Consider attending the Secret Origin of Good Readers specialty panel for educators and librarians. Note: Limited quantities of Educator comic goodie bags will be made available to participants. Join us at The Salt Lake City Library for the inaugural conference on comic books featuring distinguished experts in the field who will show you how comics are created, how comic books inspired and led them to their careers, how to use comics as an exciting classroom resource, what the best graphic novels to read are, how to make your own comic books and more! A famously mysterious military space plane operated by the US Air Force has launched from Florida, the third flight in a secretive test programme.The reusable, unmanned craft is designed to operate in Earth orbit for extended periods.
It is the second flight for X-37B craft launched on Tuesday, one of two in the programme, the other of which flew for the first time in 2011. Germany had a "de facto veto" over David Cameron's EU renegotiations, Iain Duncan Smith says, as the Leave campaign step ups its criticism of the prime minister. From the FBI's formerly secret witness interview summary of witness #73.[1] Click for full page. The FBI classified as secret, documents that indicated a missile hit TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island in 1996.
A report that summarized the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) analyses of TWA Flight 800 debris "that exhibited possible high energy characteristics" was also classified secret.

According to the BNL report, one of twenty similar, pellet-like objects was among the items analyzed.
Laypersons will be hard pressed to recognize these pellets and their exotic mixture of elements, but conventional missile warhead designers see them in their sleep. So when these charcoal black, apparent incendiary pellets were found during an investigation looking for evidence of a missile, you'd expect to have heard alarm bells.
They were left ill-equipped to conclude anything meaningful about the pellets, never mind their chemical composition. So it appears that on the week of November 30, 1997, the FBI carried out a well orchestrated campaign to block any and all discussions that had to do with a missile hitting Flight 800.
But today, organizations such as FIRO are slowly piecing together the crash by analyzing documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.[3] Sometimes declassified, sometimes simply neglected, the documents are beginning to paint a clear picture of what happened to TWA Flight 800. Its prior missions in 2010 and 2011 lasted 224 and 469 days.The US government kept the timing of Tuesday's launch secret and has not said how long the mission will last. Designed by aerospace giant Boeing, the craft share more than just a passing similarity to the now-retired space shuttle.It is just a quarter the size of the shuttle, but is launched on a rocket - the Atlas V.
It is coated in thermal tiles to withstand the heat of re-entry, after which it lands on its own gear autonomously.

All of the images and artwork contained in The Secret Origin of Good Readers: A Resource Book are i?? TM and property of their respective owners and creators.
The stated mission of the craft, according to the US Air Force, is an "experimental test program to demonstrate technologies for a reliable, reusable, unmanned space test platform". Neither the book, nor any portion of the book, may be reproduced, repackaged, sold, or otherwise used for commercial purposes. Permission is granted for individuals, especially teachers and comics retailers, to download and print copies for their personal use. Further dissemination of The Secret Origin of Good Readers: A Resource Book, or any portion of this book, requires written permission from the copyright holder(s).

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