SeaWorld Orlando now has all-new ways for fans to dive deeper into the world of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, the park’s new attraction opening spring 2013. The website also provides a way to stay tuned to the series of webisodes that will continually take fans behind-the-scenes with the designers and animal experts as they create Orlando’s coolest, must-see 2013 experience, even revealing icy secrets along the way. SeaWorld’s epic new attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, transports you into the icy world of the penguin like never before. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort – is set for a public grand opening on June 18. For those who are able to attend, it sounds like an amazing opportunity while the rest of us will be waiting anxiously at home to view it on our own TV’s.
That’s the call, click, and whistle of orcas celebrating the end of SeaWorld’s controversial orca-breeding program. While the Disneyfied operation looks friendly and enticing to the uneducated tourist, a magical place where kids can pet and feed bottlenose dolphins, Blackfish exposed its dark underbelly. Instead of creating a network of coastal sanctuaries where marine animals can live and swim freely, SeaWorld houses them in cramped tanks the size of a bathtub. It seems every few weeks the marine amusement park is in the news for yet another violation of animal rights, or a new controversy. The first webisode provides the first sneak peek into the Making of Antarctica and reveals a never-before-seen trailer.
Experience the mysterious land through the penguins’ eyes on a first-of-its-kind family ride, connect with a colony above and below the water and be inspired to make a difference.

CDC Travel Health AlertsAlert - 2016 Summer Olympics (Rio 2016) May 5, 2016The 2016 Summer Olympics will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to August 21, 2016.
The documentary itself will be a bonus feature on the upcoming Blu-ray and Digital HD release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and promises to be an inside look at the making of the latest entry of the iconic franchise.
A singer and performer himself, McCabe knows the ins-and-outs of a good story and has been a professional journalist and digital artist for the better part of ten years. In the 1946 essay “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell discussed how governments enlisted and debased language to dress lies up as truth. The unnatural living conditions have caused orcas to exhibit a wide range of abnormal behaviors, from chewing on metal grates until their teeth are worn down to floating listlessly for hours at a time. Unfortunately, there is a lot of basis to these claims, and SeaWorld criticism is often justified. The new site includes ways to watch feathery friends live on a Penguin Cam, learn about what makes Antarctica a land of extremes or sign up to receive exclusive email updates. SeaWorld had been dressing lies up as truth and deliberately misinforming the public for decades. SeaWorld’s tanks and pools prohibit orcas from swimming, communicating, and interacting with other orcas.
On March 17, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the change would go into effect immediately at theme parks around the country.
The frustration and stress of living in captivity has led to over 600 pages of incident reports documenting dangerous orca behavior at SeaWorld.

Local mosquito transmission means that mosquitoes in the area are infected with Zika virus and are spreading it to people.Alert - Zika Virus in Papua New Guinea April 29, 2016Local transmission of Zika virus infection (Zika) has been reported.
For trainers and performers, it’s a place where a 12,500-pound whale might scalp, dismember and drown you because of its frustration with confinement. Local transmission means that mosquitoes in the area have been infected with Zika virus, spreading it to people.Alert - Zika Virus in Fiji April 28, 2016Local mosquito transmission of Zika virus infection (Zika) has been reported from Fiji. Of course, that’s a public relations way of saying that government scrutiny of captive breeding and the public outcry sparked by the 2013 documentary, Blackfish, forced SeaWorld to make a change.
Local mosquito transmission means that mosquitoes in the area are infected with Zika virus and are spreading it to people.Alert - Zika Virus in Puerto Rico April 28, 2016Local transmission of Zika virus infection (Zika) has been reported.
Society’s understanding of orcas evolved because Blackfish exposed SeaWorld’s cover-ups and lies.
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