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I asked myself a€?Why should gangstas have all the fun?a€? The end result: the a€?Geek Signsa€? chart, pictured below.
Kyle since this is a speed Charizard deck I think you should consider dropping the 1-1 Kangaskhan line. Also, I think any fire deck utilizing flame torch needs least 10 fire energy to function well. Mega Charizard EX is pretty weak because it hurts itself (no space for Protection Cube) and walks right into Mewtwo EX’s X-Ball (which most Pyroar decks will be playing).
What happens if one of your 1-1 line of Kangaskhan is prized and you’re playing Pyroar?
The way I see it, if someone is using a Lysandre to go after Jirachi EX instead of taking down my Charizard EX, I don’t mind. Hey Pooka, could you run a silver bangle or two in place of one or two muscle bands to hit for that 180 HP on things like Darkrai when you need to? I don’t run Druddigon, and instead ShreadQuaza and 4 lightning to deal with Dragons and Pyroar. Muscle Band does the job but even better, you don’t have to waste a turn using Hammerhead. The Flanders house is situated at 744 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield and is next door to 742 Evergreen Terrace, home of the Simpson family. Inside the house, most if not all the rooms include religious imagery and photographs of the late Maude Flanders. The layout of the house appears to be similar to that of 742 Evergreen Terrace, with two front rooms and two back rooms.

The Flanders' also have air conditioning, which Homer steals in one episode, in order to gain relief from the heat. Evergreen Terrace at different numbers, it is reasonable that 740 Evergreen Terrace used to be different as well). The Greenbelt Christian arts festival sometimes runs a Ned Flanders lookalike contest in tribute to one of TV's best-known Christians. The Flanders live next door to the Simpsons, and these two families could not be more different.
Matt Groening has indicated that the Flanders family is named after NW Flanders Street in Portland, Oregon. Jasper Beardly • Comic Book Guy • Barney Gumble • Maude Flanders • Ned Flanders • Professor Frink • Gil Gunderson • Julius Hibbert • Lionel Hutz • Helen Lovejoy • Reverend Timothy Lovejoy • Captain Horatio McCallister • Akira • Hans Moleman • Marvin Monroe • Bleeding Gums Murphy • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon • Mayor Joe Quimby • Dr. Superintendant Chalmers • Seymour Skinner • Edna Krabappel • Elizabeth Hoover • Groundskeeper Willie • Otto Mann • Lunchlady Doris • Dewey Largo • Dr.
Whether youa€™re entering a freestyle rap battle in Compton or just trying to a€?keep it reala€? in your suburb, be sure you know these gang signs!
The house itself is pink-purple in color, with red window frames and a blue-orange canopy above the front-door. The house is well furnished with expensive-looking furniture, which Ned claims he buys cheaply because it used to be "evidence from a murder trial". The basement of the house has been converted to a 'rumpus room', with a bar and snooker table (oddly since Ned later confesses to being a teetotaler).
It is implied the only channel not locked out is one which airs Christian programming for children. Rod and Todd share bedrooms, and there is also at least one spare bedroom where Bart Simpson slept when he was younger, which Ned later rents out. Maude had unnamed parents that were mentioned in Trash of the Titans and an unnamed grandmother. In Groening's hometown of Portland, Oregon, Simpsons fans vandalize the signs that say NE Flanders Street to say NED Flanders Street.

Nick Riviera • Agnes Skinner • Cletus Spuckler • Disco Stu • Squeaky-Voiced Teen • Moe Szyslak • Sam and Larry • Kirk Van Houten • Luann Van Houten • Clancy Wiggum • Eddie • Lou • Crazy Cat Lady • Lindsey Naegle • Cookie Kwan • Wiseguy • Brandine Spuckler • The Yes Guy • Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon • Blue-haired Lawyer • Judge Roy Snyder • Rich Texan • Luigi Risotto • Old Jewish Man • Mrs. Mega Kangaskhan EX has the benefits of 10 extra HP, not hurting itself, and taking only three Energy to attack, making it more difficult to KO. For example, Jirachi EX is a staple in here, and I actually would consider playing two or three. At this point, yes, I will accept losing to Pyroar if a piece of the Kangaskhan line is prized.
The biggest weakness of this deck is running out of steam, so it’s a positive any time Charizard lives a turn. The garden of the house includes a patio and a barbeque and is often used for Ned's barbeque and birthday parties. The Flanders' residence once had a bomb shelter in the backyard, but this was destroyed by a small meteorite.
Homer was in one episode good friends with Ned, but became obsessed with spending time with him. They include Jose Flanders, Lord Thistlewick Flanders and many others that all look like Ned, Maude, Rod, or Todd.
When Bart and Lisa were taken into protective custody by child services from their 'unfit' parents, the Flanders were their foster parents, and almost went through with baptizing them, if Homer hadn't stopped them.
Ned and Homer took a wild trip to Las Vegas, where, in their inebriation, married some waitresses. Even with all the crazy things that happen to them, the Flanders and the Simpsons families have managed to live together for all these years.

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