Driven into the depths of depression by his feelings of helplessness, Zolomon insisted the Flash take him back in time to prevent the mistake that cost him everything.
His grasp on reality deteriorating, he latched onto a recent discussion about Professor Zoom, and decided he needed to become a new Reverse Flash.
After an intense battle, Zoom was trapped inside one of the time windows that his speed would occasionally tear open.
This site is in no way affiliated with DC Comics and is provided as a reference guide for fans, by fans. His parents had died on the same day, his mother killed by his father, his father killed by the police.

The hero, knowing first-hand that changing history can easily make things far worse, refused.
He worked toward a career in the FBI, but a single misjudgment led to the death of his father-in-law, his wife leaving him, a bad knee, and his discharge from the bureau. On escaping, he decided Wally needed the same experience, and took him back in time to re-watch the moment in which Zoom attacked Linda and killed their unborn children.
He tried once more to build a life in Keystone City as a profiler with their police department, which made him a target for Grodd, who broke his back in a single snap, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Instead it exploded, taking the Flash Museum with it, and shifting Zolomon onto a faster timeline, effectively giving him super-speed.

Ironically, the outcome of that rematch altered time, undoing the tragedy Zoom wanted Wally to re-live.

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