We follow this pseudo-Charlie-Brown as he whines, kvetches, barks orders at people, hurts himself, throws tantrums, causes trouble and generally shares his self-centered, pathetic, purposeless outlook on life to thousands of kids all over the world. As another Canadian dad, I would like to both confirm and second everything that Chris has said. We were much like you in that we let our 3 year old at the time watch it a bit but could not stand the whines and complaining. Of course on the flip side, our kid was watching futurama since she was 2… Probably not the best parenting decision, but meh, she heard big words an now has a vocabulary that ourstrips all her classmates by miles.
I’m not a big fan of any show that looks like a slide show of a book with narration and maybe some voice acting and funny little animations. You know, I had never thought too much about Caillou, but now that you mention it, you’re totally spot on!
Charlie, I URGE YOU to give Yo Gabba Gabba a fair shot, and not because I personally know many of the people who work there.
He was originally designed this way because he was supposed to be sick, but that concept was never pursued, although his look stayed bald.
Fortunately my 3 boys are now old enough to be more into Transformers and Avengers and Star Wars and Red Dawn…. You’re a fucking idiot how you can put Caillou and spongebob in the same class, one is an educational show one is for entertainment purposes, therefore your argument is invalid or makes no sense. I also despise Caillou (Fresh Beat Band is more apt to make my eyes bleed, though), but we watch Caillou on Sprout, where for some reason, the episodes depict him mostly as a golden perfect child who knows how to make any situation better. Yo Gabba Gabba is what would happen if Sesame Street and The Wiggles were put into that Floops’ Fooglies thing from the first Spy Kids movie.

My love affair with them began immediately after my womb eviction and while perhaps not as diverse in selection as I’d liked them to be, the absorption of all those years of animated shows has made me into the man I am today. I’ve never watched Yo Gabba Gabba but I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the monsters from that show is dealing LSD to the creators of Caillou. Avara and I decided we weren’t going to show it to him anymore and found other great educational programming to supplant Whineus McShutface.
Don’t let your kids watch Caillou unless you want a whiney, entitled, clingy little person to lay waste to your household. We stick with the good stuff like, Phineaus and Ferb, Oscars Oasis and all his superhero shows! I too have written about the fiery pit of hell that Caillou crawled out of, in order to make our lives hell! I would also like for all you Americans to know that Caillou is in no way a reflection on the Canadian people and you should approach us on the street knowing that if you try to mug us, we will most likely not fight back or scream obscenities at you.
I’ve banned that bald bastard from my house since my 14 year old was little, I cannot stand that whiny kid. The study had three groups of four year-olds each engaged in activities; one group watched Caillou, another watched SpongeBob SquarePants, and the third group drew pictures.
How can you say they are every day situations when it literally is nothing but whining and complaining then playing for a 30 minute episode, kids don’t gain anything from it just teaches to do what he does at least SpongeBob and even futurama give them a source of excitement and fictional imagination.
We told Finn that the TV was broken when he asked about him more recently, but his grandma decided to play a little bit of it for him over Memorial Day this past weekend.
I think his family is secretly poisoning him, that’s why his hair isn’t growing!

Genuinely great artwork, and excellent music, it will be just as entertaining for you as it is for the little ones.
Because I’ve seen some episodes on PBS where the animation is crappier, and he seems a bit more of a brat.
Sprout premiered a new season of Caillou which happens to have a different person voicing him. Are we just seeing things this way because he’s passed on and this is a replay of his life? It was intentionally set up that way so it would be enjoyable for parents to sit down with their children to watch together, and not to be just used as a babysitting tool (though, I am totally guilty of doing that). I do not need any more pathetic whining for no apparent reason in my world- and Caillou is made to make children more than annoying. The show seems to have good, everyday situations and explains in a way that a preschooler can understand. I somehow managed to use the jaws of life (AKA a train set that we’d set up in the garage) to pry him away. And I assure you that the host, DJ Lance Rock, is just as kind and friendly in person as he is on the show. So horrible, it could be a good show if the parents actually had any parenting skills whatsoever.

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