DescriptionThis was a baby shower with a theme inspired by the classic children's book, The Secret Garden. A couple of weekends ago, I helped a sweet girl named Audrey throw a Secret Garden baby shower for our friend Jennifer. The shower was a little challenging because I had never seen the fellowship hall where we were having it. The biggest challenge was constructing this pergola out of sticks from our yard (or it may have technically been from our neighbors yard), loading it on top of our Nissan Xterra (from Carriage Nissan) without scratching it & transporting it ON the expressway 45 minutes away without it flying off! These were not originally supposed to be displayed in the apothecary jars but we had to improvise.
I had a whole bunch of mason jars left from our backyard wedding reception so we used those as glasses. Speaking of baby gifts…I found something to get Jenn that was really neat (at least I thought).
In early December I had the honor of throwing a baby shower for one of my closest friends, Mandy. I saw a photo of moss filled mason jars and tea lights randomly while searching for baby shower ideas.

Jenn, our third member of String Chix and insanely talented violinst, decorates our photo booth trellis. Crystal, another gorgeous and amazingly talented musician, makes these insane diaper cakes! This gorgeous handmade garland by Tilly Lilly arrived just in time from the UK to make its appearance at Mandy’s shower.
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She loves decorating cakes but not eating them, can't sit still to watch a movie, and has a deep and abiding love for Yorkshire pudding.
You may have seen it in the White Rabbit post, and it will be making many more appearances on Boho Bunnie. I had planned on just adding it to some woods around the area (not the pomps or yarn lanterns) but thought it was awesome that not only was it used as decor but also a little baby gift! Im trying to make them for my friends baby shower and they are indeed messy to make : ) Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Would you mind sharing where you purchased your beverage servers (used for the lemonade and water)?

It started when we were 12 in youth orchestras, then summer music camps in Interlochen, Michigan, then college, then as a touring string quartet and finally our most recent gig as members of Shania Twain’s band.
Each piece of fabric is hand-tied, mixed in with crochet chains, shells, mini bells, pearls, lace…just about anything that would make up the most perfect bohemian garland. Thankfully, it was 7am on a Saturday morning when I was transporting this so there weren’t a lot of people on the roads. It was all done in outdoorsy items like a Fall wonderland and birchwood cakes, candles, etc., and the mom-to-be requested every guest to bring a book for the baby to have a library started. Over the past 4 years we’ve probably played over 200 shows together, rehearsed countless hours, toured across the country and Canada and put in over 400 hours of hair and make-up gossip time.
If you wanted to add some color to plain white wrappers, dip the edges in food color & let dry. I was sooooo excited to help throw this amazing woman her first baby shower, all while she was performing during our last Caesar’s run with Shania Twain, just two weeks before her baby boy arrived!

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