Offering two floors of funk, soul, blues, jazz and reggae, Lower Briggate’s Smokestack boasts the city’s most electric atmosphere and Yorkshire’s happiest dance floor.
Ok, I finally feel that I am now in a position to talk about my weekend at Secret Garden Party back in July. I read the rundowns in the press which by enlarge accused it of being middle class and I suppose it is.
Spectacular weekend, The Secret Garden Party joins Glastonbury Festival and The Beat-Herder Festival as my favourites. A friend (who was there but I didn't see) posted this today and it sums up the weekend. Welcome to our blog, here you will find musings on all things but mainly our most favourite subjects; food, booze, music and culture. 5th tier tickets to next weeka€™s festival are close to selling out for Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire and the boutique festival with no sponsorship is set to be as fun filled as ever. It would be great if you subscribed to our RSS feed or signed up for email updates to get more goodness.
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This year’s Secret Garden Party may have been the biggest and most popular to date, but that didn’t detract from the whimsical andfantastical nature that it’s renowned for.
While all the music stages have their own redeeming features and are vastly more creative than the majority of festivals, East London collective Road To Nowhere’s Labyrinth had a special place in our hearts this year.

While Secret Garden Party isn’t necessarily concerned with cramming as many big names into a lineup as possible, the eclectic rabble of headliners this year were definitely worth a watch. As well as the music and visual excitement, there were also some more relaxing activities to attend. If a member of the Royal Family is in attendance, especially one coined the ‘Party Prince’, then it has to make this list.
What was once Leeds’ best kept secret has slowly become the North’s most popular dance floor and cocktail lounge. Serving some of the globe’s finest measures and pours, we like to think that this dark and opulent drinking den is a little slice of London in Leeds’ Northern Quarter. Chuck D, Flavour Flav and fam are getting ready to head to the Huntingdon massive to assault your ears with what will no doubt be a stirling set of renowned and revolutionary rap lyrics and hip hop beats.
This will be their second SGP festival appearance with main man and DJ Andy Butler stating “We played to a raging audience, that WENT FOR IT the first time there and I made my mind up. Still managing to retain its appealing boutique feel with well over 20,000 revelers in attendanceis no mean feat, but we’re happy to say they pulled it off.
Every year no expense is spared in order to bring life tocountless visual treats for Gardeners to see, touch and interact with.From bronze statues hanging in trees to hammocks made entirely ofcling film, the bar was raised high. Hidden in the forest and containing a secret Speakeasy, a glitter station, and sets from the likes of Ben Pearce and Richy Ahmed, if you managed to find it then you’ll understand.
We managed to bag a prime viewing spot by the lake to witness a fireworks display that would make even New Year’s Eve jealous.

There aren’t many other festivals where you can see Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Public Enemy and Fat Freddy’s Drop in one place, but they were all pretty great. Hidden behind the door of a seemingly normal portaloo, if you were lucky enough to choose it then you were greeted by a large field of tall sunflowers as well as a ball pit and DJ booth. While a few members of our group were convinced they saw Harry at the time, we put it down to too much glitter in their eyes.
Also around this year are restaurants, food talks, cocktail bars, ale tents, massages, barefoot discos and twilight fire circle tales.
Wonderland was there to check out one of the worst kept secrets this year, and here are the things we enjoyed the most. However this year’s star was undoubtedly the floating Emerald City, which was the subject of the annual Big Burn on closing night. Also joining in the fun were glitter cannons, holographic displays, aerial acrobats and skywriters, along with an impressive ticket drop to finish it off. There was also a super secret afterparty there once everything else had closed, which we were very glad to have stumbled upon.

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