The studio is not looking to make a biopic but rather an action thriller featuring a character who is part Indiana Jones and part Sherlock Holmes, documenting his rise as a magician along with his covert involvement with the Secret Service.
No word on when the film is going to be released, but if it is around the same time as the other project, we could be looking at another big theatrical run for magic related films. While many people were attending the a meeting when this glowing ball of light began to move about at high speeds from one place to another.
While looking at the live volcano cam, I decided to skip over to its archive of the last 24 hours and found these unusual objects. This might be a UFO, but I do believe there is a high probability that this is in the hands of the USAF. In the early morning hours of May 14th 2008, multiple eyewitnesses in Needles, California saw a large blue glowing object fall from the sky.

Bob said he was lounging out on the upper deck of his houseboat when he spotted the UFO coming down from the sky.
Bob watched as the Skycrane picked up the object, stating "It was about the size of a simi trailer. While driving back from sunset and moonrise photography at the Grand Canyon, I came upon this lenticular cloud about 40 miles north of Flagstaff around midnight.
The triangle craft really stands out over that cloud and is either enter or moving away from the mouth of the volcano. At 3 AM, 15 minutes after the crash, many residents said many black unmarked vehicles with government plates entered the city heading to the area. The above photo shows a disc-like structures and also in the lower part is what looks like an alien animal reaching out with one arm in front of it.

Five military helicopters were seen over the UFO crash site including one Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopter. He saw the blue object crash into the ground at a 45 degree angle somewhere 100 yards west of the Colorado River on the California side.
Soon military helicopters were swarming over the area and buzzed over his houseboat hitting him with their lights.

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