Between 1992 and 1999, Pavement released five albums, each adored and cherished for different reasons.
Featuring material recorded around the time of Pavement’s 1992 debut, Slanted and Enchanted, Vol.
Exclusives from David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Run the Jewels, Patti Smith, Mac DeMarco, Deftones, Mudcrutch, and more. However, in the process of recording each record, there were many tracks that fell by the wayside, as will happen when making music. 1 packages the songs together as a complete album alongside essays from Stephen Malkmus and Spiral Stairs.
Frymire, on FlickrAdequate and consistent precipitation combined with unseasonably cool temperatures set the table for an interesting season overall. These songs would be released as B-Sides or EPs, much later on deluxe reissues, or never be heard at all. Also included are essays from the heads of Matador Records, Billions Corporation, and Drag City.

Much of my time would be devoted to riverine turtle research on the Tennessee and her tributaries. There’s also a 13-song live performance from London featuring Mark Ibold and Bob Nastanovich recorded in 1992. Fieldherping with colleagues, close friends and my beautiful daughter Jessica was an honor and joy. Many thanks for all those who ventured into the field with me this summer.Kentucky Dam by Dave F. Frymire, on FlickrBorrowing a line from Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) this post summarizes the obscurity of best intentions. Frymire, on FlickrTate Southwood, Dylan and Brenna at the annual Elizabethtown Zombie Walk. Frymire, on FlickrClinton Cunningham, John Hewlett and Richard Coldiron photographing Anuran after a summer rain.
The consistency of seasonal rainfall across western and central Kentucky ensured Scaphiopus holbrookii ample breeding opportunities.

Amplexing events as well single individuals would be found: Caldwell, Christian, Graves, Hardin and Meade counties. This uncommmon Kentucky toad may not breed for consecutive years of consistent precipitation does not fall.Eastern Spadefoot - Graves Co. Frymire, on FlickrBrandi King and Clinton Cunningham observing amplexing spadefoots in western Kentucky. Frymire, on FlickrThe rapidity of this specie's eastward expansion across Kentucky and Tennessee is unprecedented in regional herpetology. Interestingly, the Green Treefrog is utilizing the same eastward migration vectors - used by the Nine-banded Armadillo.
This is our largest treefrog and one of Kentucky's most interesting amphibian species regarding its geographical distribution, which is contained in a narrow corridor along the Western Pennyroyal's Karst plain.Gray Treefrog - Calloway Co.

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