
Hanna Tuulikki’s body of work exploring the mimesis of bird sounds in Gaelic song was described as ‘heartbreakingly gorgeous’ on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Culture Show in January 2014. Loggerhead turtles are already fighting an uphill battle since roughly one in 2,500 to 7,000 sea turtles make it to adulthood.
Marine turtles deposit their eggs in underground nests where they develop unattended and without parental care. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University have just published the results of a four-year study in the journal Endangered Species Research, on the effects of turtle nest temperatures and sand temperatures and on hatchling sex.
The majority of hatchlings in the sampling were female, suggesting that across the four seasons most nest temperatures were not sufficiently cool to produce males.
Wyneken and her team documented rainfall and sand temperature relationships as well as rainfall, nest temperatures and hatchling sex ratios at a loggerhead turtle nesting beach in Boca Raton, located in southeast Florida.
The nesting beaches along Florida's coast are important, because they produce the majority of the loggerhead hatchlings entering the northwestern Atlantic Ocean. Nest temperature profiles were synchronized with rainfall data from weather services to identify relationships with hatchling sex ratios. A UWA scientist says cooler winters at Cape Domett, in the mouth of the Kimberley's Cambridge Gulf, may be good long-term news for flatback turtles (Natator depressus). Adult sea turtles find their way back to the beaches where they hatched by seeking out unique magnetic signatures along the coast, according to new evidence from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On a small stretch of beach at Ostional in Costa Rica, hundreds of thousands of sea turtles nest simultaneously in events known as arribadas.
Scientists unveiled Monday the gene in carrots that gives rise to carotenoids, a critical source of Vitamin A and the pigment that turns some fruits and vegetables bright orange or red. A diagnostic test used by hospitals says a recently isolated strain of bacteria is susceptible to the last resort antibiotic colistin. A new study from Michigan State University makes inroads in learning to "read" the genome, a key goal of modern biology. A potential drug therapy developed at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research (CVR) has proven effective against tough bacterial biofilms and a deadly respiratory virus simultaneously. Perhaps the point of the research should be to ask the question of how the turtles survived through former changes in climate over those 60 million years.
The usual easily debunked denier argument: climate has changed in the past, so nothing could possibly go wrong.
Image Above: Animation of ground-based lasers and the Global Positioning Satellite fleet measuring the shape of the Earth, including global sea level. Image Above: Visualization of Greenland's fastest glacier, Jakobshavn Isbrae, revealing the retreat of the glacier's calving front over the past six decades.

Image Above: Time-lapse visualization showing the collapse of Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf in 2002.
Image Above: Theoretical image showing areas in the state of Florida that would be affected by a one meter rise in sea level. Desiring to win her love and change all the rules of the church so that nuns can marry, Billy McPherson embarks on an epic quest. In the process, she learns a lesson about the true nature of citizenship and the courage it takes to stand up for one’s convictions. Urban Improv is a terrific program which does violence prevention theater work with kids at risk. And these gradual changes have generated the enormously thick sequences of sedimentary rocks that record the long history of geological time.
Sea levels are rising today not only because significant parts of the land-based ice is melting, but also because ocean waters are warming and therefore expanding. Ice floats because it is less dense than water and because it displaces an equivalent mass of water there is no increase in sea level as it melts a€“ in just the same way a cold drink does not overflow the glass as the ice cubes it contains melt. This is known as an isostatic sea level change and it causes a relative sea level change as it is the land rising, not the amount of water increasing. Celebrating this, and running in support of the island’s bid for marine protected status, two artists are knitting together waves of sound and yarn, stories and starfish.
Sailing on 113-year-old community owned Shetland Fyfie The Swan, the journey took us around Scotland’s most northerly coasts and islands.
Incubation temperature varies with environmental conditions, including rainfall, sun, shade and sand type, and affects developmental rates, hatch and emergence success, and embryonic sex. The typical loggerhead produces about 105 eggs per nesting season and would have to nest for more than 10 nesting seasons over the span of 20 to 30 years just to replace herself and possibly one mate. Rainfall data collected concurrently with sand temperatures at different depths showed that light rainfall affected only the surface sand; effects of the heaviest rainfall events tended to lower sand temperatures, however, the temperature fluctuations were very small once the moisture reached upper nest depths. The sex of each turtle was verified laparoscopically to provide empirical measures of sex ratios for the nest and the nesting beach.
But it was not known where they were first domesticated or which genetic structure was selected in the process. Abdalati will introduce the topic of sea level change, the techniques and technology used to study it, and the implications of such change. Nerem will summarize what is known about sea level based on satellite and ground-based observations, and introduce the factors that contribute to fluctuations in sea level. Miller will discuss the implications of global sea level change and new research capabilities that are being directed at understanding these implications.
Alley will discuss the implications of large-scale sea level change on coastal regions and related environments.
When ice on land, such as mountain glaciers or the ice sheets of Greenland or Antarctica, melts, that water contributes to sea level rise. The flat-topped, slightly dipping spit of land coming into the right-hand side of the picture in the middle distance is a remnant of raised beach. Q-Poetics is a Culture 2014 project placing poets and poetry in places and spaces of of waiting. Although the loggerhead turtle has been around for more than 60 million years, drought, heavy rainfalls and climatic changes are impacting hatchling sex ratios and influencing future reproduction.
And, if enough males aren't produced because of climate changes, then this will result in a dire problem for this species.
The researchers used temperature dataloggers in the sand at three locations and buried them at three different depths to create temperature profiles of the sand column above the level that would directly influence eggs. Because sea turtles don't have an X or Y chromosome, their sex is defined during development by the incubation environment.

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