My Secret Folder is a content protection app that allows you to hide things like photos, videos, and even contacts behind a password. This title by Bright Artificial Intelligence is the perfect solution for folks who pass around their iDevices to friends and family or are just looking for that extra layer of protection.
When you first launch My Secret Folder, you are greeted with a number pad to setup your pass code. Once you set your pass code, you are taken to the main screen where you can add your content. Photos and videos can be imported from your iDevice’s Camera Roll or captured from within the app itself, and the same goes for Contacts.
Now that you know what kind of content you can store, let’s get down to the heart of the app — protection.

And for the really paranoid, the app also features a break-in log, which records every failed login attempt. Obviously iOS already offers a password option, but this app takes security to the next level. Don’t worry, you can change this to a more contemporary entry called Dot Lock, which is similar to an Android-style pattern password.
As aforementioned, My Secret Folders can be protected by either a PIN or a pattern-based password. Not only that, but the app can snap a photo of the intruder, and email you the snapshot along with the device’s GPS location — wow.
There are similar apps like Lockdown Pro but are more expensive and aren’t as good as this one.

If you’re looking for a way to password-protect content without locking down the rest of your device, you might want to check this out. I transferred every picture and video on my phone into it and unless someone can help me, they are all lost. I’ve tried absolutely everything except jailbreaking it, does anyone have any suggestions.

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