Where conventional web browsers like Chrome and Firefox make no effort to conceal your location or identity, Tor is built upon the idea of preserving anonymity as aggressively as possible.
Tor, originally an acronym for "The Onion Router," is an anonymity network designed to keep your identity and location completely secure as you browse the web.
Michael Bergman of BrightPlanet puts it succinctly: "Searching on the Internet today can be compared to dragging a net across the surface of the ocean. Using the Tor browser unlocks the door to a whole weird and wild world you never would have guessed existed online. There is lots of promise in Tor's value a€“A people use it to protect their communications, to research sensitive topics, and to access information they might otherwise not have access to (if a country is behind a firewall, for example).A By guaranteeing such a high level of anonymity, Tor lends itself well to information freedom activists, libertarians, and those who simply want to take their Internet safety to the extreme. But with such anonymizing power made available for free, some less-than-legal (and even downright malicious) operations claim to operate successfully.
Originally developed for use by the Navy, Tor has plenty of military applications in how it protects communications and intelligence gathering. If you knew what a used car dealer paid for a car that youa€™re interested in, wouldna€™t that give you a tactical advantage when negotiating a deal?

Now one self-described used car dealer, who goes by the nom-de-guerre of Dennis Miller, is letting consumers in on the big secret. Miller and his colleagues have launched a new app called SnafuScan that gives prospective buyers information they say has never before been available to the general public, and could help them win the battle of the bargain. According to Miller, most of the used cars at dealerships are bought at special dealer-only auctions closed to the general public, not directly from consumers, and the prices paid can be $5,000-$10,000 less than whata€™s on the window when you kick the tires. As a spiff to get customers in the digital door, hea€™s offering a free version of the app that allows users to get all the details on safety recalls for a particular car.
The free application idea came to Miller first, inspiring him and his investors to take the product to a higher level of design and functionality. Most used cars, he explains, are bought by the dealer on credit, and it could cost them $200 or more every month the car sits on the lot, so they want to move the metal quickly.
The pricing info provided by SnafuScan will come in most handy for consumers if the car has been on the lot for more than 30 days, when the dealera€™s profit margin really starts narrowing and hea€™s ready to deal. Miller says that less reputable used car dealers in the past have gone as far as forging receipts from auctions to show to prospective buyers, claiming that their margin of profit on the car was less than it actually was.

These sites are termed "Deep Web" or "Undernet." They exist outside the scope of Google, Facebook, and your RSS reader. It's called the Tor browser, and it offers you an entirely new way of connecting to the Internet.
When you use the Tor browser (a free download), volunteer servers around the world route your internet traffic from server to server before finally delivering you your content.
Through Bitcoin, a secure and anonymous digital currency that can be exchanged for real money, vendors are able to set up shop digitally and sell their wares through the U.S. He is, after all, still a used car dealer, and wants to sell you his app for $9.99 for a 30-day subscription.
The information will enable consumers to check the VIN number of a vehicle and find out if there is any outstanding work that needs to be done.

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