One of the best things I love most about any new gaming console are the apps—I can switch from playing Assassin's Creed III to re-watching the fifth season of Breaking Bad on Netflix without ever getting off the couch.
The Trick to Switching Netflix Accounts on Your ConsoleAs it turns out, there's a little known secret that works for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems.
What this code does is take you to the secret Netflix diagnostics page, which you can use to deactivate and log out of your account, then associate a different Netflix account with your gamertag, among other things.
How did Bonefish Grill go from Tampa Bay’s exciting new restaurant to an afterthought?
Recently we talked about this interesting stuff at our official Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages and there were a few people who asked us to provide more details about this hidden option, that's why we decided to create a separate topic about it here on AskVG. Normally Windows 98 Taskbar Properties contained 2 tabs: Taskbar Options and Start Menu Programs. Now some question might be coming in your mind such as why was this extra tab put in Taskbar Properties? Microsoft implemented this feature in Windows 98 beta builds and thought that webmasters will develop such toolbars for their websites but webmasters didn't like this idea.
Since the idea didn't work as planned, Microsoft decided to remove this feature from Windows 98 RTM version. That's the mystery behind secret "DeskBar Options" tab present in Windows 98 Taskbar Properties. How to Restrict Users from Changing Start Screen Background and Color in Windows 8 and 8.1? If this feature is nowdays implemented, we would soon see desktops full of this toolbars, as IE also does! So basically, the DeskBar is the ancestor of widgets, Windows gadgets and Live Tiles that we use today? Well, Deskbar is like kind of a concept of Widgets, which was introduce in Vista under the name of Gadgets and is replaced by Live Tiles in Windows 8. Microsoft has already built and been developing Deskbar since Vista (in Vista there was a "Feed Headlines" gadget), and now Windows 8.1 Live Tiles do everything that Deskbar was intended to.
I have Windows 98 SE installed in my virtual machine and did as you described and it really do exist.
I used windows 3.1 back in the day and even worked on '95 to ''98 on down to the present and I still love win 98. It have Virtual PC (free), Virtual Box (free), VMware Workstation, VMware Player (free) and Parallels. This article will help you in enabling a hidden secret "Debug" menu in Microsoft Minesweeper game which comes pre-installed in Windows Vista and 7. If you don't want to edit the file manually, we have also provided an already modified file at the end of this tutorial for your convenience.
As you can see, the new "Debug" menu allows you to instant win, show mines, cheat keys and many other things in the game which are not accessible without using this hack. Note 2: "en-US" folder is found in English language Windows versions, if you have a different language version of Windows, replace en-US with your own localization string like fr-FR, etc. Echoing Lai, did the steps exactly as mentioned nothing happened, downloaded the modified Mui and replaced the original, both times ran the mcbuilder in admin cmd and still nothing. Whether you're using an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, it's just too damn difficult to log out and log back in with another account, since the Netflix account is directly associated with the PS3 and Xbox gamertag.Many times, you have to delete the app completely, wipe the memory from your settings, and then re-download Netflix.

When logged in to the Netflix app on your console, simple enter the secret combination below on your controller's directional pad.Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up No, this is not The Konami Code.
Today, the technology is fast changing and therefore, we are here to share with you the tech articles and more interesting facts. A place where you can get smartphone news and specification and more things related to them.
With the help of this feature, Windows 98 users could download Desktop toolbars (Deskbars) from their favorite websites.
This idea was going to harm both website owners as well as advertisers because if users were getting latest articles, news information right from their Desktop, why would they visit the actual websites? They decided to hide the tab and that's why this tab was not functional because the necessary code to connect this tab functionality with Desktop toolbars was not present in Windows 98. If Microsoft puts such an option in Windows 8.1 or future versions of Windows, would you like to use it? Windows 98 can run just as fast with the minimum specs even an upgrade from windows 95 to 98 SE still runs fast. I think I read aobut it in the Lockergnome help\readme .chm file that came with X-Setup app. For me since the development of windows I had always love XP but to date I've since moved on to Windows 7 and even using Windows 8 but until Microsoft do some major changes on Windows 8 I'll stick with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. With modern system, windows 98 would not recognize the size of the hard drive, the different multi core processors and the amount of memory (Ram), even a new motherboard.
You just need to download the file and replace existing file in your Windows with this new one.
Smartphones technology is the fastest growing technology and every month new smartphones are launched.
Did you know about a hidden secret tab "DeskBar Options" which was present in Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) Taskbar Properties? There were 3 buttons given in the tab: Add, Remove and Properties but all 3 buttons were disabled. These mini toolbars could update themselves automatically based on a predefined time interval and could provide latest information from the websites so that users didn't have to visit the websites in web browsers. And I found it weird coz my dad bought his PC in 1998 and the Second Edition of Windows was launched in 1999. That way you can always enjoy using it in when something new comes on the scene like what VG showed us.
You can instant win, show mines, show cheat keys, quickly customize game style and board background using this new secret menu. From the ability to add bacon to pretty much anything on the Jack in the Box menu to one of the most delicious milkshake concoctions you can imagine, the full scope of Jack in the Box hidden menu items is breathtaking.
You might have doubt about the proper functioning of your smartphone feature like Bluetooth, WiFi etc., then these comes handy. If you're looking for a list of Jack in the Box secret menu items, this is the place to be.What's on the secret menu at Jack in the Box? Show title safe areas shows the safe zone on Netflix (what will be displayed and what will not). That time I came along this article, followed your instructions and found the DeskBar Options.

You can also open Command Prompt in Administrator mode by typing "cmd" in Start Menu Search box and press "Ctrl+Shift+Enter". The popular fast food chain already offers a huge menu, but if you've got the knowledge, you can order what your heart truly desires.
Whether it's a Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger or a fully-loaded breakfast sandwich, read on to learn about some Jack in the Box secret menu items that will please your picky taste buds to no end. And now I rarely switch my CPU on and that short time is spent by me playing Grand Theft Auto.
If you're interested in more secret menu items I suggest taking a look at the Five Guys hidden menu and the Whataburger secret menu. Clear Storage deletes all of the storage that Netflix has for your preferences and previous playbacks. All off-menu Starbucks drinks are listed here so you can make the morning wait just a little bit longer for everybody. Freebase content is freely licensed under the CC-BY license and Wikipedia content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation license.
Taco Bell has a great policy of creating custom items so long as they have the ingredients on hand.
Depending on the location, you may be charged extra for additional ingredients but a few cents here and there is a small price to pay for the delicious goodness of Taco Bell secret menu items.
Fair warning though, ordering some of these items by name, like The Hulk and The Superman, may be met with strange looks but politely asking for custom orders, including what you'd like on your item, shouldn't be a problem. It's okay to eat like a fatty once in a while because you can always go back to the Subway hidden menu items to feel a tad bit healthier.
But, if you're actually looking for those fatty filling meals I suggest taking a look at the Whataburger secret menu or even the Chick-fil-a hidden menu. It's a taco shell filled with ground beef placed inside a gordita with a layer of melted cheese topped with cheese sauce, lettuce and shredded cheese.
Take a regular enchilada, stuff it with beef, beans and cheese then finish with diced onions and red sauce. Asking for a "Lava" version of nearly anything on the menu will add the spicy Lava sauce, and a good deal of heat, to your go-to fourth meal.
The now discontinued former regular menu item's recipe is ridiculously simple, just ask for chili and cheese in a burrito. It's also probably wise to request extra napkins too as this yummy burrito is also especially messy.
Cheesaritos are made by combining a generous portion of cheese with scallions and taco sauce rolled up in a soft tortilla shell, kind of like that long lost cousin of the Meximelt, but in a meatless version. The simpler version of The Hulk adds guacamole to a basic bean and cheese burrito but the fancy version, dare we call it incredible, Hulk is a five-layer burrito with guacamole in place of the nacho cheese. This menu item was discontinued, then a similar sauce was reintroduced as their "Verde" sauce, however the original green sauce still exists in limited quantities at certain locations. If you want to modify a Red Lobster menu item, sometimes all it takes is asking your server.

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