LIAM MIXES BUSINESS AND PLEASURE WITH DISASTEROUS RESULTS - Liam (Matt Lanter) decides to open his own custom surfboard shop for women, but things get complicated when he becomes romantically involved with his first investor.
Liam later tells the guys, a surf festival that’s soon coming up would be just the place to launch his business.
At college, Campbell gives Navid a tough time, when he sees Navid looking at job openings and says a Cronos member deserves to get a job before he does. Next day, despite promising to Annie that she wouldn’t, Naomi tries hooking up Mark and Adrianna by calling them at the same time to her house.
Annie isn’t too happy to hear that Liam has hooked up with a new girl, but tries to act normal. YSilver and Michaela return after the IVF procedure and Silver apologies to Dixon for the music video not happening, but Dixon says he understands and is only sad that now his record label has no chance of surviving.
Silver tries to make it up to Dixon by setting up Michaela's performance at the festival, but Dixon doesn’t feel it will have the same impact as the music video. Naomi and Annie get into a huge fight right in front of Mark because Naomi sees from a distance Annie trying to convince Mark that dating Adrianna is terrible idea. Annie and Naomi make up because they realize that they are both like sisters and they begin looking for Adrianna, who was so hurt that she ran off in tears.
She forgives them after they have explained themselves and the three of them then join the flash mob. Navid tells Campbell about it and taunts him by saying he doesn’t need his Cronos Society after all. Annie: Maybe the reason we fight like we do and we can say anything to each other, which we normally do, is because we're like sisters. Annie [to Naomi]: This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) tries to convince Mark (guest star Charlie Weber) to stay in Los Angeles after he receives an offer to be head chef at a restaurant in New York, while Dixon (Tristan Wilds) convinces Silver (Jessica Stroup) to direct Michaela's (guest star Lyndon Smith) first music video before she gets pregnant.

He tells them that he is planning to design boards just for women and that way not only will he be following his passion, but also meeting cute girls. Dixon later tells Silver and Michaela that he has arranged for the sets to shoot their music video, but they have to do it within the next two days. Naomi and Annie discuss about the possibility that Mark might move to New York and Annie feels it’s a great opportunity, but Naomi clearly doesn’t think so and feels she can change Mark’s mind by hooking up Mark and Adrianna because Adrianna seems to have a thing for Mark. Naomi using the excuse of the surf festival makes Adrianna try out bikinis and even gets her to admit that she likes Mark and when Mark comes over he sees Adrianna standing in front of him wearing a two-piece bikini. Mark comes in just then and tells them he saw Adrianna strutting around in a bikini at Naomi’s house and how hot she looked while doing it, so now he is thinking of dating her. Naomi and Annie get into a huge argument about Mark, with the both of them making hurtful remarks about each other’s personal lives and in the end Naomi says she would rather sacrifice their friendship than lose her only brother. In order to prove her point, Annie has even brought along Dixon, who she had hoped will support her and while they are fighting Adrianna comes there and is shocked to hear some really unflattering things being said about her by her friends. Liam tells Mark that Naomi would be devastated if he left for New York, so Mark decides to give the whole thing some more thought and just then Navid comes and says Brock has left and so have his chances of getting a job. Dixon is really thankful when Silver tells him the whole performance is being recorded by cameras that have been placed all around. Dixon thanks Silver for what she did and just then Michaela gets a call informing her she is pregnant. On the way home from the beach the guys run into a girl, who loves the surfboard Liam is carrying and he tells her that he has himself shaped it. Silver reminds Dixon that the next day Michaela has her IVF, but Dixon says that Michaela only has to undergo a few lab tests which won’t take time, so they can shoot the video the day after and Silver agrees. Annie doesn’t feel Adrianna is the right girl for him, but says that in the end Mark has to decide, so she asks Naomi to not interfere and promises that she won’t either. Mark is stunned on seeing Adrianna and Naomi on seeing his reaction makes some excuse and leaves in a hurry.

Brock, Navid’s interviewer, arrives with his daughter and Navid tries to impress him by telling him that he is handling the marketing for Liam’s new company and Brock seems pretty impressed. Michaela begins her performance and Dixon is pleasantly surprised to see a flash mob dancing to the music and Silver tells him it’s her way of apologizing to him. Mark tells Naomi he isn’t going to New York and is instead going to stay and make their restaurant a success. The girl comes over to watch Liam shape a surfboard and after a bit of flirting they end up making out. While shooting Dixon’s music video, Silver gets a call from the fertility clinic informing her that the IVF procedure has been moved up to the next day.
Silver and Adrianna discuss about Mark and they both admit they like Mark and just so they don’t fight over him, they decide that Mark is off-limits for them both.
After sex, Sydney asks Liam to use the backdoor to leave because her stepson will be home soon and just as he is leaving he sees Campbell enter and he also hears him telling someone on the phone that he has set up Navid to take the fall for Cronos Society cheating in the recent exams. He then tells them that with Annie’s help, he has set up a meeting with a famous restaurant in New York.
When he sees that the guy who is interviewing him has photos on his table that indicate he and his daughter like surfing, he offers him passes to the festival, which seems to break the ice. Dixon is really unhappy to hear this because there is still a lot of shooting left and he can’t postpone the shoot because it would be too expensive. Liam pays Sydney a visit and says he is fine with both, her investing in his business and them having a casual relationship and they then kiss. Brock gives Navid the job because he assumes the flash mob thing was his idea to market the surfboards and feels it was pure genius.

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