This the website we will use for the rest of the semester as we make our way through reading The Secret Life of Bees.
You will be expected to read this book independently, as well as work on the pre-reading and during-reading tasks independently. For this task, we are going to write about what we have learnt from blogging about our book.
A book report is supposed to be easier than a book analysis, but I am not quite sure what I?m going to write yet. Well, I haven't finished the book yet, but as far as I have read, this is what I have found out. You will have check points along the way to ensure work is completed and reading is completed. This assignment is for sure different from all other things we have done before, and I am positive it is a good way of learning. In that way we get to know how she feels, what she experiences and how she sees everything.
I like the book very much, therefore I think, if I write an analysis I would, perhaps get a deeper understanding of what the book really is about. Here is an example from the first chapter of the book;"At night I would lie in bed and watch the show, how bees squeezed through the cracks of my bedroom wall and flew circles around the room, making that propeller sound, a high-pitched zzzzzz that hummed along my skin. A book report, on the other side, is easier, shorter and you don?t have to read between the lines and understand the meaning of words and sentences. Lily is living in a society, where there still are huge differences between the skin colours black and white. I watched their wings shinning like bits of chrome in the dark and felt the longing build in my chest. That is something I would have to do in an analysis, and it can be a bit difficult.I don?t think I?ve written a book report since elementary school. So I hope this book is as good as the movie or even better.  Nearly all reception of the book have been positive. Reading the book, taking notes, writing tasks, fixing the blog, pictures, links, comments etc.Over to the question; what have I learnt?

The way those bees flew, not even looking for a flower, just flying for the feel of the wind, split my heart down its seam"Since Lily is the narator, she is the one who tells what everyone else are doing, as in the statment below: "When the door opened, it was not the woman in white but another one wearing red, her hair cut so short it resembled a little gray, curlicue swim cap pulled tight over her scalp. Therefore I think I have more experience to write a good analysis and I think I am closer to write a book analysis now, but as said I am not quite sure yet. Instead Lily has a closer relationship to Rosaleen, who has worked for them since her mother died. Her face stared at us, suspicious and stern."When Lily is the narrator we see everything through a fourteen years old girl. In hospital, there is one wing for white and one wing for black. Exactly as the church, there are different qualities of the two wings.
The bees presage her journey toward self-acceptance, faith and freedom." -USA Today The novel is about a forteen years old white girl and her relationship to four black women, and it deals with the segregation between black and white in the US in the 60's. The reading calendar is not only posted here on the weebly, but it is also in your shared folder in Google Drive.
I am now more observant and I have learnt to take notes during the reading. I also reflect more over what I am reading, like the characters, setting, point of view etc. If there were Rosaleen for instance, who told the story, we would perhaps get a totally different view of the history. As you may understand black people are being looked down at and seen as criminals and animals, which surely is racism. Her you notice that the bees have a central role in the book, as they are written about several times during only the first chapter.When Lily was little she accidently killed her mother, but she is not quite sure how it happened. Therefore, I think this blog will make it much easier to do the report or analysis.I liked that we had to comment on our classmate's blogs, but I won't say that, either I or they, have given each other very constructive criticism.
No one wants to tell her, all they do when she asks about it is to look away, get interested with their nails or just, if they are tough enough, say: "Just put it out of your head, Lily.
As the story goes on she finds out more about her mother from other people. This shows that the narrator doesn't always knows the truth. Maybe, we should be better on giving constuctive criticism, because it can only makes us better. However, what I really mean is; with first person point of view we really get inside Lily's head and mind, but not truly everyone else's and the social environment around her.

The new law modifications, may perhaps work on the paper, but clearly not in the community where Lily is living. You didn't mean to do it" Her father told her one day that she shot him, but that was all he wanted to tell her and he never talked about it again after that day. To summarise, I think this blog have been very meaningful and I have learnt a lot form working this way. An example where we get presented this is when Rosaleen and Lily are on their way to town, and run up to some problems with three men, as I also wrote about in the last blog post. The only thing Lily has left from her mother is a picture, which she has buried in the orchard, hidden from everyone else. This have made me thinking more during the reading and not just read the book as I would have done otherwise.
Without doing anything wrong Rosaleen is accused for something, and only because she is black and the men not, they are believed before her.
Through the first chapter we don't hear much about the race segregation before the last pages.
The time period is characterized of the turbulent relationship between black and white. In Lily's home we don't notice much of this race difference, other than Rosaleen working for them. Even though you get the sense of the difference between black and white, is it not before Lily and Rosaleen are walking to town you realize how bad it is . This results in an arrest on Rosaleen who had done nothing wrong.(Picture from the movie)Now that I've read the first chapter of the book I really like it. At the same time I've only read the about 30 pages, and therfore hope it will be some more interesting in next 300 pages. At the pages I am reading now she is running away from home with Rosaleen and the environments are changing. The race segregation once was as bad or even worse for an enormous number of people, not so many years ago.

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