Secret Bay Resort has earned the distinction of being named number one among the ten best small hotels in the Caribbean for 2013.
The list was compiled by Caribbean Journal which sent out a team across the region to examine properties with 50 rooms or less employing a range of factors before making the decision for the final 10. Each of the properties examined by the team had to stand out in at least one of these categories: ambience, quality of food, luxury, quality of service, location, romance, affordability and design, among others.
With just four units Secret Bay was able to impress the Caribbean Journal team and outperform the competitors. Dominica take note, it had nothing to do with size it’s all about quality and efficiency. Congratulations to management and staff for the service that u offer which makes Dominica stand among the rest of the other islands which seem to claim they are the best.
A self contained 2 bedroom apt in upper Scott's Head near 1st segment of Waitikuli National Trail.
Hey ladies, its Spring and Summer is right around the corner, it’s time to update and upgrade for the warmer months upon us.
When it comes to giving back to the community, no one does it quite like Grammy Award winning superstar Kelly Rowland. One of my unofficial rules of travel is that anywhere that Mick Jagger has chosen to stay is probably good enough for me.
Lying between Martinique and Guadeloupe, Dominica has few beaches, no international resorts, and no nightlife. I kept running into vacationers from other Caribbean islands on Dominica, typically couples in their 30’s and 40’s who worked at resorts on Barbados or Antigua.
The counterpoint to Papillote was Secret Bay, built on a bluff with a drop dead view north along the coast towards the town of Portsmouth and beyond to Isle de Saintes and Guadeloupe. The prize villa, Zabuco, was designed by Nassief’s Venezuelan father-in-law, an architect and friend of the great architect Oscar Niemeyer, and indeed, it’s a little touch of Brasilia on the coast. A whale sighting would have been nice, but the view was already mesmerizing and the villa was one of the finest I have seen in 30 years of running around the islands. Secret Bay aside, Dominica feels just civilized enough, with enough creature comforts for most of us.  Nightlife, bars and restaurants? Cruise ships dock infrequently in Roseau, the pleasantly ramshackle capital, where the streets are lined with rickety wooden houses with balconies. Visit the Dominica Museum (Dame Eugenia Blvd) with its hand-carved Carib canoes and weathered oil painting of Queen Victoria, is a reminder of Colonial times.
Snorkeling on Champagne Reef, which is about a 10 minute cab ride south of Roseau, offers a look at one of the healthiest coral systems in the world.
Secret Bay, Dominica - February 26, 2015 - Continuing to add to its growing list of accolades and recognitions for excellence from top travel brands and travelers alike, Dominica's boutique eco-luxury hotel, Secret Bay, has earned multiple awards during the two months of this year.
Guests can make the most of their next visit to Secret Bay by participating in the Milestone Loyalty Program, SleptAway Sleep Program, Lionfish Program or Purescapes Wellness Retreat.

With the new SleptAway Sleep Program, the option of choosing mattress and pillows to best suit their posture and preferences helps guests to truly unwind.
My hat off for the company or companies’, what happen to Trinidad, Barbados & Saint Vincent, why they are not in this group?
They are proving that with good planning, management and execution, small businesses in Dominica can be a force to reckon with. But I had new respect for the septuagenarian Rolling Stone when I check into Papillote Wilderness Retreat on the island of Dominica. If Bella Abzug had decided to become a hotelier instead of a politician, this might be her, nursing a single rum punch while spreading cheer among her loyal, repeat guests.
But resist the urge to upload a day’s worth of dramatic nature photos to Facebook and shut off your devices and listen to the chorus of a million tree frogs and the sound of fat raindrops falling onto leaves outside your widows and breathe deeply. Bereft of major chain hotels, mass tourism and a capable international airport, Dominica (Dom-in-eeka) has been left adrift.
From the air, and from the land itself, I was struck by the jagged jungle-covered mountains. Instead of mass tourism, it offers small hotels, hot springs, black sand beaches and arguably the best hiking in the Caribbean. The architecture is British colonial married to New Orleans, and best glimpsed along King George V Street. Nearby is Cartwheel Cafe (Dame Eugenia Blvd; 767-448-5353), where strong home grown Dominican coffee will keep you going.
But the plant life, the waterfalls, the hot springs and the daily rainbows make it more than worthwhile, as does the chance of spotting the indigenous Sisserou parrot. Not only has the property earned an unprecedented Top 10 ranking in four categories of the 2015 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice® Awards, it is also one of just two hotels in the Caribbean to receive the Andrew Harper's Grand Award for 2015.
Andrew Harper and his editors travel incognito to write candid travel reviews for a subscription service and the 2015 Grand Awards are presented annually to a select number of particularly memorable hotels and resorts. The Milestone Program was created specifically to reward returning guests' loyalty to the property.
Plus, guests can also select from a range of soothing sleep accompaniments from eye masks to herbal teas.
I would gadly appreciate that because i am planning on visiting the island and would love to spend a few nights at secret bay.
In the morning, you will wake up and see 100 shades of green outside your  window, hear a chorus of Bullfinches in full song and watch a mad scramble of lizards on the stone-flagged paths.
There are just a handful of villas and bungalows and they offer privacy and privilege, smartly and elegantly designed. If there are fishermen in the Roseau River scooping up tiny titiwi fish, stop at Olive’s (no phone; corner Riverbank and Hanover), where the namesake owner fries up tititwi accra, a spicy fish cake.
In water no more than 30 feet deep is an undersea panorama filled with giant barrel sponges, Flying Guinard, red heart sea urchins, and a steady stream of bubbles from hot springs on the sea bed that that gave the reef its name.

Those who stay for a minimum of six nights will be presented with a Milestones pass upon checkout that is valid for the rest of their lives, for one use only. Adventurous guests who want to help protect coral reefs and care for the natural environment can sign up to participate in Secret Bay's new Lionfish Program. They came to hike and scuba dive, and they came back to the island as often as time allowed. Or sit down at Pearls (50 King George V St; 767) 448-8707 ) for callalloo soup and local Kubuli beer. The falls drops 280 feet into a natural pool where the cool waters offer a refreshing if chilly swim before you hike back through the humid jungle. A guide like Oscar Etienne can even point out Spanish cannons, encrusted by sea life in the centuries since they were part of wreck along these shores. This program provides the opportunity to dive and go spear fishing with a local fisherman for this destructive and invasive species, then prepare and cook your delectable find with one of the property's chefs. For two centuries, the so-called “Nature Island” shifted between French and English occupation.
The cobblestone Old Market square is where you’ll find traditional lightweight baskets woven by indigenous Caribs and the food market a few blocks away has spices and hot sauces. Head back to Roseau and then out to sea again. The waters around Dominica are the permanent home of female sperm whales and pilot whales, and whale watching trips pretty much guarantee sightings year round.
The pass includes an array of special treats, from free nights and complimentary upgrades to a complimentary couples massage and much more for anyone staying at Secret Bay for a second (or third or more) time. It’s a simple, hand-crafted retreat on a jungle-clad hillside that has been artfully surrounded by painstakingly created gardens. Depending upon where you are on the island, it seems to be raining off and on throughout the day.
If you’re here for the night, savor sunset with a rum punch made with local Macoucherie rum at the Fort Royal Hotel on the waterfront, a prelude to a seafood dinner at Old Stone Grill (15 Castle Street; 767-440-7549).
The view is down the Roseau River Valley, as Edenic a spot as you’ll find on this lush island, and it’s also a short walk to Trafalgar Falls, perhaps the most dramatic waterfall in the Caribbean. The sightings are even more varied in winter, when male sperm whales and humpbacks enter these waters.
Rooms are spare, there’s no air conditioning, mosquito netting is de riguer and furnishings are almost an afterthought.

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