Billie Piper looked gorgeous as she filmed scenes for the third series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl in a white dress, black boots and fur stole in London yesterday. Pulling a face as a stylist attended toA  her outfit, Billie was clearly keen to finish her work day, and appeared to be desperate to go home. Billie has been filming the new series of the ITV2 at a series of locations in London over the past month.
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Belle goes to a hotel room to have sex with Ash, who was her first ever client and for whom she has a soft spot. Belle is taken aback when her accountant informs her that he is into punishment and would like to engage in a sado-masochistic scenario with himself as her slave. Belle is confronted in her own home by the wife of one of her regular clients and consequently finds herself unable to pleasure him as, in her own imagination, the wife keeps appearing to interrupt them. Now dating Alex, Belle invites him to lunch with Ben but the boys do not really hit it off and the exercise is a failure. Belle's handsome publisher Duncan criticises her writing style, feeling more stress should be given to what really turns her clients on.
Belle entertains Des, a young man who loves to be covered in messy foodstuffs,not the most erotic subject for her next chapter so she turns to Duncan for the real thing.
Belle has a new client, Harry Keegan,a detective sergeant who is handsome but slightly creepy since he knows a lot about her and is keen on having sex in dangerously public places.
Belle postpones a trip to New York to meet the director of a film based on her book to accompany Poppy on a prison visit to Stephanie.
Belle lives it up in New York where the female producer and male writer of her projected film adaptation get a little too carried away enacting the scenario.
Now a house owner Belle entertains young barrister Liam,whose downstairs problems she alleviates with a little wig-and-gown role play. Belle and Duncan attend Bambi's wedding to Duncan where Belle is hesitant about Stephanie's offer of work in the Maldives because of her commitment to Duncan. To gain a client's perspective for her book Belle visits male escort Connor, who,to start with, is not very good but, after Belle has revealed her job and taught him a thing or two, the session hots up.
Duncan tells Belle he is falling for her and comes on to her again but, visualising regular client Al giving her advice, she puts him off,saying that escorts should not carry emotional baggage. Belle's sister Jackie comes to stay,having left her husband, and Belle feels unable to tell her her line of work.

Belle attends her book launch disguised as a waitress but leaves early to meet American client Jesse, whilst Ben is mistaken for the author by a lady named Camilla,who beds him before realising her mistake.
To impress a sceptical, moralistic Alex, Belle gives up escorting to become an office temp but she is terrible and quits after only one day. To take her mind off Alex Belle gets her agent to book her and Bambi for a fancy dress party for wealthy diplomats in a country mansion. Still unaware that his fiancee is a prostitute,Alex walks in on her in bed with the disabled boy client Blake, and flounces out in disgust, seeking confirmation from Ben of what is going on. Una joven londinense universitaria de clase media que ante los ojos de su familia es una secretaria ejecutiva responsable. Billie Piper stars in this new series about the exploits of a high-class escort who enjoys what she does but has to keep it a secret from everyone in her personal life. The cold snow-flecked streets were a far cry from the sunny April days when we last saw Billie filming the next series of the hit show. We strongly recommend our users to use a VPN to make themselves anonymous while streaming or downloading torrents. However Ash falls asleep, which allows Belle time to go downstairs and pick up another punter for a session in his room before returning in the early hours to Ash, who is blissfully unaware of what has happened. In the case of nervous young actuary Simon,it's farmyard noises,which Belle feels unable to divulge and she finds her writing is better when she imagines Duncan is her fantasy sex partner. Bambi tries in vain to reject an ardent Byron, who buys her a bicycle and proposes to her whilst Ben breaks things off with Jackie. Poppy finds out at last that her mother and Belle are high-class call girls and the discovery leaves her shocked and angry.
She misses Ben and the feeling is mutual as he fights off the attentions of Poppy,whom Charlotte has tried to recruit as a call-girl.
However her attitude changes when Bambi tells her that Duncan is one of her punters and Belle is unconvinced by Duncan's argument that,though he loves her, he sees theirs as being an open relationship.She turns to Ben for consolation and they send an email to Duncan's company,exposing him to his staff as a prostitute's client. Still blanking Ben for his treatment of Duncan Belle feels uncomfortable about writing the chapter and prefers to have sex with Duncan,who claims he loves her.
However,on a date with Duncan,she sees Stuart with his wife and feels that Duncan speaking to him will lose her his custom. However, whilst Belle is out, Jackie is turned on by reading her book and gets very drunk, having sex with Ben who has come to call. Belle's publisher Duncan is so taken by sales that he asks her to prepare a follow-up though Stephanie, Belle's agent,is less impressed by her depiction in the book. However it turns out to be Alex who has set a trap to test whether she has given up escorting. However she freaks out when a client demands that she lets him tie her up and, with Bambi, flees the house.

After Ben has put him wise he returns to her flat but walks out again, leaving her in tears.
De noche, se transforma en Belle, una prostituta de lujo que cobra un interesante cachet y disfruta de su trabajo.
Based on the best-selling diaries of a writer using the pseudonym Belle de Jour, the adult drama co-stars Cherie Lunghi and Iddo Goldberg.
Billie is also going to meet the inspiration for the series, Dr Brooke Magnanti, who recently revealed herself as the real-life Belle de Jour. Before the accountant returns Belle meets her friend Ben, who tells her he is getting married. Ben is now a frequent visitor to her flat,to sleep with sister Jackie, much to Belle's annoyance, but Bambi finds Byron is becoming more to her than just a paying punter. Despite taking on one of Charlotte's clients, a middle-aged man who like to dress as a baby,Belle takes the moral high ground when she catches Poppy in bed with a boy she picked up in a bar. Belle is ultimately appalled that the finished screenplay of her book is no more than cheap,shallow porn and returns to England.
Whilst reluctant to take over the business she agrees to host Stephanie's daughter Poppy,who is innocent of her mother's work.
Belle then flies off to the Maldives, taking with her a note from Ben that says he loves her.
Duncan persists in claiming that he can handle Belle's work, however,if they become an item,so she finally gives in,even telling him her real name. Belle is not amused, though nor is Stephanie, who has now worked out that Belle is the author. Bambi and Ben come to support her and, at Ben's suggestion, she writes a book about her experiences, which becomes a best-seller and she is seen going into a television studio to promote it. They are then interrupted by a drunken, miserable Ben who has thrown over his girl-friend and declares his feelings for Belle, unaware that Alex is in the next room and can hear everything. It’s the sexually explicit story of a beautiful prostitute who leads the ultimate double life. However Bambi does hit it off with new client Byron, a mystery man whom she first encounters being chased down the street.

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