To defeat the Candy Cove Pirates the girls have to play them at their own game and become captains of their own ship! The winner will receive a fabulous Secret Kingdom good bag!All entries will be put into a prize draw, which will take place on 30th September 2015. Ellie, Jasmine and Summer have been invited to Starlight Manor for the special starlight sleepover!
All entries will be put into two prize draws, which will take place on 31st March 2015 and 30th June 2015. One of the troll’s musical notes is hidden somewhere in the pages of every Secret Kingdom book in series five. Help Chelsea Connor unlock a mysterious vault and uncover the truth behind her fathera€™s mysterious death, 20 years ago! Secret Kingdom is a brand new series full of the things girls love most: special friendships, secrets and magical adventures. This year it is in the form of a ship, The Sweet Princess, taking delicious treats to everyone.

When the magical shooting stars pass over the Secret Kingdom they grant one lucky individual a wish. Track down the only key in the world that can open the vault using an ancient and powerful necklace. Newly confident readers will be swept away by the magical stories of three children whose courage and resourcefulness save a fantastical land from disaster. Explore the globe in Chronicles of Mystery a€“ Secret of the Lost Kingdom, a fun and exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
Full of all the things little girls love best: special friendships, secrets and magical adventures, all set in an incredible kingdom!
Help Ellie, Summer and Jasmine save the Secret Kingdom from wicked Queen Malice and her naughty storm sprites. Secret Kingdom 1: The first book in the Secret Kingdom series introduces Ellie, Summer and Jasmine, who are the very best of friends. For Tinker Bell and the other warm season fairies, the Winter Woods remains a mysterious and forbidden place.

When Tinker Bell pays a visit to the Winter Woods, she meets a fairy named Periwinkle whose wings sparkle just like Tink’s. No specific date has been given other than her appearances will begin in October.For Tinker Bell and the other warm season fairies, the Winter Woods remains a mysterious and forbidden place. She spent her childhood dreaming of magical creatures and faraway places, so it was natural that she grew up to write a series of stories where such dreams came true!
Rosie has always been close to her two best friends, and their special relationship provided her with inspiration for the magical trio of Jasmine, Ellie and Summer.

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