Condor Cycles is one of those shops that has been around forever in their realm with some 60 years of history as one of the premier names in London and throughout Europe. The retail location is two floors – clothing and bike showroom upstairs, Condor Cycles bikes and the workshop downstairs.
The warehouse just around the corner from the main location is where the real tales are kept. Just a hint of the history in the warehouse, these are original jerseys from the heyday of Condor Cycles race team, along with an antique corked waterbottle, NOS Campy and other buried bits. I always manage pictures of workshops, this one where countless custom builds have been completed.
Urban Velo is published fives times per year, on the even months (we skip the February issue). Condor was around when the modern day cycling greats put down their famous performances, both as race fans and sponsors.

Quite the selection of Condor frames make an impressive display for any brand, let alone a single location store. This facility holds all backstock and acts as the assembly location for both custom and stock bicycles.
Boxes full of photo and magazine archives of the last 60 years were about, along with plenty of bicycle parts oddities accumulated through the years. Issues are available for free download as they become available, with high resolution copies available for iPad purchase.
Beyond that, all design is handled in house, appropriately alongside mountains of Condor history. Print copies are available for purchase online and at select bicycle retailers and like minded establishments across the country. With over 20 models of Condor Cycles brand framesets available, this single location shop really shows how it can be done up right.

Marc shown here pretty well acted as my tour guide, and then let me follow his breadcrumbs through traffic. With the secret-handshake of an American accent and a camera I was given hand written direction to the not-so-secret Condor Cycles warehouse for a bit of history, pictures and eventually some pints at The Duke.
The stock seemed practically endless, with the latest builds gathered up in labeled bins and put in the queue as a customer awaits the call for that first ride.

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