While I applaud The Secret Life of the American Teenager for finally tackling a new topic on "Property Not for Sale," the episode featured a couple of ridiculous moments.
Not to mention the kid with the camera, just happening to be standing there when the police busted the door open.
Instead of the usual "teen sex" PSA the show airs, there should've been something about campus safety and getting involved with people you don't know. This wasn't like "oh Betty used to be a prostitute, we can kinda laugh about it." I was actually scared for Adrian and would've gotten a creepy vibe as well.

For example, the hooker in Jack's room showed people that you don't just meet a stranger that you've only spoken to online. It seems that The Secret Life of the American Teenager star will have a new roomie — her long-term boyfriend and One Tree Hill star, Tyler Hilton!Though she plays good-girl-gone-bad Grace Bowman on Secret Life, Megan and Tyler seem to have a genuine romance (come on, have you seen their adorable Twitter chains?).
He did the right thing by walking Clementine home and it was very gentleman-like of him to insist.
Did you catch the random and not so subtle reference to the face that "50 Shades of Gray" is a dirty little book and shouldn't be read by teenagers?

She just found out Ben slept with Alice while they were dating and said she'd still go out with him if she was allowed?

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