We have 3 covers (front cover, cd cover, cd2 cover) for Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Series 4 (2007) R2 on TV.
We've seen Billie Piper filming various scenes for series three of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and the wait is nearly over as it airs on ITV2 on 28th January!
Brooke Magnanti, author of the scintillating blogs and novels behind Secret Diary of a Call Girl, was an interesting half-hour of chat, but the meat of the premiere was promised to Monday's episode. New faces on the scene include David Dawson as Byron (pictured below with the gang) who is an aristocratic client who falls for Bambi, Joanna Bobin as Belle's sister Jackie, and James D’Arcy as Duncan, the editor of Belle's book.

The sex was of the same type you'd see on any late night Showtime series, but the narration was what really brought Belle back to life. It is to be assumed that over the break Duncan did the footwork to get Belle's book in every Waterstones and Tesco in London. She hit a few rough spots with the critics in the first few moments of the episode, but by the end she caught word of solid newspaper reviews and sales. She, Bambi and Ben then end the episode while taking a walk and prattling-on about their newfound fame.

It's a short season—ending after just eight episodes -- so they had better take her some place interesting and fast. Showtime has been rumored to be on the fence about a fourth season of Call Girl, so we'll see just how far a second novel's worth of sexual exploits can take a seasoned Londoner.

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