Matthew O'Brien at The Atlantic has a good article about an alternative measure of our economy: Gross Domestic Income (GDI). Anyway, lately the numbers have been diverging, as the chart that O'Brien put together shows. One reason why this might be a big deal is that it can help explain the seeming divergence between GDP and the fall in the unemployment rate.
The secret to creating passive income is to have a system that is predisposed to wealth and success. A job or a self-employed situation is not going to create passive income or real wealth for you.
That’s how we’re having $600 – $3,000 days in empower network, by leveraging the efforts of others using a system that works for you. Ready to experience the freedom of $600.00 days produced from an auto-pilot business building machine? More articles on Invest Made Easy >> Malaysia Unit Trust vs ETF, which one is Better Performing? The only way to achieve passive income and wealth is by utilizing leverage, either in the form of people and systems or leveraging money through investments.

The same way that the unemployment report uses two measures -- one for the official rate and another for the estimated jobs added -- economic growth relies on both gross domestic product and gross domestic income. At the same time, I hope that the articles written here would also benefit many others who share the same vision as me.
Whereas GDP measures the sum of money spent in the economy, GDI measures the total income received in the economy. We achieve this without ever taking from someone but rather giving  value and allowing the system to do the work for us.
Since people get money from selling things, there shouldn't be any difference between GDP and GDI. Take a look at this comparison between EPF return vs KLCI return between 1986 to 2008:Data from i3investorAs you can see, regardless of the ups and downs of the KLCI, EPF has consistently generate positive returns.
The second largest allocation is invested into Equity asset class at 36%.10% is allocated to "Inflation asset" where in actual fact it is made of 6% in real estates and 4% in infrastructure and natural resources.
The strengthening of the US dollar against major currencies had enhanced returns from our global investments and further demonstrates the benefits of our diversification strategy in the light of weak domestic equity markets."It is clear that EPF is struggling to obtain decent returns from the domestic stock market. The increase was mainly due to the higher income recognised in EPF's global portfolios, capitalising on a price rally in both emerging and developed markets during the quarter."As investor, what should you do?Now that we know that the reason behind EPF outstanding dividend declaration is due to aggressive expansion in foreign investment, shouldn't we consider diversifying our investment into foreign market as well?

If you're interested to explore further into foreign stock trading account, you can try searching the internet for more information.On the other hand, you can also consider investing through unit trust funds that specializes into overseas investment.
To get an idea on how unit trust funds are performing in markets such as China and Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, you can check out my Top 10 Best Performing Unit Trust Funds Review.
Speaking of investing overseas via unit trust fund, there is an ongoing campaign by Eunittrust that offers investors an opportunity to invest into selected overseas funds for as low 0% sales charge .
You can check out further information about the campaign HEREI hope this post has helped you get a better understanding of EPF's investment approach and how this organization has continue to perform beyond expectation. This post also serves as a wake up call for us investors to not just invest into local equities.

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