This song has been locked and is considered "done." You need 600 IQ to add annotations to locked songs. I Maroon 5 sono attualmente composti da Adam Levine (voce, chitarra), James Valentine (voce, chitarra), Jesse Carmichael (tastiere, sintetizzatori, pianoforte), Mickey Madden (basso) e Matt Flynn (batteria, percussioni). Ovviamente il piu conosciuto di tutti e il cantante Adam Levine, che quest'anno si e anche cimentato come attore nel bel film Tutto Puo Cambiare con Keira Knightley e Mark Ruffalo. De acuerdo a informes, el cantante de 32 anos lanzara una fragancia el proximo ano, la cual realizara para hombre y mujer.
Ante 62 mil 300 fanaticos, Maroon 5 hizo gala del estilo caracteristico que enamoro a sus admiradores desde el primer minuto del concierto en el Foro Sol.
Para comprobar la teoria de Zac Efron puede hacer babear a cualquier persona del mundo aqui 10 de sus fotos mas sexys sin playera. Persona activa, despierta, aventurera, emprendedora, valiente, audaz, directa, entusiasta, independiente, amante de la libertad.

Ryan Seacrest also noted how well Maroon 5 is able to replicate their radio sound live without any loss of quality and that some folks find that downright surprising.
As noted by a recent column via KQED Arts, the fact that Adam admits to being open to all different genres of music can actually leave the band ripe for critics to pounce. One would assume the group might head back into the studio first or take a break before heading back out again. Tour now announced, there’s talk the band will play the much-coveted Super Bowl Halftime Show in San Francisco on February 7, 2016.
Mondo, 2004: l’album d’esordio Songs About Jane e il celeberrimo singolo This Love consacrano la band come una delle piu popolari del pianeta ad appena due anni dalla sua fondazione. Blogger Emma Silver for example, ponders exactly how Maroon 5 has managed to be considered new and different simply by incorporating previously introduced music into their own brand of pop. As previously reported by Inquistr, Levine went on the Howard Stern Show recently to openly pitch for the gig.

E il successo mondiale dei Maroon 5 non si e certo fermato al primo disco, continuando anzi ad aumentare a dismisura con i successivi It Won't Be Soon Before Long, Hands All Over, Overexposed e V (l'ultimo arrivato nel 2014). Adam Levine and company will then cover the southern coastal region with stops in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee before making their way up the East Coast with concerts scheduled in New York, New England and even a brief stop in Canada. The 2016 tour makes it’s way across the country before ending in Oakland, California on October 16, 2016.

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