Secrets & Lies revolves around the mysterious death of a young boy, whose body is found early one morning by a close neighbor, Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe), out for a jog. Like Broadchurch and its ilk, Secrets & Lies uses a murder to begin a slow deconstruction of the lives of everyone connected to the victim. One of the things that made Broadchurch so compelling was the strength of its acting, which really spoke to the horror and emotional depths of what happens when a child is murdered. Those looking for a closed-ended crime series that, despite its other flaws, might cause one to get swept up by its mystery, will find something of value in Secrets & Lies (particularly as Ben takes it upon himself to do some investigating). ABC has released the first trailer for their forthcoming midseason drama "Secrets & Lies," in which the "Damages" thesp stars as Ben Garner, a family man who becomes the prime suspect in the death of a five-year-old boy. Judging from the promo for the drama (based on the Australian series of the same name), it appears that we, as the audience, are supposed to harbor some doubt as to the guilt or innocence of Phillippe's character - an interesting way to go, even if the network's official synopsis for the series states that Phillippe's character begins searching for the "real killer" in order to clear his name (indicating that he is indeed being wrongfully targeted). A former contributor to sites including MTV's The Backlot and Bloody-Disgusting, Chris Eggertsen worked in film development before indulging his love of pop culture writing full time. Aby aktywowac swoje poprzednie konto, prosimy o skorzystanie z formularza "Zapomnialem hasla" powyzej, podanie w nim adresu e-mail, ktory byl przypisany do konta na i postepowanie zgodnie z dalszymi instrukcjami. Fran vanster: Belle Shouse, Indiana Evans, KaDee Strickland, Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis, Natalie Martinez och Dan Fogler.
Jag stor mig ocksa pa att Ben oser pa i ett enastaende tempo med tanke pa att han ar misstankt for mord.
Retrouvez dans ce post, regulierement mis a jour, toutes les affiches de la serie Secrets and Lies, classees par saison.
NBC ha ordinato per la stagione 2014-15, tre comedy, Bad Judge, One Big Happy (sei episodi per la midseason) e Mission Control (sei episodi). An actress with a face that, like it or not, burns itself into your memory, not to be forgotten once initially exposed, feisty young actress Juliette Lewis once commented that her ability to look alternately attractive and repellant was a key element to her success, claiming that many attractive actresses simply can't be ugly if needed. At the age of 14, dropped out of high school and legally emancipated herself from her parents in order to further her showbiz career. But Ben’s attempts to resuscitate the child and alert the police end up making him less of a Good Samaritan, and more of a prime suspect. Shaky marriages, fights, affairs, and everything else all start to be revealed through the investigation, led here by a single-minded Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis), whose steely gaze and silent observations the camera follows a little too closely (and obviously). Secrets & Lies, though, chooses to focus more on the twists and turns rather than any real emotion. One question mark (at least for me personally) is that despite the series’ location of Charlotte, North Carolina, not a single person has even a lilt of a Southern accent.
He also makes it easy for viewers to presume his innocence, while also feeling his despair over some of the facts of the story that are quickly spiraling out of his control. Cornell’s dogged pursuit of Ben as the killer borders on harassment, though her stalking him plays out more as camp than anything.

Leading the charge is hardened detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis), who appears to be more than convinced of the man's guilt. He specializes in horror, the intersection of social issues and entertainment and Howard Stern. Glowny bohater to Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe), czlowiek, ktory zostaje glownym podejrzanym, po tym jak znajduje w lesie cialo syna swojego sasiada. Han ar gift med Christy (KaDee Strickland) och de har tva dottrar, Natalie (Indiana Evans) och Abby (Belle Shouse). De scener dar Ryan Phillippe lyckas visa upp den forvirring, ilska och sorg som hans rollfigur anda maste kanna blir mindre varda med tanke pa Bens i ovrigt lugna yttre. Jag planerar att se de tva sista avsnitten for att se om jag har ratt, men kommer med stor sannolikhet att skippa resten.
Det enda som ar klart i skrivande stund ar att Juliette Lewis finns med och att hennes rollfigur Andrea Cornell utreder ett nytt mord. Ugly she was as a viscously sadistic serial killer in Oliver Stone's notorious Natural Born Killers, in sharp contrast with her role as the virtually seductive cyberpunk-siren in the futuristic Strange Days.
On the other hand, being sheltered from a parade of bad attempts at a North Carolina drawl might be seen as a blessing. It all feels like a witch hunt, but there’s still a tinge of doubt to what Ben says happened the night of the murder.
Juliette Lewis wciela sie w detektyw Cornell, ktora obsesyjnie stara sie udowodnic wine Bena.
I rollistan hittar vi bland andra Ryan Phillippe, Kadee Strickland, Juliette Lewis, Dan Fogler, Natalie Martinez, Indiana Evans och Belle Shouse.
I premiaravsnittet ar Ben ute och joggar tidigt pa morgonen efter en lang kvall och natt pa krogen.
Allt detta for att vi ska tro att Ben ar mordaren, trots att han skriker ut att han ar oskyldig vid flera tillfallen. Det talar for att mordaren avslojas i den forsta sasongen, vilket ar en nodvandighet nufortiden da min och aven andra tv-tittares lojalitet inte ar lika stark som for exempelvis fyra, fem ar sedan. Tutto cambia quando Rebecca mette in prigione una coppia e suo malgrado deve prendersi cura di loro figlio, un bambino di otto anni.Mission Control, comedy prodotta da David Hornsby, Adam McKay, Will Ferrell e Owen Burke, interretata da Kristen Ritter, Tommy Dewey, Malcolm Barrett, Jonathan Slavin e Julie Mayer, A? incentrata sulla Dr. Born June 21, 1973, in Los Angeles, CA, Lewis had a distinct wild streak from her earliest days. Men som titeln antyder sa ar allt inte sa enkelt och hemligheter lurar bakom nastintill varje dorr.
Och just det, Ben och Christy hade ett massivt gral strax innan det att han hittade ett barns doda kropp.
Och eftersom serien handlar om hemligheter och logner, dumpar serien en stor sadan i vara knan: Ben ar pappa till Tom.

Om en serie inte forvaltar fortroendet, det vill saga din och min dyrbara tid, tvekar i alla fall inte jag en sekund att overge serien och ga vidare till nasta. Mary Kendricks, una brillante ingegnera che guida un team di scienziati della NASA alla€™avanguardia nella€™esplorazione dello spazio.
Juliette Lewis passar i rollen som polis och Indiana Evans och Belle Shouse gestaltar den hapna bestortning som en tonaring respektive ett barn maste kanna efter att deras far anklagas for att ha mordat en ung pojke. Il suo unico problema A? che lei A? una donna che vive nel 1960, tanta€™A? che il suo capo decide di affiancarle al comando Tom, un pilota collaudatore spaccone.One Big Happy, comedy prodotta da Liz Feldman, Ellen DeGeneres, Scott Ellis e Jeff Kleeman, interpretata da Elisha Cuthbert, Nick Zano, Kelly Brook, Brandon Smith, Rebecca Corry e Chris Williams, A? incentrata su due migliori amici, la lesbica Lizzy e la€™etero Luke, che decidono di avere un bambino insieme. Distressed at the obstacles refraining her from fully immersing herself in her dreams (namely school and her parents), Lewis became legally emancipated at 14, gaining exemption from child-labor laws and the ability to work more than five hours a day. Och som sjalvklart ar kanonbra pa sitt jobb och, misstanker jag, har en komplicerad och angestfylld bakgrundshistoria som sakerligen presenteras mot slutet av forsta sasongen. The final obstacle, high school, Lewis hurdled by dropping out at the age of 15, earning her equivalency exam with the aid of a tutor. That same year, she was arrested for being underage in an underground disco.Moving to Hollywood and living for a short period with actress Karen Black while seeking work, Lewis moved into an apartment with friends, finally finding the independence she had so diligently pursued.
The payoff for her persistence was not far behind, as Lewis soon landed a role in the Showtime-produced Home Fires (1987). Following up with light comedic roles in the suburban extraterrestrial comedy My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988), and taking the role of Audrey in the third installment in the vacation series National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Lewis was well on her way to fully achieving her dreams of stardom.
Her dramatic turn as Amanda Sue Bradley in Too Young to Die, the true story of the first minor to receive the death penalty, earned Lewis well-deserved praise and the recognition that would carry her forward into more challenging territory.Lewis' breakthrough role came in the form of the awkward and rebellious daughter flirting with a psychotic Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear, a role that earned her an Oscar nomination. More mature roles began to follow such as Johnny Depp's love interest in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and in her first foray into the mind of a serial killer, Kalifornia (both 1993). Her most notorious role to date, as the homicidal Mallory to Woody Harrelson's psychopathic Micky in the controversial and numbingly hyperkinetic ode to excess Natural Born Killers, displayed her remarkably enthusiastic ability for boundless exorbitance.
With a few exceptions, namely 1999's The Other Sister, Lewis' post-Natural Born Killers career was filled with supporting roles and ensemble parts.
She was the pregnant kidnapping victim in the noirish The Way of the Gun and played Jennifer Lopez's best friend in the domestic-violence thriller Enough. Director Todd Phillips enjoyed working with her so much he cast her in 2004's high-profile comedic retooling of TV's Starsky and Hutch.She kept working steadily in a variety of projects including The Darwin Awards, Catch and Release, Drew Barrymore's rollerderby comedy Whip It, and she teamed up again with Todd Philips for his 2010 comedy Due Date.
She appeared in the ensemble drama August: Osage County, an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, in 2013.
Lewis then joined two television series at the same time, playing a detective in Secrets and Lies and a bartender in Wayward Pines, from executive producer M.

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