People claim One Direction star Niall Horan has a new love interest and when he was spotted out on town in London with Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, the rumors were fueled. Last year, the clothes that Kim Hye Eun wore in the MBC daily drama "Princess Aurora" as well as her bags were all sold out as she personally participates in the design of the bag "R Bag". Currently, after the drama "Can We Love" the JTBC drama "Secret Love" to be broadcast in March shows an older woman in her 40s and a love of a young man in his 20s reflecting on her life and it features Kim Hee Ae, Yoo Ah In as well as actresses Shim Hye Jin, Kim Hye Eun, Kyung Soo Jin, Kim Chang Wan, Shin Ji Ho, Jin Bo Rah, Kim Kwon and Kim Yong Gun.
Jay-Z and Coldplay have announced they will co-headline a€?a very speciala€? show on New Yeara€™s Eve at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Fresh off their African honeymoon, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake traveled to the Rockaways in Queens, New York on Saturday to help Hurricane Sandy victims. In the midst of parental abuse allegations, 14-year-old "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter was spotted with her current guardian, sister Shanelle Workman, repping NY Giants gear at a farmer's market in Studio City on Sunday.

A former firefighter with a history of harassing Madonna has been convicted of resisting arrest outside the singera€™s New York apartment back in September 2010.
Actors Kyung Soo Jin and Yoo Ah In participated in the production presentation of the new JTBC drama "Secret Dating" on March 12th held at the Hoam Art Hall in Seoul Joong Goo. Drama "Secret Dating" is about a director Oh Hye Won of an Arts Foundation who had only sought success and a genius pianist Lee Sun Jae who didn't know about his talent as they fall in love and connect through love.
This will be broadcast on March 17th and it features Kim Hee Ae, Yoo Ah In, Park Hyuk Kwon, and Shin Hye Jin. Niall and Barbara went out for dinner together, followed by having drinks at a club.One other night, the pair enjoyed a cinema date together.
The two met when Bieber performed at the lingerie show last week, but Palvin is already feeling the heat from Bieber fans, leading her to tweet "last time im saying it.

They previously rang in the New Year together in Las Vegas in 2010 and are close personal friends. The newlyweds helped deliver a truck full of supplies, including backpacks filled with food. In addition to the star-studded guest list including Jonah Hill, Miranda Kerr and a performance by Gary Clark Jr., the actor also made a $500,000 donation to the American Red Cross.

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