If you enjoy global sightseeing, but feel it needs the excitement of a flea market exploding all over it, then Selectsoft’s series of hidden objects games are made for you. It’s all really simple and straightforward, and you’ve seen it all before if you played City Mysteries.
As a child, Tim once spent an entire month staring longingly at a copy of Kirby's Dream Land his parents had kept atop the refrigerator until he could play it on an upcoming road trip. Discovered beneath a Byzantine-era hilltop castle in Nevsehir, the provincial capital, the site dates back at least to early Byzantine times. Most of us have spent at least one Christmas with our family or loved-ones that turned out to be anything but joyous. Such is Christmas Day at the Wyeth family’s sumptuous desert home in Palm Springs, California. Other Desert Cities depicts the Wyeth family’s heart-wrenching descent into devastatingly painful truth telling after years of secrets and lies.
Its Pulitzer nomination was for good reason: Other Desert Cities is a beautifully written play. Aided by Silda, who is fresh out of rehab and nursing her own grudges, Brooke’s memoir lays the blame squarely at her parents’ feet. Most tellingly, the actors perform superbly as an ensemble, with each allowing the others to shine when it’s their turn in the theatrical sun. Although it starts off a little slowly, Other Desert Cities gains momentum and you can’t help but become vested in the characters and intrigued by the mystery of Henry’s death. Other Desert Cities is a beautifully acted, well-crafted, mesmerizing, thought provoking, and deeply affecting play. Enter your email address to subscribe to Donald's DISH and receive notifications of news and reviews by email.
Two of these stages involve ticking off a list of items to find by tapping them on the screen. The location photos, wherever many of them may be, are of very nice quality, looking good both in full on the upper screen and zoomed in on the bottom. In Timed you are given three “lives” to complete each stage within an allotted limit, receiving points for every item found and subtracting a small amount for each incorrect tap.
It’s a cut and dry hidden object game that’s somewhat short on content but still replayable. The biggest hiding place ever found in Cappadocia, a region of central Turkey famous for the otherworldly chimney houses, cave churches, and underground cities its residents carved for millennia. It is still largely unexplored, but initial studies suggest its size and features may rival those of Derinkuyu, the largest excavated underground city in Cappadocia, which could house 20,000 people.

When rivalries, jealousies, anger, resentments, or secrets that bubbled up and overflowed laid waste the season’s happy sentiments. Brooke, the daughter of Polly and Lyman Wyeth, has chosen this day to tell her parents, brother Trip, and Aunt Silda that she has written a memoir revealing the “real” story behind her older brother Henry’s suicide. Written by the American playwright, screenwriter, television producer, and actor Jon Robin Baitz, it premiered Off-Broadway in January 2011 and moved to Broadway in November that year. Even though the Wyeths are not your typical next-door neighbours – the family is rich, Lyman is a politician, Polly a socialite who counts Nancy Regan among her friends, Brooke a writer, Trip a TV producer, and Silda a screenwriter – you empathize with their family’s tribulations. The humour in the play, and there is plenty of it, arises from the characters’ personalities or wit and never feels forced or tacked-on for comedic relief. It hinges on Brooke’s need, after suffering a mental breakdown and severe depression, to understand why her beloved older brother drugged-out and dropped-into a radical underground group that believed it was right to protest war in faraway desert towns by committing murder in an American one. Is it right to exorcise personal pain if it causes untold grief to others, especially those you love?
The set is a stylish, mid-century-modern sunken living room with a huge fire pit, minimalist couches, a wall crammed with celebrity photos, and a view of palm trees.
You can’t keep your eyes off the characters as the truth spills out like a pent-up river of sorrow. Despite the fact that you never see Henry, he is present throughout the play, haunting every family member and the audience as surely as any unsettled ghost. The cornucopia of objects you need to find also look pretty good, although they’ll never blend in seamlessly with the environment. Most players should get through this just fine, thanks to an ample amount of time given and the offering of three “hints” per level that zoom in on the location of a still missing object.
Fans of the genre who enjoyed City Mysteries will find a safe pickup here, but others might find more interest perusing old issues of National Geographic.
How many more of these cities are out there, under your feet, and what, or whom lives in them?
She naively seeks their blessing but hers is a scorched-earth approach, and by nightfall no one in the family remains unscathed or unsullied. And somehow, despite the grating friction within the family, Baitz manages to convey their underlying love for one another. In one memorable moment, Brooke runs her fingers along the back of a sofa, akin to fingernails on a chalkboard, which expresses the building tension more eloquently than the spoken word.
The lush setting skilfully communicates the Wyeths’ status and desert locale, while subtle lighting reveals the changing hours and the family’s shifting moods. The names of the cities don’t seem to be noted anywhere within the game itself, and not a lick of information is provided for any shot that is used.

Once in a rare while, though, the colours of an object and the background may match a little too well, making an object almost impossible to find.
Aside from wanting to beat your own personal best scores, though, the points feel rather meaningless.
Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. None of the characters are what they seem and their true natures only become apparent as the story unfolds.
Greg Gale does a laudable job of depicting Trip, the unappreciated son who becomes the family’s moral arbiter.
The costumes express the characters’ personalities and ages, be it through the casual attire of Brooke and Trip, the traditional outfits of Lyman, or the more fashionable garb of Polly and Silda. While it does tie up the story into a pleasing package, it is something like falling off a burning bridge and landing in cold water. An educational opportunity is once again lost, and when that happens, Carmen Sandiego wins.
Casual mode throws away the time limit and hints, letting you cycle through and try stages at your leisure.The ambient sound of City Mysteries has been replaced by a mix of soothing and ethnic music. I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media. Each has a different take on the family’s history, which makes truth a constantly shifting miasma. It begs the question whether the conclusion wouldn’t be more powerful if the curtain dropped immediately after all is revealed, which was when audience instinctively started to clap. Bit-by-bit the stratums of lies fall away until the core secret is revealed, raw and bleeding.
Stirred into this toxic mix are differing political views, which create another layer of discord while contextualizing the family’s tragedy within the wider human condition.

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