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In New Super Mario Bros., secret exits in levels 1-, 2-A, 3-, 4-, and 5- lead to Warp Cannons which launch Mario or Luigi to a later world (the first two to World 5, then 6, 7, and 8, respectively). Warp Cannons also appear in the Flower Cup tournament of Mario Sports Mix, in secret routes.
These cannons also make an appearance in Fortune Street, on the Yoshi's Island, Delfino Plaza, and Bowser's Castle boards. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash.
When the countdown reaches 1, Mario or Luigi is shot out into a nighttime level with a Super Mario Bros. In the best multiplayer games the initial thrill endures or, better, evolves; in NSMBW, the initial thrill may not be that initial.

It leads the player to a pre-selected world that is usually some worlds away from the world where the Warp Cannon is found. First timers curse as much as cheer, and the real results are better measured in smiles or frowns than the coin counter. Cannons could be unlocked by entering certain levels or Ghost Houses and finding the secret exit, marked by a Red Flagpole. There are multiple routes to take along a particular warping path, so plan your way by knowing where every secret exit is.World 1-3Get a Yoshi up to this platform, but instead of entering the tunnel, jump up and flutter jump to the right.
U, instead replaced by shortcuts on the overworld that lead to the new world when a secret exit is found. There is a Red Coin challenge in each cannon stage, which yields a Gold Flower in the spare item slot upon completion.
The levels where they are unlocked are the following: 1- to World Mushroom, World 3- or World Mushroom-B to World Flower and World Flower-A to World 6. Then ride the elevator down (avoiding the Boos) for an exit and another cannon, this time to World 6.World 4 - Mid CastleBe quick here and jump upon the first 2 blocks as they fall and leap into a secret passage in the left wall.

Head through the pipe and then it's just a jump toward the right for the exit.World 4 - Ghost HouseRide this platform to reveal a door.
In the next room, ignore all the doors until you reach the one on the far right - this secret exit takes you straight to the level boss (there's even a Toad house on the way).World 5 - Ghost HouseUse the light block to reach this door.
In this new room, platform all the way right for a secret exit to a World 8 cannon.World 6-5When the water drops, jump between the two center blocks to reveal a beanstalk. Travel up it and run along the tunnel for an exit leading to a cannon all the way to World 8.World 7 - Mid CastleHalfway up the second stretch, jump onto the brown prong on the right and run off the screen.
Climb the following room for an exit and shortcut to World 7-5.World 8-2Head back left under these platforms (through hidden passages) to find a secret room.

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