Lifetime is readying another biopic of a female showbiz star whose life was tragically cut short — Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.
In all the years Hollywood has tried, no one has ever managed to create a thoroughly convincing Marilyn. At this point, I believe the only actor who could possibly create a convincing Marilyn Monroe is Andy Serkis (with the considerable help of WETA).
Before creation there was only the father, who is also called the ineffable Holy One, of whom it is said, Blessed Be He.
The information in this model depicts the relationships described in Genesis 4 and Genesis 5 .
Now, in those days comes Enos out fo Enoch, who is a man, but who "died not, for God took him." So, from a daughter of Seth (a wife of man), did Enoch beget Methusaleh the wise, but from a daughter of Adam (a wife fit for a god) did Enoch beget Irad the immortal.
Here is wisdom, so let you who have understanding calculate: I say, "the immortal generations before Enoch moved backward in time, but those after him moved forward. This is the fruit without its "skin." It is because of the understanding of this fruit as without "skin" that Adam and Eve realised their nakedness in Eden, and in this way sought to conceal their crime from God. Lamech perceieves that from immortal Irad issues immortal Mehujael, while from mortal Mehalaleel issues mortal Jared, and these two shall continue on this way. Even this could not wipe away the guilt for Original Sin though, as it would be Ham, after seeing his father Noah drunken and naked, that conceived Cainaan, and resurrected the seven-fold Mark of Cain. After Eve had eaten the fruit of fore-knowledge, and thus had known sin, she went looking for Adam, who she found eating at the tree of immortal life. Then it is written that Adam and Eve knew their sin, and they covered themselves with aprons made from fig leaves.
At this time, God said, "who told thee that thou wast naked?" Now this question does not mean: "who told you to eat the fruit of knowledge?" This line of reason instead implied God's foreknowledge of the events.
We see the seven "curses" are really only the taking back by God one by one of seven blessings. It should also be noted that Eve was not even given her name by Adam until this point, and that her names means only "mother of all the living," (Gen 3:20) and this life refers to both immortality as well as mortality. The true name of God (that is called the Baal-Shem) is AHDVNHAY, that is, the interpolation in opposite directions of the ineffable tetragrammaton, the vowles of the word: YHVH, and the title ADNA (Adonai), a pagan term meaning Lord. So, that is why God then placed the Cherubim to the east of Eden (where Enoch would later raise his city) and the flaming sword to spin "in all directions" (Gen 3:24) to guard against Adam ever again tasting the fruits of immortality. Therefore, let us look at what would befall the mortal man, that is, he who knows the guilt of original sin unto death, if they were to combine the tree of knowledge, of which we are given freely to eat (although in kabbalah it is called the "tree of life" diagram that is studied), as well as the actual tree of life (that is called in Goetia, the "tree of death" diagram).
For more about this diagram, please consult my work on the subject, the Tree of Death and the Qliphoth by Jon Gee.
However, we, who remain yet free, have not forgotten the fore-knowledge that is the fruit of the tree of knowledge over good and evil. Here we see the true, orientally far-eastern attributes of the Bohn and Vedic msytics applied by the earliest Kurgan tribespeople to understanding the metaphysics of the regional Eljo neanderthals of the region of ancient Sumeria and Akkadia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in modern Iraq, and north into modern Turkey. On either opposing pillar are the eight "double" (the same upside down as right side up) hexagrams from the i ching, capped by a yin line and a yang line. The lesson of the combination of these two trees is that the attributes assigned to the joints on them are not "good" or "evil" in themselves, but arbitrary groups of physical referentials assembled relative to one another on a 4th dimensional geometric lattice.
So, finally, here is a diagram that explains how all these previous diagrams have been related to one another, and how they all relate to fourth-dimensional geometry. Notice that the number of stations of the fruits of knowledge and immortality, the folds of the curse of death, and the dimensions and folds of Adam and Eve, total the same as the thirty-two mystical paths wisdom given in Sefer Yetzirah 1:1. Now, returning to the Book of Raziel diagram from the preceding degree, some secrets of gnosticism , we see with right understanding all the attributes described herein laid out as though seen from the side. Remember the three sinners, Adam, Eve, and the serpent, but remember that only Adam and Eve transgressed, although the serpent also was cursed.
Raziel, the angel, then read from the book, and when Adam heard the words of the holy volume as they issued from the mouth of the angel, he fell down affrighted.
Tentatively titled Marilyn, the film hails from Asylum Entertainment, the company behind The Kennedys miniseries, which also touched upon Marilyn’s story.
We are just too familiar with her look and mannerisms to be fooled by some flavor of the moment starlet sporting a platinum wig and a whispery voice. The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. For the attributes labeled Yetzirah and those above Atzilut, the source is the Secret Book or Apocryphon of John , recording the exact teachings about Gnosticism given to John by Jesus Christ Himself, after he had ascended. This is why Enoch learned all the teachings of the fallen angels (the "Annunaki" Sons of God as well as their Nefilim "giant" offspring) and yet was not corrupted like the seven generations that followed from him (as Enos, father of Cainan) to mark sevenfold the crime of Cain. The mortal generations between Enos and Enoch moved forward in time, but after Enoch they moved backward." What does this mean?

Now, know that this is the image understood by Eve, that is, this is the essential nature that caused the fall.
However, from Eve's perspective, mortal Methuselah follows from immortal Cain, as immortal Methusael follows from mortal Cainan. Enoch was like the axis around which the aeons pivoted, casting the shadow of the false and fallen archons.
Ham and Japhteth would both have seven sons, but it would be Shem from whom, after seven generations, would come Abraham, the father of the faith of Elohim. Now you will come to me and say, "with certainty did God break his word!" For Adam and Eve both ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden and yet, as the snake explained, did not "surely" die "in that instant." So before you come to me and blaspheme God to me, let me explain to you what it all means.
We see here 12 stations (the cirlced numbers) that stand for the twleve solar ages, the aeons of 2000 years each when the sun rises in a different sign on the same day. The real question asked here is "what did the serpent say to Eve?" Adam and Eve, even at this point, remained blameless in the eyes of God. The three on the left and the three on the right, plus the four at the center, are together the ten sefirot. So because of Eve being "mother of all the living," God said to himself, "Behold, the man has become as one of us, to know good and evil." This means, to know the difference between right and wrong, and right and wrong mean that man had control over the destiny of all God's creation, which was His Right. It is for this reason that the original distinction was made (in Gen 12:8) by the scribes during the Babylonian captivity between YHVH and Elohim (meaning my God, as in, one from among many).
At this time, God gave the tree of Eternal Life to Satan, whom Christ called the voice of Cain, and thence, before Adam's eyes, it withered up and turned into the Tree of Death, that is, the triple-hell crowning the seven infernal realms. This is why the "tree of life" diagram is so-called: because the fruit of it is our only food for all our lives, but the tree from which this fruit comes is in reality only the Tree of Knowledge.
It is really this fourth dimensional geometric lattice that is important, while the traits attributed to it are ultimately arbitrary, neither "good" nor "bad." The lesson is that there is no "right" or "wrong" for every living individual set into stone. The serpent was "subtle," meaning wise, for it had not been forebidden to eat of the fruits of both the trees of fore-knowledge and of immortality. It was the very nature of the serpent that was pure however, and only that Samael, that is, Blindness, did enter into the body of the serpent which caused the serpent's wisdom to err, and he to mistake the Devil's temptation for the Will of the Divine. And here is the vision of the true Cross, an arisen rose, for which he was supposedly put to death without proper trial. The description of the Garden of Eden comes to us from the Bereshit B cosmology of the Zohar . From the perception of the Autogenes' opposite, Wisdom is born, called Pistis, the first sefirot emanation. It means that between Enos and Enoch, the generations revolved counter-clockwise, but that after Enoch, they revolved clockwise. Eve perceived the real motions and relationships of this model, but she forsaw that in seven mortal generations or four immortal ones, the right understanding of this model would be lost. Eve realised that her seed, by the generation of Lamech, would have completely lost the path back to immortality. Now some say, this was not God but Samael, the Blind, who came at this time to walk into the Garden. Adam gave names to everything, according to legend , and this means he had dominion over them. Thus came Elohim to replace the appelation Adonai, out of respect for the ineffable Holy One, Blessed Be He. So, we reclaim the fullness of this foreknowledge when we reject knowing the guilt for original sin unto death. The other attributes of the paths are the 22 paths connecting the ten emanations and the 12 paths connecting the 7 shells.
Just as what is right for the long term may seem wrong in the short term, so do we each excercise our version of what is right differently. For he had foreknowledge of all the events to come, all the events described by scripture, but, because he was not a man, he did not have control over even his own role to play in it all. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, was played in the mini by Charlotte Sullivan.) Marilyn was penned by The Kennedys writer Stephen Kronish based on the book The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe by J.
The seven layered sphere beneath the rest, labeled Assiyah, describes the seven days of creation in the book of Genesis .
This is why we call eating from the tree of knowledge over good and evil Original Sin: because it is the fore-knowledge of the loss of knowledge, with which comes the power to prevent this, and with that power comes the responsibility to do so. It has been said Cain is the son of the serpent, who represents Satan, bringer of sin into this world.
In the centre the signs of the zodiac themselves are given for both the orbital torus and the inverted elipse of Crowley's Book of Thoth configuration.
But it is also said, "the voice of Incorruptability said unto him, you err Samael." Thus, it was the voice of God speaking unto the tempter Samael, who then directly addressed Adam and Eve.

They are also like the seven metals of the alchemists, and like the seven chakras, or nerve ganliae and plexi of the spine and brain. Now, however, Adam also knew right as distinguished from wrong, that being to have control over only his own short term fate, but to lack control over the long-term destiny of creation.
Jesus himself was on the side of those studying the YHVH verses, the so-called "Book of J," and so called YAVE good, and Elohim, the nomenclature of the second scribe of the Torah during the Babylonian captivity when the writings were compiled, "evil." However, even in this event the different attributes of the names being "good" or "evil" is obviously arbitrary. This raises the middle pillar to its right position before the Fall of Satan and the Rebel Angels, before the fall of Adam, and before the so-called "breaking of the vessels" (the Qliphoth) that caused the division between the third and fourth worlds: Beriah of Eden and Yetzirah of the sefirot. Just as Wisdom and Hermes beget the crown of Christ, so did fore-thought, unknown to God, beget Samael, that is, Satan. However, as the seed is in the perception, so too will the fruit come forth therefrom, and must thenceforth be separated like the wheat from the chaff. In truth, there is only one God, and he is not divided within himself between Good and Evil. Thus, here is a diagram depicting the true attributes of Goodness, those seen for us aforehand by God, our Creator, as the ultimate Divine Gift for the loyalty of his favourite creation, whom he set above all others, man, Adam and Eve. It is said, "by their fruit know them." So are these the generations of man that followed forth from the fall, and those who followed the fallen.
So, by knowing this, Eve felt unable to prevent it from coming to pass as a result of her own actions.
According to all three different versions of the Book of Enoch, he prayed to God on behalf of the Nefilim, but God Himself could not change their fate: for even as Eve wept at the realisation of Original Sin, so too would the judgment bring the flood to her ninth generation. In truth I tell you that Cain was borne to Eve not by the serpent, her tempter, but by Adam, her husband, while he was still immortal. This fatalism, that your ultimate destiny is beyond your control, despite your controlling your short-term fate, is the guilt for Original Sin. Asylum, whose Kennedys miniseries aired on ReelzChannel after getting dropped at the last minute by Lifetime sibling History, recently did another biopic for Lifetime, Ring Of Fire, about the life of June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash. God declared, "you err, Samael" which means "blind-one," and created the 10 emanations greater than Satan. Just as King Adam embodied the crown, so too these emanations came, one by one, to descend into the lower realms of the creation. It was then Eve shared the apple of fore-knowledge with Adam, and only then that Adam realised his doom.
Because Cain slew Abel, thus the only generations of men were either mortal and wise, or immortal but unwise.
Adam and Eve knew no timelessness without error, and existed across the whole span of forever.
Thus, the generations of Seth were mortal, and Seth was called the "son of man," because he was the first father of the fallen flesh. The generations of Cain, however, were immortal, and were called the "Sons of God," because it was then said, "Adam had been like unto the Gods." (ie.
During the pregnancy, Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the knowledge of sin, that is, they understood fore-thought, which had created Satan. God banished them from Eden, lest they should never again eat from the tree of immortal existence.
For this reason, Cain joined Samael as one of the twelve Archons, the rulers over the fallen stations of the ten emanations.
So, there are ten qliphoth (shells), one for each emanation (sefirot), plus Satan, plus Cain, and so there are twelve archons. Now, with Abel, the son of King Adam and Immortal Eve dead at the hands of the son of Satan, there was no true heir for Adam and Eve.
So, the two of them came together to bear forth Seth, who some have called the First Messiah, for through him would be born the first of all mortal humanity. At the same time as this conception, Satan conceived with Eve, now mortal, two immortal spirits. It was here where Adam prayed to be given the Book of Raziel, which records everything known to Adam from before the Fall. By the generation of Enoch, the good (spiritually) dwelt in the Upper Worlds, but the fallen (physically) dwelt in the sixth day of creation.
When the Holy were given the Holy of Holies, they brought alignment between the world of Eden and creation. The pronoia (Christ) draws us up from the realm of creation, and the epinoia (Shekina) draws us up through the realms of Eden.

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