A crazy festival party where everyone joins in and brimming with ideas and creativity that takes place at Mill Hill Field, at Huntingdon, in Cambridgeshire.
Set in a 10 acre landscaped garden, bordering a river and lake, The Secret Garden is a garden-party-gone-crazy.
Orbital, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros headline, with KT Tunstall, Little Roy, Caravan Palace, Little Dragon, Alabama Shakes, Tim Minchin, Lamb, Derrick Morgan & Dennis Alcapone, Holly Golightly, Charlene Soraia, Mamas Gun, Passenger, Leddra Chapman, Rachel Sermanni, Jacques Lu Cont, Utah Saints, Tricka Technology (Krafty Kuts, A Skillz & Dynamite MC), Adam F, Scroobius Pip, Niki & The Dove, Danny Byrd & MC Risky, Mistabishi, Herve, Adam Freeland, Mixhell, Jon Carter, Get Cape.
As well as music there's loads of activities for kids and adults alike, and this event is more of a party experience Parades, Art tents, Walkabout Theatre & Theatre workshops, Big Wheel Rides, Boat Rides, Swimming, Treasure Hunts, Bands in trees, a festival-wide train service, open mic stages and as always, participatory games of all descriptions. The festival offers restaurants, food talks, cocktail bars, ale tents, massages, barefoot discos and twilight fire circle tales. The festival is spread out over two sides of a lake with a large main stage area, 'The Great Stage' and then smaller tent venues dotted around, like 'Where the Wild Things Are', 'The Living Room', and 'Small World' which all have artistic decor. First appearing in 2010 the kids area is an entire land for young gardeners, featuring Egg Hunts, Fancy Dress, Discos, Kite Flying, Circus shows & workshops, Jewelry Making and Karaoke.
The Arts & Expression theme for next year's The Secret Garden Party 2013 has been announced as "Superstition". In 2013 the Arts & Expression theme is there to provide inspiration and this year the Secret Garden will be asking festival to join in with exploring their affinity to the supernatural, the inexplicable and the irrational? to indulge the tussle between the left brain's sober analysis and the right's need to conjure it's own reality.
The head gardener says, "Ours is a rational world, where science and mechanics control much of how we live and think.
Next year attendees can pay homage to the power of the number thirteen, leave reason at the Garden gates, search for the four-leaf clover along the path and see where lady luck takes them.

Grants are available for artists who wish to submit their creative proposals to the Secret Garden Party 2013. Last year the Secret Garden Party funded over 40 action camps, games and activities, over 50 art installations and hundreds of performers.
Last year saw a record number of festival goers interacting with on site installations, artworks, performances and absurd happenings, all woven between the 17 arenas & stages showcasing over 350 bands across 4 days.
There are no acts confirmed yet for The Secret Garden Party held from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th July 2013. The Secret Garden Party held at Mill Hill Field, Abbots Ripton, in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire is a garden-party-gone-crazy. Will Joseph Cook, Sykur, Mayaeni, Jeremy Loops, Death By Chocolate, Killaflaw, Mark Jones, and Jagz Kooner are the latest additions to the line-up for The Secret Garden Party. As well as music there's loads of activities for kids and adults alike, and it is more of a party experience. This allows a reserved ticket for a deposit of ?50; the balance to be paid by 13 June 2012. In 2012 the Arts & Expression theme comes as the festival celebrates its 10th Birthday, and uses that starting point to explore those ceremonies, rituals, initiations, anniversaries and carnivals that bind us together, that emphasize matter over mind, that emphasise our true gifts as humans: social existence. The happenings on the main stage side are generally more dancey and louder, and the other side has a more acoustic and chilled vibe. The Garden Party relies on the audience participation to rejuvenate and regenerate each year.

Yet many of us feel an instinctive resistance to this world of reason, a primeval attraction to beliefs and actions without logic. Will festival goers be saluting magpies or courting black cats, touching wood or spilling salt, crossing their fingers or breaking mirrors? To ensure that this principle is upheld, Secret Garden Party gives over half of all programming money back to the gardeners, in the form of arts and expression grants. This allows a reserved ticket for a deposit of ?50; the balance to be paid by 30th April 2013. As well as music there's loads of activities for kids and adults alike, and it is more of a party experience than a live music festival.
The festival has been granted a permanent licence with a capacity of up to 26,000 for each of the four days. Fly, Eddy Temple Morris & Majestic, Jamie Catto, Kassidy, Willy Moon, Kitty Daisy & Lewis, The Dirty Gentlemen, Dylan LeBlanc, Bastille, Parma Violets, Summer Camp, DJ Randy Groover, Joe Robbins, Robin Ince, Josie Long, The Jim Jones Revue, King Charles, Jenny O, The Duke Spirit, Vintage Trouble, Ellen and the Escapades, Mad Dog Mcrea, and more. Tier one and Tier two have already sold out so gardeners are encouraged to buy now at Tier Three Price.

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