Grant Applications are now open for those who wish to submit their proposals to the Secret Garden Party 2014. Head Gardener, Fred Fellowes explains the thinking behind next year’s theme saying, ‘Why are we encouraged so much to grow up and leave, what adults call, the best days of our lives? Grant applications for anyone wishing to contribute to the festival’s arts and entertainment programs are open now, details of which can be found on their website.
The Secret Garden Party takes places at Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th July 2015.
Last Weekend Managing Director of Partridge Events, Jacqui, headed to Secret Garden Party for a  weekend full of sun, fun and heaps of inspiration.
Festival is a theme we have previously explored through styling and design, however taking inspiration from Secret Garden Party theme for 2014 of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (signified by burning of the floating Emerald City on the last night as pictured below) we think that theming influenced by the festival can be applied to any event! The Secret Garden Party is a vibrant, immersive and artistic festival full of creatives and music lovers building a festival party where everyone gets their thinking hat on and off in a whirl! The Lake Stage will have a slighty cheesy wiff of a party vibe for those wanting to catch a cheeky bouquet.
Pagoda Stage a further Balearic island has been discovered in a small lake in Cambridgeshire.

Bearded Kitten have created the multi-tiered, turreted fortress of the Colosillyum, where daftness of gladiatorial proportions takes place every year. This year the Village Hall offers festival goers the chance to get married, be a model in a fashion show, get arrested, learn some street-Morris dancing, watch a real dog show, become a life-model, learn to knit in the nude, practice speed mediation and get their karma cleansed by the notorious Captain Lavender. The festival offers restaurants, food talks, cocktail bars, ale tents, massages, barefoot discos and twilight fire circle tales. Founded in 1986 the German band revive the popular music of the 1920s and 1930s, especially the songs written during the Weimar Republic. Whether it is producing an art installation, running an action camp, curating a parade, building an art boat or a tree house, devising a fire show, hosting a workshop, making an art car …details can be found on the festival's website. Not that we needed that much encouragement; we spent our time hurtling towards the ‘next stage’, determined to be bigger, more grown up, older, more mature and tall enough to take the ride. It is famed for the youth and beauty of its inhabitants and infamous for its strict border controls and overpopulation. Here you will find the like’s of MC Herlakin & his Ship of Fools for a trip down memory lane! From hotdog eating contests to mud wrestling, to dance-offs and cunning stunts to take your breath away, so, some seriously brilliant music, this is always the rowdiest of crowds gravitates. Labyrinth Stage is the home to mythical creatures and magic abound, a legendary hidden venue. The venue is extremely inspirational and provides the perfect backdrop for fabulous designs and  art installations.

Taking place  Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th July, the festival is situated at Mill Hill Field, at Huntingdon, in Cambridgeshire.
It is overseen by the Pagoda; a veritable temple to the maenads and satyrs who worship there.
Events and installations around the site varied from fantastic firework displays and thousands of LED lights falling from the sky (dropped from planes!) to the beautiful sculptures by Michel Trpak (pictured below) hanging from the trees, even a spot of Ostrich Polo and Pig Racing! This is a festival without sponsorship, centred around pure passion and offers an eclectic musical mix. This is where the music digs deeper, the chosen ones who set the mood of an evening, that represent the club night.

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