As the title suggests the game has a secret agent storyline where Clank works for a government secret agent group known as the Agency.
It is ambiguously canon and is set at some point after Deadlocked, thus happening either in the year 5357 or 5358. Secret Agent Clank sticks with the series gameplay types of action, shooting and platforming genres, while also featuring a new stealth and melee element to fit Clank's secret agent status and abilities. This game focuses for the first time in the series on the adventures of the beloved robot sidekick, Clank, and his secret alter-ego, Secret Agent Clank, as the main playable character. As Clank went to the Boltaire Museum to halt the theft of a priceless jewel known as the Eye of Infinity, he saw, to his shock, Ratchet (in his Mastermind persona) fleeing the scene of the crime. Halfway through their battle, Klunk activated the laser, knowing that only he knew the password. The events of this ambiguously canon spin-off game happen after Ratchet: Deadlocked, as demonstrated by Reapers appearing in prison.
If the events of this game happened then they needed to also happen before the Future series, as those games take place in a different galaxy from Solana, follow on directly from each other, and reference Klunk as being thought to be deceased. The issues with acknowledging this game as canon are that The Plumber acts extremely out of character compared to his other appearances, that Qwark is a capable swimmer - when later games state he cannot swim, and several other inconsistencies. In Secret Agent Clank's Treehouse there is a code that unlocks the Convict skin for Ratchet in Tools of Destruction. Cassiopeia, along with Carina and Libra, were first introduced after Lord Vorselon failed to destroy Ratchet and General Azimuth. After her death, Nefarious betrayed the Valkyries, having no longer a reason to help them without his lady friend. Like the other two Valkyrie leaders Cassiopeia was much larger than the other Valkyries, this caused her to appear obese which she was.
Like the rest of the Valkyries Cassiopeia was a skilled pilot, presumably the best as she was the leader of her race. This trivia section (or part of it) needs improving and should ideally be integrated into a behind the scenes section and main article with the trivia section eventually removed or reduced. At one point, she referenced Nefarious' past relationship with Courtney Gears, but saw her as more of a subordinate. It is likely that Cassiopeia is named after the constellation of the same name (akin to the naming of Libra and Carina).

When Ratchet and Clank arrived at their workstation, they sold them The Thief's coordinates to the duo for 6,000 bolts. An example is that the game features sections where the player must press a sequence of buttons correctly to sneak through an area, or defeat an enemy.
Qwark's gameplay sections are based on his glorified and false accounts of his own exploits and are more action based with small tasks to complete. The premise behind Secret Agent Clank surrounds Ratchet as he's framed for a crime that he didn't commit.
When Clank finally confronted Klunk, the evil mastermind revealed his plan: he had stolen the Eye of Infinity to use as a refractor for a massive laser system perfectly poised to destroy every planet in the galaxy within a single shot. Clank knocked out Klunk and managed to deactivate the firing sequence while Qwark accidentally beamed himself aboard the satellite, retrieved the Eye of Infinity, and dismantled the device. The stories' events act as a sequel to what happened in Size Matters (which seemingly happened in between Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked). Nefarious in his plan to use the Great Clock to recreate history in a bargain to let them restore their colony.
Nefarious said he would help them and the other remaining Valkyries bring back the rest of their colony, which was destroyed by the Erebus supernova, using the power of the Great Clock if they helped him in return. Nefarious' plan going accordingly, Cassiopeia kidnapped Clank and locked him away on planet Vapedia.
She was very skilled at piloting her Valkyrie War Ship, though she was never shown using it in combat. See the talk page for further information and to discuss the exact implications of these improvements.Once the trivia has been removed or appropriate improvements have been made in accordance with discussion please remove this template. The Thief picked up an order of various dangerous chemicals and the robots somehow found out where he was headed.
Ratchet's segments in prison force him to fight with enemies from previous games in arena combat similar to that seen in previous games in competitions such as the Megacorp Games, Imperial Fight Festival, Annihilation Nation and Dreadzone. While retinal scanned proved that the thief was indeed Ratchet, Clank was convinced of his friend's innocence.
Klunk, acting through Ratchet (via a mind-control helmet), would threaten to use the laser for a planet to rule. She was the supreme leader of the Valkyries, outranking the other two, and was the closest to Dr.

The Valkyries agreed and Nefarious sent Carina and Libra to destroy Ratchet and Azimuth whilst Cassiopeia began a relationship with him.
Lawrence was also unaware of what happened on Vapedia, assuming she had left Nefarious after considering the implications of marrying him.
She also had great skill in utilizing a flying combat platform equipped with a chaingun, however she proved not to be a match for Ratchet and was defeated.
It was re-released on the PlayStation 2 on May 26th, 2009 as a port created by Sanzaru Games.
Like the original 007, Clank has an array of helpful gadgets, such as a bow tie that he can use as a boomerang (the Tie-A-Rang), and a Blowtorch Briefcase.
To save his friend, Clank dons his Secret Agent Clank persona and investigates who's behind the accusations. While Ratchet was sent to prison, Clank investigated the theft further, traveling to various locales until he came across an enigmatic figure known only as "The Kingpin". Just in time, Klunk, posing as Clank, would stop Mastermind Ratchet from destroying the galaxy, placing the hero in jail forever while Klunk, as Clank, would be idolized by the populace.
Nefarious and Cassiopeia were seen together in the Nefarious Space Station, with Nefarious telling her of what happened when he kidnapped Clank and when Ratchet's actions in the past caused a scar to appear on Nefarious' eye.
Clank has at a previous point in the series been on a Holo-Vision show where he played the main character, Secret Agent Clank, which the game is based on.
While going through an abandoned space facility, The Kingpin revealed himself to be none other than Klunk, Clank's evil doppelganger, first introduced in Up Your Arsenal.
As the two clashed in confrontation, Cassiopeia taunted the Lombax, claiming Clank was planning to leave him forever.
He'll also receive, find and buy new weapons, such as the Tie-A-Rang and Cufflink Bomb.[5] While Clank investigates, Ratchet fights previous henchmen he defeated and Captain Qwark travels across the galaxy while having a reporter bot write his autobiography. The malfunctioning craft, along with her, smashed through the container Clank was locked in, sending both falling. Ratchet immediately then used his Hoverboots to save Clank, leaving Cassiopeia falling to her death in the abyss of Vapedia.

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